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Watching A Boy Cum For The First Time

Posted by: Age: 14 then Posted on: 13 comments
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A nudist party at a friend's house turns into a game of show and tell...

When I was 14, sometime before my family would make the trip up to the resort, we were invited to a party being held by one of our nudist friends. It was a bit of a ways up the line, so we were going to spend the night. I liked this family fine, but they only had one kid, a boy named PJ, and up until then I'd never been all that interested in him. We arrived and discovered that there were mostly adults. Some little kids, but no one my age or even a little older. Except PJ, who was 13. He'd gotten cute in the past year. Lizzie ran off with some of the younger kids, leaving me and Erin to hang out with PJ. Most of the day we just talked about movies, music, stuff kids think makes them sophisticated. As the day turned into night, PJ brought me and Erin down to his family room, which was in the basement of their house. It was a cozy little room, with a TV and computer. I noticed a box of tissues next to the computer and joked to PJ "is this where you masturbate?" The poor kid turned beet red! Erin laughed and I laughed but then I realized how embarrassed he was. I stopped laughing, as did Erin. I then explained to PJ that both Erin and I masturbate and that it's nothing to be ashamed of. For a while after that, the three of us talked about sex. None of us had done anything more than please ourselves, but it was still fun to talk. It didn't take long for PJ to get a boner.He tried to hide it, but Erin and I knew. I then had a thought. "Can you show us?" He blushed again. But I was persistent. He agreed to, but only if Erin and I showed him. After Erin did a quick check upstairs to make sure no one would bother us, we sat in a circle on the floor. Erin and I spread our legs giving PJ full view of our privates. He stared wide eyed, his boner sticking straight up. I then reminded him what we were doing. He blushed again, then slowly wrapped his fingers around his dick. As he began pumping, I began rubbing my lips. Erin did as well. Soon the room was filled with wet noises, as PJ stroked faster and faster and Erin and I rubbed our pussies faster, fingering ourselves. The three of us breathing heavy, moaning. PJ came first. I watched with delight as thick white streams of cum shot from his dick, coming again as he pumped, the semen covering his hand. This was enough for me, and the wonderful feeling of an orgasm overcame me. Erin came last, but it didn't take her much longer. After we caught our breath, I grabbed the box of tissues and the three of us cleaned up. We didn't get a chance to cum together again that day, but the image of PJ stroking himself then spurting his cum all over himself was one that I'd think of every time I got off for a long time after.



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