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Watched By a Cyber-audience

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I recently discovered this site and decided to share my own masturbation experience of a cyber variety.
About a year ago, I purchased an inexpensive webcam and discovered the Adult/Masturbation chat rooms. Periodically, I will go on line and let others watch me as I pleasure myself, although typically I will only let the camera show me from the neck down given that I am going nude on camera in front of total strangers. Also, I will generally make sure I have heard the person on microphone or seen them on camera to make sure that the person watching is a woman. On a couple of occasions however, even though I am quite straight, I have gone into a room and let anyone view my cam. It is incredibly exciting to masturbate when you have 25 people (albeit mostly men) watching you at once.
As time has passed, I have become a little bit bolder with some ladies who have watched me more than once and who I feel comfortable in trusting. For those ladies, I have shown everything -- my face and entire naked body -- while masturbating to orgasm. In fact the first time I did it that way was a cam-to-cam session with an older woman with a remarkably fit body who unabashedly showed me everything -- her face, her completely tanned body and her lush pubic area. She was completely unashamed of appearing nude on camera for anyone to see and it gave me the courage to show myself that way to her. I do take pride in being able to maintain my erection for quite a long time, and when I finally came while watching and being watched by her, my cum splattered all up my chest, shoulders and even on my face. Three other ladies are quite ready to watch me whenever I invite them to view my cam, and I now routinely show them everything if they are online when I am ready to jerk-off. One of those ladies has watched me a good dozen times now and once even turned her microphone on to let me listen to her while she masturbated to orgasm.
Recently, I encountered a college age young lady while in a chat room. I invited her to view my cam -- as it turns out while she was at work! I showed for her only from the neck down on the first brief encounter. When I noticed her online again the following workday, I offered her another peek.
Then the following night, I noticed her online yet again. This time she was at home and was able to turn on her microphone and speak freely to me. Her roommate was there as well and they both watched me -- the first time they had watched a guy masturbate together. A third roommate was nearby as well, but too embarrassed to view me. Although I didn't really 'know' them, I went ahead and even showed them a flash of my face while nude. Although I guess I am about twice their age, I am quite physically fit and I knew they enjoyed what they saw.
The next time I messaged the girl, she noted that they loved watching me, and then shocked me by revealing that they had saved a screen-capture picture of me while nude! I was overwhelmed with excitement, but also nervous that they had a completely nude picture of me that included my face. While I have no reservations about letting anyone see me naked, or for that matter aroused and masturbating, the idea of an actual picture like that does make me uncomfortable. To my relief, she assured me it was only of my body -- I hadn't shown my full face for more than a few seconds and they did not try to capture that. I was then pleased to find out they took the picture so that they could force their other roommate to look and see what they had been watching! Apparently, she turned red with embarrassment in seeing my nude picture, but I'd like to think of that as a compliment.
I definitely want to let these girls watch me again, but I think I will be very careful about showing my face -- although what a turn on it would be to give all the roommates the complete show! And I hope I can find other appreciative young ladies like them to watch in the future too! I guess I just like an audience. In any event, it is an exciting addition to my off-line sex life.



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