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Mutual Masturbation with Kay

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It's about time I write about my first and most exciting mutual masturbation experiences ever, with my GF at the time. 


Kay and I worked in different departments of a large corporation where we interfaced with each other frequently and occasionally took business trips together. On one trip to southern California, we took a long walk on a beach after dinner and ended up talking late into the night on the balcony of her room. Nothing else, just talk, but a bond had started to develop. We began talking on the phone; long personal talks.

On our next business trip, this time to New York, I think we both knew we would get closer, and she invited me to her room after our day of meetings. It was so wonderful to finally hold her in my arms, kiss her, feel the sexual tension building; to begin peeling off our clothes and then to feel our bodies touching, just skin against skin. After that first lovemaking session, we laid together and talked intimately. I asked awkwardly "Do you.......masturbate?" She said "Uh huh. Do you?" and told me a little bit about her history. She had started masturbating with fingers at thirteen, bought her first vibrator at nineteen, then found a massager and tried the different attachments until she discovered her favorite, a cup-shaped one, adding that since she discovered vibrators she had gotten "too lazy" to use her fingers. 

I had never seen a woman masturbate and wanted to SO BAD, but knew this would have to wait for another time. If ever.

Months later I was at her place one night. She lived alone in her own house. I had already started masturbating a little bit in front of her, kneeling between her thighs so I could see her pussy, her full-but-not-too-large breasts, and the sensuous expression on her face. I loved seeing her and knowing she saw me. After touching myself for awhile, I felt pulled to her so I laid down beside her and brought her to orgasm with my fingers. She liked me to be rough with her nipples, but we will get into that another time, maybe.

Just like after our first time, we laid naked in each other's arms and talked in whispers, punctuated by light kisses. Finally I worked up the courage--or maybe just acted on impulse--and said "I want to see you make yourself come." Without a moment's hesitation, she said "Okay, go in my second drawer, reach behind my panties in the back left corner, and get my massager." Like in a fantasy, I was naked, hard, and in her panty drawer looking for her vibrator. That was super sexy for me! 

She directed me where to plug it in and took it from me as I assumed my position kneeling between her legs. She turned it on and touched it to her clit, explaining everything to me as she went. She showed me how she puts the hard edge of the cup on her clit but explained that the vibrations were so intense that every once in a while she would have to switch it off, lay it over her thigh, and give herself a rest. Maybe that meant she was edging, I am not sure. I intently watched her alternate between stimulating herself (as she referred to masturbation) and resting, all the while holding my very hard and dripping penis in my hand and stimulating myself just enough but not too much. (I wanted this to LAST!)

I could see the intensity in her face and the tensing of her muscles as her orgasm approached. Finally I got to see her come, and let me tell you it was wonderful! In the throes of her orgasm, she blurted out "I want you to come all over my breasts!" I was so close I could have come any second! I walked on my knees until I was right over her. Her body was still convulsing under me and her breath was shaky as she watched my final strokes. When I could feel it almost shooting, I touched the tip of my dick right up against her left nipple and let her feel the hot cum squirting, then quickly moved to her other nipple and let her feel the rest of me there. After milking the last bit of it out of me, I took my hands to her breasts and rubbed it in like a luxurious body lotion, and then sucked and licked it off her nipples and skin with my mouth. We kissed deeply, mixing my cum and our saliva with our tongues--tasting each other fully. She tugged on my arm and I collapsed alongside her. Nothing else needed to be said, or done.

Several weeks later she spoke about what that night had meant to her, saying "I felt like you were the master of me that night, like you really KNEW what I wanted. I WANTED to cum again that night. I really did!" That made me feel warm inside.



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