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Making Him Watch

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Me and my ex always had this running joke about how I kept him tied up in my closet. Now he was the person who thought of it, so I decided to see what would happen if I got out the scarves.

Now we've done a bit of tying up, nothing major, just messing around. It really gets me hot to have the control.

So, last year I was waiting for a time when I'd have the house to myself, so I could put my plan into action. I live with 3 other girls, so a house alone would make this much easier.

I'd been taking seductive dance classes at the time, they were occasionally offered at the school, and I'd learned some stuff that I was dying to show off. But when I do this, I just wanted him to watch and not touch. For him, it was harder to do, which is where the scarves came in.

So there we were in my room. I had put on sexy music and got him to sit in the chair. I started to dance, but before I did, I took his shirt off, and tied him to the chair, so that he couldn't touch, just watch.

So I started to dance and touch myself while doing it. I could see that he was getting really turned on by the dancing, and watching his reaction made me so hot.

So I started to strip while I danced, all the while watching for his reaction. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, and undid my bra. my pants followed.

By this time I was so horny my pussy was begging to be touched. I decided I would really give him a show, as he'd never watched me touch myself before. So I untied him, but told him to just watch. So I layed down on my bed, which was in reaching distance of my bed.

I started to play with my breasts, twisting and tugging at my nipples. One hand continued doing that, as my other hand slowly ran down the length of my body.

I started to caress my slit, dipping my fingers in and out, spreading my juices all around. I first slid one finger in, then two, moving them in and out, first slowly, and then faster and faster. my other hand was touching my clit, and I started moving faster and faster

I shot a quick look at my boyfriend, who by then had gotten so hot, he'd taken his penis out of his pants and started to jack off. I was way too into pleasuring myself to watch him get off.

my fingers were going in and out so fast, I was so close to cumming. my body started to shake, harder and harder.

I came harder than I ever had before. waves of pleasure rolled in as my body shook so much, I almost fell off the bed. In the midst of my pleasure I heard my ex cum, and that sound sent more waves of pleasure through my body.

That night, it took me at least 15 mins to come down from that orgasm, for the aftershocks to stop.

Its too bad that shortly afterwards this happened we broke up.. I guess I'll have to find someone else I can give a little show too and maybe a little scarf play too.

hope you got as hot reading this, as I did writing it. I have to go and get out my toys now.

happy reading!



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