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Watching Becky

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Iíve just come back from dance class, and as usual, Iím hot, sweaty and unbelievably Randy! 


ĎOh, what a surprise to find you in my room. Oh, no....not at all....itís lovely to see you, only, only er.....well....I was planning a little light stress relief if you know what I mean. (I giggle a little self consciously).

ďDonít mind you?Ē Really? Well.....no.....weíve known each other a long time, so ......well.....I donít mind if you donít. 

Iíll sit here shall I? Opposite you? Just ignore you, and do what I normally do? Ok, well, I guess that will work. Ď

I take a deep breath and center myself. I focus only on my body, itís feelings, itís smells. Iím hot from the workout, and my pulse is significantly raised. Iím also still slightly breathless, but Iím not entirely sure whether thatís from the workout or the fact that Iíd planned to rub one out when I got back to my college room. I wasnít expecting a visitor. 

My knees as spread, and along with the sweat from my armpits, I can smell that special Becky scent. Itís quite weak for the moment, but I know it will fill the room shortly. Itís not that I smell Ďdown thereí, itís just that I get a lot wetter than most girls.  Other students have noticed and now and then I get knowing little glances to warn me there is a damp spot visible on my leotard. Our very obviously lesbian lecturer has made any such references. Of course. 

I take a long deep breath and close my eyes. I run my hands lightly over my body, feeling my nipples tense and already, Iím throbbing down below. I pull the leotard off my shoulders and down just far enough to make my boobs stand up. I like that feeling, and I wish they were bigger so theyíd really stand up proud. I hear a small gasp. Of course! You donít know Iím pierced! How could you? Well, I smile now, because if this shocks you, whatís to come will blow your mind. 

Iím gently caressing my right nipple with my left hand, teasing the piercing, pulling at it, making it pinch. Oh I wish I had nipple clamps! Hey, thatís an idea! Maybe a New Years present to me! My right hand is in its favourite spot, between my legs and stroking my camel toe. Iím wet. I can feel the slickness now clearly. I bring the finger to my mouth and nose. I can smell it and mmmmmm, I can taste myself. 

I reach down with my left hand and pull the crotch aside. Another gasp from you as you see my black steel VCH. Iím so absorbed in what Iím doing, I didnít even think about you. How this must be making you feel. ďIf you need to........itís......ok....Ē I leave the half formed sentence hanging in the air. The truth is, I donít care what you do. This is my time. This is about me. 

I push a finger deep inside myself and arch my back in pleasure! Ohhhh thatís goooood! My G spot gives me that instant Ďneed to pissí coupled with ĎIím gonna cumí sensation, and truth to tell, I donít even care which! 

I glance over at you. You have your cock out. Of course! What was I expecting. Itís not every day you have a 19 year old dance student masturbating in front of you. I can see your nostrils twitch too. Youíre trying to smell me, you dirty cunt. That makes me smile. I look on the floor and find the panties I discarded this morning. I reach for them and flick them over to you. Then I continue finger fucking myself. Two fingers now, then three, the heel of my hand right on my clit. 

But I want more. The left hand, holding the crotch of the leotard to one side can do more. I dip a finger inside my hole. Then I circle my arsehole. Itís already wet from the fluid pouring freely from my hole. Slipping my middle finger left hand as deep as I can get it is no bother. 

Iím close now. Very close. My hips are moving, and again, my eyes half open to see you just at the second you whip my panties away from your face and shoot your load into them. I notice that your spunk lands right in the crotch, covering my own milky cum stains.

My orgasm rolls like thunder. I feel the contractions around my fingers in my twat, and the finger up my bum. I let it run its course, and then, when I am quite ready, and not a moment before, I remove all my fingers. 

The room is pervaded by the scents of sex. My twat, your sperm, even my arsehole has a special, earthy sexual scent to it. 

I pull the leotard up over my tits, and suddenly, I am the dedicated, purposeful student once more. I need to be. 

Itís not every day that the Dean visits a student in her room. 



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