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Summer Fun in the Park

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She coaxed me to jack off for her.


When I was working at a summer job for the City, I was assigned to the Parks Department. My work essentially consisted of cutting grass, trimming shrubbery and the like. There were several of us summer students on the crew but we worked in pairs. I often worked with a girl by the name of June. June was the same age as me about 17 at the time and was a big girl built very nice with large breasts and a shapely bum. Not gorgeous but pleasant looking. Because it was summer, we tended to wear light clothing; shorts and loose tops. I spent most of the summer with my top off and June envied me for being able to do that as she could not bare her breasts legally. In fact, it was a requirement of the City that outside female workers had to also wear bras. She wore black shorts with a black top and a black bra all of which suited her long reddish dark hair. We worked closely and chatted except when the mowers were roaring. I learned a lot about her and she about me. The subject of sex came up occasionally mostly gossiping about other kids around town who we were sure were sexually active. This was at a different time and teenagers were not as informed about sex as they seem to be today.

We worked all over town in various parks and were generally in public view. But one day a week the two of us had to work in a scarcely used park on the edge of the industrial area of town. We were dropped in the morning and picked up at the end of the day. With no one else around, this gave us the whole day to be together. The first few times at this park were a bit awkward particularly about pee breaks. We just sort of snook off and did our job. Once I jacked off during a pee break since jacking was a daily occurrence at that time.

On a particularly hot day at this remote park, June mentioned that it would nice if she could take off her top and just be in her bra. I told that it would be okay with me and all she said was something like. "ya, no doubt," seeing right through me. But in a few more minutes, her top came off revealing a lacy bra designed to support her ample breasts. After we sat and had lunch, she got up and said, "this is your lucky day," and slipped off her bra showing pale skin underneath. Her nipples stood out like beacons. I became aroused and erect which was somewhat painful under my tight shorts; June must have noticed. After spreading sunscreen on her breasts, June quietly asked me to do her back to which I eagerly agreed. While rubbing her back, I slipped my hand around to her front and touched her nipple. To my surprise she did not stop me but just stood there silently. I pushed my stiff covered cock into her ass and moved the other arm around so I was touching both nipples squeezing them between my fingers. This was a first experience for me. I licked her neck and mentioned that she tasted good. She turned around to face me and we kissed deeply and for a long time. When I reached down to undo her shorts, she whispered in my ear, "no fucking. I want to see you jack off again up close." I jumped back a little and with surprise and a little embarrassed. Here I was thinking I was the worlds best lover at this point and she tells me she caught me jacking off. I was deflated and went soft. When she told me that when I didn't return from my pee break last week, she thought something happened to me and came looking for me seeing me just as I shot me load. She then quickly returned to our lunching spot feigning that everything was normal and carried on with our duties for the rest of the day.

June, seeing that I was deeply embarrassed, consoled me and said she was sorry but that it really turned her on to see me jack off. She confessed that it caused her to masturbate herself that evening after work. She then pulled down her shorts and panties in one movement standing there naked and asked if that would help convince me to jack off for her. We moved together again and kissed as I slid my shorts and underwear down and off both of us now naked pressed together. "No fucking," she reminded me as she pulled on my cock with very inexperienced hands. Although my cock hurt from her unfamiliar touching, I was hard again in seconds. I found her soft dark red mound and gently slipped a finger into her juicy slit. Her scent on this hot day was excruciatingly wonderful which alone almost brought me to orgasm. We continued to kiss until I backed up an inch and asked how we were going to do this with fucking still on my mind. We uncoupled and she backing up told me to go ahead and do it and she would watch. It took me longer than I thought it would. In fact, I had to take three tries as this was all new to me. But I announced in a throaty voice that it was coming and shot a good load as June smiled as if she made it all happen. Thinking back on it, maybe she did as she cleaned me up with tissue feeling the cum between her fingers, smelling it and placing a dab on her tongue. "Salty," she exclaimed.

I thought I would get to ogle June's tits for the entire day but she casually put her bra back on as well as her top. I knew then that I had been managed all along. Boys are so predictable.



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