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Cleaning Naked

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A friend of mine was moving into a new house, and since she's kind of a clean freak, she wanted to clean and vacuum the whole house before she moved in and touch up some paint.

We went over there early on a Saturday morning, and since it had been a little while with no one living there, the power had been turned off, so it was hot inside. We had probably been there for an hour or so when she got a phone call. It was her work and needed her to come in for a couple hours to get some paperwork sorted out. She tried to get out of it because we were busy, but I told her to go and I would keep cleaning. She went on and I was left with the house to myself. I finished cleaning one of the bathrooms when it really started getting warm in the house. I kicked off my shoes and socks and went on to the next bathroom, but it was still too hot. I took off my shirt and shorts, leaving me in just my bra and panties running the mop across the floor.

I was halfway done when I started getting covered in sweat, so I decided to go all the way. I unhooked my bra and dropped my undies, leaving me completely nude in a strange house. It actually felt pretty liberating, being bare like I was, and I wound up dancing the mop for the rest of the floor.

About three hours had gone by and I was vacuuming her bedroom. I didn't even hear her come back in, but when I shut it off, I turned around and saw her in the doorway which scared the shit out of me. She laughed and asked why I was naked, and I told her it was too hot to have any clothes on, even with windows open. I told her she should strip down too, but she didn't want to. After a few minutes of her cleaning and sweating, I asked her again and this time she agreed.

It all started out innocent enough, we were both using a vacuum in different rooms, trying to get done as soon as we could. After a while we started to get hungry though, so we got out the cooler and folding chairs we brought and ate. When we were finished we sat there talking for a little while and she asked me how long I had been naked. I told her it wasn't long after she left. She asked me if I had masturbated, and I told her no, and she told me that she would have if it were her. I said I was too busy, and she mentioned that I wasn't busy now.

It was almost like she was wanting me to masturbate, so I slid down in my seat and spread my legs open and ran a finger up and down my pussy. I asked her if I was busy now, she said no and that she wasn't busy either. She hung her legs over the chair arms and started rubbing herself off right in front of me. Since she started it, I decided to go along with it and started fingering my now wet vagina. The only sounds in the room for the next ten minutes were the squishing between our legs and our heavy breathing. I was going to cum soon, so I picked up my pace and started shaking in my chair. When I was getting close, I slid out of my chair onto my knees and started humping my hand, causing me to have a sweet orgasm. I fell onto my back and started squirming around on the carpet, loving the pulses in my vagina. I laid there watching her for a couple more minutes when I heard her take a deep breath. She then tightened up and let out a long deep 'ohhhhhh' sound. I knew she came, and after she relaxed, we looked at each other and just started laughing. We sat there for a couple more minutes and then went back to work, almost like nothing had happened.

When we were done cleaning, we started looking at the walls, and the only room that really needed some paint was in her room, so we grabbed the can and started doing some touching up. We weren't in there long before I could hear her breathing hard over my shoulder. I looked back to see what was wrong, and I saw her standing in the doorway, legs spread wide and was masturbating again. This time I just left her to it, finishing my wall. After she came, she picked up her brush and went back to painting.

I let a few more minutes go by then wanted to have some fun with her. I walked over to her and started talking about her painting. The whole time we were standing there, I was rubbing my pussy without her knowing it. When I was about to cum I told her to hold on a second, then stepped in front of her and let loose, wetting my hand. She asked me if I was doing that the whole time and I told her yes, which made her start laughing again.

We finished up what we needed to do before dark, packed up the house and got dressed again, went out for some dinner and then she dropped me off. To this day I still don't know why she wanted us to start masturbating that day, but I do know it was fun and I hope we will again.



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