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Watching Their Place While They Are Away

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A true story of jerking off at a friend's place when I was asked to watch it when they went away.


Every so often, I'll be asked to watch someone's place for them because they're going away on vacation or for some other reason. It really turns me on to be "naughty" while I'm at their place checking on things. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to watch anyone's house for quite a while, but I can't wait until next time I do. In the past, I've had to check on my niece's place. I looked around hoping to find her panties or lingerie or maybe even some toys, but she seemed to have it all well hidden! Admittedly I was also kind of nervous (paranoid?...lol) because everything at her house is obviously exactly in it's place and I didn't want them to realize I'd been snooping.

A couple of times my girlfriend has been asked to watch the place of a female friend, who is single and probably in her mid fifties. I've gone with her a few times, and wished so badly there would be a reason for me to go check on it alone for her one day, because her place is pretty messy, and I'd have no problem likely finding both clean and used panties laying around. Also, it definitely wouldn't surprise me if she had a vibrator or two sitting in her nightstand. If alone, I'd love to spend an hour laying in her bed and making myself cum!

Anyway, this story is about one time that I actually did get to masturbate at someone's place. I was married at the time, and friends of ours, I'll call them Bonnie and Chad, lived not too far from us and wanted me to check in and feed their cat a few times while they were away. I actually walked to work then, and it was right on the way, so I planned to just leave a bit early and stop in. Bonnie and Chad were pretty liberal people. At the time (as this was likely about 25 years ago), the internet didn't even really exist in the mainstream, and you also couldn't really buy any porn other than magazines, because the laws where I live were fairly strict back then. However, I knew they had told us they had bought a couple of porn VHS tapes when they had travelled out of province recently. Well, I of course had to take advantage of this! Because of it's lack of availability, I'd probably never even seen a hardcore movie before. So, the first morning I had to stop by their place, I went even earlier than I had to, and when I got to their apartment I quickly fed the cat like I was supposed to, and then began my search for their tapes they had told us about. Well, it wasn't very hard, because they just had it on the bookshelf in their living room amongst all the "regular" VHS movies in their collection. I popped it in, and took note of what point the movie was at so I could rewind it to that point when I was done. I then sat on the floor of their living room and started watching. I'd never seen a movie with a nice close up of a cock fucking a pussy before and it was only seconds and I was hard, both from the movie and thinking of my friends Bonnie and Chad getting hot and bothered themselves while watching this. You see, I had many fantasies involving Bonnie before this, as she was a cute petite blond with short hair but nice size tits and I'd have loved to squeeze them and suck on them while I fucked her! So as I watched this new movie experience, I undid my jeans and pulled them to my ankles and squeezed my hard cock between my thighs, rubbing it, letting it go, and catching it between my legs again. It took less that five minutes and I felt my hot cum spilling out onto my thighs....it felt so good! I got up and went to the bathroom to wipe myself off and was looking forward to checking on their place every day the rest of that week as I took care to rewind the tape back to it's original spot.

Unfortunately that was the only opportunity I had that week. The next day I came to their apartment early that morning and when I opened the door there was Bonnie's mother sitting at the table drinking a coffee! She had a key to their place and I can't remember why but decided to come stay there a couple of days and she told me I wouldn't have to bother checking on the place and feeding the cat as she would do that. Bummer! The only lucky thing I guess was that she had gotten there just before me that morning, and I was fortunate that I didn't get caught with my pants down!



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