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Watch You Watch Me

Posted by: Author: Age: late 30's Posted on: 5 comments
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After years of imagining men in my life wanking, I have met someone who seems to enjoy it as much as me

I'm lying here thinking of things we have done and remembering things you do, the quiet sob of pleasure you give as you rub your hard cock while you watch me slide my toy inside my pussy. Usually after I've cum several times, you will lie back and I will start to give you pleasure, slowly licking your smooth balls, biting your stomach, tracing my nails along the crease of your thigh, I slide my hand down your stomach, under your hard cock that is quivering against your belly. I know you like, need me to press against that area, just above where your penis joins your body. I have watched you press there when you are masturbating in front of me. I nuzzle into that place, your place, biting softly, sucking, kneading my lips and chin and face against you there, still not touching your cock. I look up at you, smile when I see your eyes half closed with pleasure and anticipation.I then take hold of you, and lick your hole..mmmmmmmm....and squeeze some of your juice out, telling you how I love finding your juicy treat. To get some lubrication, I take you slowly down my throat, till I almost gag. I know you'd like it if I could deep throat you, but you are so big,but it's funny when I gag a bit, and that makes all that nice juicy spit appear for me to use to rub you. I lick all over your cock, and slowly rub up your length. You raise your hips, moan slightly. I lean over you and trail my nipples against you, trying to flick your small hole with my nipple. I'm still flying from the previous orgasms you gave me and need more. I start to rub my thighs together, causing friction on my clit. I'm clenching my pussy like I do when I try to grab your cock inside. I lie on my side, my head at the other end of the bed, face to your crotch, my feet near your head, but at an angle. I wish I had more courage to spread right in front of you. Once, in bed like this, you raised my leg over your chest so you could see better. I still think of that when I'm getting close and it makes me cum. In this position, I'm reaching above me to rub your cock, my face bent back to suck your thighs, balls, lick occasionally here and there, and my hips start churning with need. The need for you to watch me. The need to see the effect of watching me has on you. I need to see you overpowered by the need to wank because you are watching me. Your need to have me watch you. I know you like me watching you. I slide my two fingers either side of my clit. I know when I do this it makes my clit pop out. I have spent many masturbation sessions alone, with a mirror in bed, trying to see what you see when you watch me. Imagining you are there beside me, so needing to shoot your cum over my tits. I press my legs flat against the bed, raising my hips, so my clit is the highest point around. I slide those two fingers down into my pussy, gather my juice, then back up, humping up at an angle towards you so you can see better. Your head is raised. You are looking between your half closed eyes at what I'm doing to myself. Ohh. I lose the rhythm I have been rubbing your cock to. When you started watching, I felt you stiffen, and I refocus on your needs. I grab the lube, to get you all nice and wet. I slowly drip some on my nipples that you have been tweeking, I drip a long string onto my clit. we both watch it land and slide along my grooves, like a big pool of sperm. Then I slowly drip some onto your knob. Ohh yeah, that feels so good, It sounds so dirty and wet, my hand wanking you. Your hips raise, I'm absently feeling my lips, then spread them wide and taught with my second and fourth fingers, causing my clit to pop out more. I use my third finger to rub my clit, mix the lube and my juice all over. I remember in the beginning, when I had first touched myself in front of you. You were getting close to exploding, and you groaned for me to fuck myself. I hear you say that in my head and it always makes me cum. At that same period of time, you told me you wanted to come on my tits while I played with myself. I think that's when I first realised I might have finally found someone who needed this as much as I do.It gets me so wet when I think of your words. You love to rub your sperm all over my big breasts. You know I will cum from that. Sometimes I will lick your cum off my nipples. You once moaned that it was really hot when I sucked my nipples. I think of that too, when I flick my tongue over my hard erect nipples when I'm alone. In front of you now, I slide my fingers further down, to spread my opening open. I raise my hips as I sink two fingers into my cunt. Ohh so wet for you, I start to fuck myself for you, for me. Such loud wet noises. I am lost for a moment, then feel your hand beside mine on your cock. I watch as you take over, hear you sigh, hear your sticky hand giving yourself pleasure as you watch me watching you. I spread wider, my juices on my lips now. Sometimes I will grab the bottle of lube, the one that's a plain smooth cylinder, thinner than your hard on and rub it along my lips, coating it, rub up against it as it bumps against my clit. I watch you as I press it against my opening, then moan as my pussy lips give up their resistance and it slides into me.I slowly pull it all the way out so you will see my lips still open then slowly close. I keep doing this, all the way out then back in. I'm fucking myself, needing to have you watch, needing you to be so hot and horny from watching me be so dirty for you. I shift and reach around behind me, so I can pump the toy into my cunt from behind, so you can see better. You groan that you're going to cum soon. I'm squeaking, sighing, crying out each time the toy fills me, thrusting my hips, tits bouncing. I'm twisting my neck so I will get your cum on me. I move up so my big breasts are against your balls, my mouth on you, near you, my tongue out, waiting to catch your load, pumping my cunt, as your huge cock fucks your fist. Your glancing quickly between my pussy show and your throbbing cock, seeing nipples, tits, mouth, tongue, hair neck cheek all waiting to be splattered. your thrusting too, your fist and big red cock head bumping my face. Faster harder, I see your stomach muscles clenching. knowing you are so close brings me on too. I start to fuck myself, hard, wet, urgent. I'm nuzzling at your spot again, harder now, more rhythmic, your pumping up and down your hard cock. I hear your breath catching each time, I'm making those crying sighing cumming sounds. you look back at my fucking and that sends you over the edge. Your body convulses as your orgasm hits you.We both watch as you shoot the first splat to my face, then my tits, covering my neck, hair, my fingers as I try to catch your sperm. As I lick and suck anywhere to taste you, clit so swollen, lips swollen and wet, fast hard fucking myself, I peak and orgasm hard. My face in your hip, my hand on your balls as I watching you watching me cum and you slowly still stroke your cock. As I typed this I became wetter and I could feel my hard clit all squashed up between my lips. Right at this moment I'm rubbing my pussy wet clit, churning my hips. I'd love to know what you Solo Touch readers think. If you'd ask me to do it for you. I want you to tell me that you want me to spread open for you. I want to to shoot your cum over my pussy. Tell me how you'd want to watch me. and why. What exactly makes you come when you watch and when you're alone. Would you like to catch me masturbating?



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