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Well, She Did Warn Me

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My Aunt Clara had warned me that she had no inhibitions about sex. She told me being caught masturbating, or even fucking held no fear for her, and that if she felt horny, she wouldn’t have a problem masturbating in front of me.  I must admit that for me, there is a thrill of being walked in on rather than just having someone watch me, but each to their own. 


On my third night staying at Clara’s I guess sooner or later I was going to need to get myself off. She’s still my Aunt, and to some extent when I’m with her, I’m still a child.

So when I saw her leaving the bathroom in just a bra and panties, I got a good look at her figure, and wow.....she keeps herself fit. She saw me, grinned, and said “Just making coffee...want some?” 

She made no attempt to dress, and all I had on was my robe and panties. We sat in the kitchen, and my eyes flickered all over her. She has a tummy piercing....and older woman with a tummy bar,...yet it looked great on her. She saw me checking her out of course, and when I blurted out “Do you shave too?” She giggled. “No, dear. But I’ve had laser treatment. No razor burn for me!” She tugged her panties aside and showed me. Totally, and I mean totally smooth. I reached out instinctively and touched her mound. Not even the slightest hair! 

“You better stop that or I’m going to get turned on!”. Well, yes, part of me thought about NOT stopping, but there was something in her tone that told me she didn’t want to get horny with me, so I stopped. I asked where she had this done and how much it cost (A fuck of a lot, it turns out). It’s definitely on my wish list! 

So, coffee drunk we wandered back upstairs still talking. 

(Me) “So, why did you have it done?”

(Her) “Easy! When I cum, I squirt a lot (hmm....runs in the family, then), and when I get laid, sticky, spermy pubes.....ewww...!”

(Me), “Yeah, But this is, like, permanent.”

(Her) “Yep. So what? I don’t want claggy pubes when I’m in the nursing home! Giggle” (she giggles a lot)

A few moments later, I heard a distinct moan from her room. And a buzzing. Another moan, and there was no doubt. She was masturbating....loudly....shamelessly....and with her door open. I didn’t think it was an invitation because of what she said in the kitchen, but I had to creep along the landing to take a look see. 

Clara was laying flat on her back on the floor. Her black panties pulled aside and a vibrator deep inside herself. (I later learned it’s a ‘rabbit’). She seemed to be alternating between fucking herself and letting the ears of the bunny tickle her clit. Again, moaning, but also swearing too. I LOVE dirty talk. I once tried to get myself off just by talking dirty, it almost worked....got wet as hell anyway.

She had her bra straps down and was pinching her pierced nipple.....wait.....pierced? Clara? WTF? She would twist the barbell around and pull at it. Now I too love nipple pain, but this was something more.......

it didn’t take long for Clara to orgasm, and I left her to it. 

Did i masturbate? You have NO fucking idea how much I wanted to....how much noise I wanted to make....and yes, how much I wanted her to see, but no. I didn’t. (I did have to dry off though....and slip a panty liner in! Why? Because we were going out. 

In the car, I could barely talk! Fortunately, she broke the ice.

“I guess you heard that?”

“Umm yeah.......and saw it too.”

”Hmm...thought you might. Thank you for not coming in. I could easily make love with you, and don’t think I don’t want to, but it wouldn’t be right. Ok?” 

Message received.

Another Pause.......

” So.....nipple piercings? Why? When?”

Another Aunt Clara giggle “About a year back. I just thought if I don’t do it now, I never will, and why.....well....I love nipple pain when I’m having sex, and the thought that someone drove a needle through them is what gets me off....oh, and yes, twisting them feels divine!” 

I decided there and then to have mine done. So I asked her where she got hers. Suddenly she was all serious. “Now look. Don’t just go anywhere. Do some research. Find a place that’s regulated, has its hygiene certificates and ask to see the business end of the shop. I pressed her further until she showed me the place hers were done.

Which is why, as I type this, I am nursing two aching nipples. I’m told the ache disappears quite soon and then the fun can start.

I will write about the actual experience later.



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