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Wax and Buff

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This is a long story. I didn't realize until it was done. I edited it some, but it would be difficult to explain without context.


When I was young I matured physically at a very young age. I was always the biggest kid in my class and had thick hair on my arms legs and crotch at the age of 13. I was shy beyond belief. Kids would always try to get the best of me so they could prove they were tuff. I was a gentle giant back then and never wanted to fight. Until one day a senior in High School was picking on a third year girl on whom I had huge crush. Hailee was like me, shy and looking for a way to fit in.

This older kid was setting up a meet with her. I overheard, he was notorious of deflowering girls under the bleachers. Girls would seek him out because he was such a hunk. He would use them and lose them. He had gone through all the loose girls and was now going after the cute good girls. I'm certain he was going to try to take advantage of her.

I was all the sudden motivated to fight in a way I never had been to protect myself. I asked a girl who I know Carol to come with me to the football field after school. I needed a reason to be there, I asked her to help me decorate the fence for the game the next night. Honor society was supposed to do it the next day but Carol would do anything for me, and so I had a reason to be there, if things went as thought they might.

The other couple showed up and sat on the bleachers talking then necking and making out. It was eating me up seeing it, but it was consensual so there was nothing I could do. Then as it was getting darker they headed under the bleachers. I could not have been more right. I started hearing 'no stop, that's enough, please stop.' Finally I hear 'Ouch let me go.' Carol looks at me with alarm, and I start running. I show up and she is sitting in the dirt with him holding her hair, his fly open and his pecker hanging out. He sees me and I say 'let her go'. He does and she runs to Carol. He starts calling me names and then pushing me around and telling me he is going to fuck both my girls.

Something lit inside of me and I smashed him in the face, and told him to go home before he was really sorry. I'm a big kid but this guy is three years older, and had at least 50 pounds on me. He was dead set to teach me a lesson. The fight lasted about one minute, but it seemed to last an hour. My arms were not as long as his, but my dad got a heavy bag when he heard kids were bulling me. I take my aggression out on it. My arms were strong, and I knew how to punch. I took to beating him around the mid section. I was caught short of breath from the pummeling I was giving him; he took the chance to run off and say 'you got a lucky shot, you won't be so lucky next time', and ran off. I don't think he hit me more than once or twice, other than a bruise across my back where he pushed me into the bleachers and tore my shirt, I was unscathed.

As it turned out, he had cracked and bruised ribs and could not play football the next night, some guys on the team threatened to beat me up, but the girls told them I had stopped a rape, and if they laid a finger on me they would make sure they never had a date again. Between the threat, and the realization that this guy was an A-hole, they settled down. Word got around that I had busted up a senior and nobody seemed interested in bulling me any more.

Weeks go by and I'm starting to make headway with Hailee. But true to her ways, trying to fit in, she had started hanging with a clique of popular girls that were no good. She let it slip to them, that she would really like me if I wasn't so hairy.

So her new clique set about taking care of that. One of the girls was taking and course in beauty care and had learned to do waxing. They told me about Hailee's comments and offered to wax me completely for her. Alarm bells were ringing, but when I told Hailee I was thinking of having my body waxed, and asked her what she thought. She knew nothing of the girls plans, and thought it was a great idea. The beautician girl borrows the equipment and supplies from the tech and I am told to come to her house after school one day. I figure this is going to be painful but I figure it will be worth it.

Well they had my number all along. They did not use anything to numb me, as she had been taught. Apparently they thought I would wuss out after one strip and they would have their story, and be able laud it over and embarrass me forever. I hung in there. They did my back first. It seemed they were missing some areas, but they kept saying there was not much hair there, and they would come back to it. Giggling the whole time, they had me roll over to do my front. They said they would work from the out side in. I was nearly beside myself in pain, but what did I know.

Then they did a diagonal, which should have set off more alarm bells, but I was oblivious. They kept close watch on the clock and kept sending texts. Then they start applying wax for the other diagonal. I really started to protest. They said fine we will just stop here then. I relented and pleaded with them to continue. They did and then asked me to sit up to take a picture of the progress on my back. Then they had me lay down and I expected them to continue. They snapped a shot of my front which looked like a box with and X in it. I said 'very funny', just then the doorbell rang it was Hailee. They showed her the photos and told her that they could set her up with any guy in the school, she should not be seen with the likes of me. Apparently a first year dating a third year was a no no in their books. Then they said we will be late for the movie, let's go. Me, laid back on a cot in their garage. They told me I could finish myself if I had the guts. I looked and Hailee and she was smiling and laughing as they walked out. I suppose it was it is pretty funny, but not to me, not at the time. I have never felt more humiliated.

I figured I can shave my front and I can say the boxed X was just a progress photo, but I was certain they had my back similarly maligned. There was no way I could shave my own back. I did the only thing I could do, I called Carol and asked her to come right away. She did, and smirked and said 'serves you right'. I pleaded with her to help me finish.

She did her best but she was much to slow at pulling it away. We were about 15 minutes into it when Hailee came back. She said, she went to my house to apologize, and when I wasn't there she figured I was doing the unthinkable, waxing my own chest. Well we were still working on my back which just had a big zero on it; I still had it in my mind to shave my front.

Hailee with her years of experience said 'you can't shave part and wax part, that won't work, you will have to shave every day. Waxed hair does not grow back the same, it will take months until it looks right without daily shaving'. Carol was about to leave but Hailee and I convinced her to stay.

Then Carol suggested we go to her house to finish. We could take the equipment and if Jane showed the photos we would tell that she stole the equipment. I was liking Carol more by the minute. Carol's house was only two blocks away and we went down in the basement and where Carol said her parents would never intrude as long as it was not couples. We assured them that were just going to play video games.

They finish up quickly once they got the hang of it. One applying the wax, one did the strips. It only took about 30 minutes. When they finished the girls were really teasing me rubbing aloe in my new buff torso. I got a hard on and Carol said 'I see this is having the same effect on you as it is on us.' I told them they had no idea how painful it was, and 'I deserved some pampering'.

Hailee said 'we could do it easy'. 'Yea' says Carol. I said 'I'd like to see that knowing Hailee and Carol and clean shaven legs. The only thing to wax would be their pussies. I was envisioning them each getting a Brazilian. Hailee said 'it would be a shame to let this wax go to waste'. My eyes got big. Carol then says to Hailee 'we have gotten quite good at this on Mike. I'll do you, if you will do me'. I piped up 'I'm in'. Haliee laughed and said 'not so fast buddy boy. If you get to see our package, then you go first.' If these two girls had not just bailed me out of a spot, I'd have been worried. But the thought of these to girls waxing my crotch had me literally dripping precum. I very cautiously said 'ok'.

Hallee said 'drop um buddy boy', as I did my cock sprang forth. Carol said 'I told you he was as horny as we are.' Hailee said 'I'm so wet. What if the wax won't stick. We have to do Mike first though'. They did it with very narrow strips, my cock went soft with the first rip, and stayed soft until the last. When it was done I was like three pounds of raw meat down there. Carol gave me some witch hazel to stop the bleeding and cool the fire. Carol told Haliee 'you're next, it was your idea.' Hailee dropped her pants and panties she was not fibbing, she was soaked. She was short trimmed, I had to trim my hair short first. Hailee said she shaves every few weeks, apparently she was due. Hailee asked me if this is the first pussy I had seen. It was, but I lied and said 'up close and personal like this yes'. Carol told Hailee to dry herself, or this would never work. Hailee suggested 'Mike can do it', but Carol said, 'perhaps he can apply the aloe after. Having him dry you would be counter productive.'

I literally had to cover Hailee's mouth and she bit my hand to keep from screaming. My boxer clad penis was making itself known again. Much to Carols delight. 'Perhaps Mike will have recovered enough for an aloe treatment from us after.' Carol finished with Hailee and we admired the finished work. She was not bleeding, like I was, but she was red and inflamed. I offered too apply aloe. Hailee looked and Carol. Carol said if I get the same treatment after, I'm ok with that. I covered her whole crotch. Hailee eventually grabbed me by the wrist with one hand and guided my fingers with her other. Carol reminded Hailee remember same treatment. Hailee just said 'I'm just making sure he knows how, that's all'. Hailee came in less then a minute. Carol lay down and I applied the wax. I asked to pull the first strip. Carol baulked and said I would try to get her back for being so inept over at Jane's house. I assured her, to no avail. Carol had much finer hair. In less than half the time, she was smooth as a baby's bottom. 'Barely even red' says Hailee 'she doesn't even need aloe. A deal is a deal' says Carol. So I begin.

This time it was Hailee who had to cover Carol's mouth, as I pushed her through a gut wrenching orgasm. Carol took a few minutes to recover. During which time Hailee got out my prick and examined it from every angle. It was like a steel rod. Without hair, and hard, it looked completely different, I felt like a porn star. I asked Hailee if it was the first one she had seen, and she said other that needle prick three weeks ago, yupp. I then said I think it needs some aloe. Carol said I think I have something better. She looks in her purse and pulls out a thing of hand lotion. She emptied the whole thing on my prick and sack. Four hands went to work. There was no way I was going to last long. I was huffing and puffing, trying to make it last. As I came, I let out and involuntary shriek. I launched cum over the girls and onto Carol's back. The second shot streaked Hailee's hair. Apparently my shriek alerted Carol's parents, I ran into the bathroom as Carol and Hailee pulled up their pants. They asked if everything was alright. Carol said 'Hailee and I just beat Mike that's all'. In fact they did, and I'd take a beating like that anytime. Carol's parents said 'It's getting late, time for your friends to go home'.

The three of us became fast friends frequently getting together for all sorts of fun, often including masturbation. When Hailee graduated, Carol and I both cried. Hailee and I never really connected as a couple. It was more like the three musketeers. One for all, and all for one. After Hailee left for university, Carol and I started going steady. We are married now. It took me a long time to really appreciate Carol for who she is. Luckily she was patient. We are married now, and will both do anything for the other. Home waxes included, the after treatment is better then you can get in any salon. Carol likes my hairy chest, so she does not do that. But my 'stud cock' as she calls it get a regular wax and buff.



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