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Watching The Parents

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The time I saw my parents getting it on. 

When I was growing up, my brother had one room upstairs, my sister and I were in the other room next to him. Downstairs was my parents' room. The way that the house was set up their room didn’t have a door, but had a large closet that was blocking the view to their bed.

One day when I was about 16 I went downstairs to use the restroom and heard some noise coming from mom and dad’s room. I suspected they were having sex. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see if I could see what exactly was going on. 

I crept in to the front part of the room, and there was a dark corner that I could stand in look in the dresser mirror and see exactly what was happening.

My mom was giving dad a blowjob. I watched her head bobbed up and down. I was amazed to see my dad‘s dick disappear into her mouth. His hips were flexing, he kept saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah." Then he suddenly stated, "I’m coming," and mom pulled her head away and I watched as three impressive ropes of cum shot into the air, and landed wetly on my dad’s stomach. He was grunting like a bull and mom was just like yeah baby let it go.

After everything calmed down, I quickly and quietly left the room and went upstairs. I saw that my step brothers light was on underneath his door, and I barged in, and at first he was a little perturbed and yelled at me. When I told him I watched mom give dad a blow job he didn’t believe me and I described exactly what happened. And by judging by the size of the tent in his shorts, I think he believed me then. 

We talked about what I saw and he couldn’t help it, but reached down and played with himself, which wasn’t new for us. We had watched each other masturbate for a while. 

About a week later I caught them again but this time I caught Dad eating out Mom and then I saw him put his dick in and start going to town. I guess he was trying to make it last because he would go for a little bit and then stop take it out, and go down on Mom. Then put his dick back in her and go again. They went until the strokes became very forceful and synchronized, and Dad locked up and Mom was forcing him to keep going with her hand and legs forcing him to keep stroking and he let out along guttural groan. 

Quickly I went back upstairs and told my brother again what happened. This time I helped him out with a little handy. And he told me he wanted to see next time. 

It almost appeared as if mom and dad had this date planned for once a week because it was about 11 o’clock at night. I could almost go down and every single time catch them in some state of undress and watch one of them or both of them cum. I did this for a couple of weeks until I was positive I knew when they were going to have sex.

When I was sure, I knocked on my brother's door and said come on they’re gonna be having sex soon, so he hopped out of bed wearing nothing but loose fitting boxers and we snuck downstairs.

I always liked these boxer he had on. The fly would always be gaping and at times his dork would be exposed. Just something I always liked. My step bro had a nice looking penis.   

We were actually kind of early for the show so we got ourselves positioned in the dark corner looking into the mirror. My brother was a little shorter than me, so he stood in front of me. We watched as dad started caressing Mom‘s leg and she started drawing her finger around his penis. We could actually see dad get hard. Then mom and dad kissed. Dad‘s hands ran to her boobs and mom‘s hands caressed his crotch.

Soon mom was taking Dad‘s underwear off and was dipping her finger in his pre-come and smearing it all over the head and then reaching down to the base and drawing up a big pearl and licking it off. Mom then swung her butt around so they got locked into a 69. 

As they were doing this and they were going through their motions, I noticed my brother's hands were in his underwear. So I decided to help him out a little bit. I took his hands out and he put them behind his back to where they could touch my pussy, which was needing some serious attention.  I reached down and I grabbed  hold of his dick. I started working and whispered that he had to be quiet.

Mom climbed up on top of Dad this time and because they were facing away from the mirror you could see all that was happening down below. We were having as good of a time as mom and dad were. I was working my brother's shaft and he was producing so much precum it was crazy. I was working his pecker as much as Mom was working dad's. I could tell my stepbrother was getting close because his hips were really going to town and his dick was extra hard as I pumped his dick. 

All of a sudden I knew he was at the point of no return and I clamped my hand over his mouth to keep him from groaning, which he has a habit of doing. About that time Dad came as I pumped bro’s seed out onto the floor. My dad was pumping his seed into mom.

When I saw Dad collapse I know it was time to go. So I had to lead my brother quietly out of the room and upstairs. Upstairs he was like holy smokes, that was amazing and I agreed that was incredibly hot. We worked each other over a couple more times at night and slept peacefully afterwords. 



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