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Too Much Noise

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I am a 38 year old single mom with a son who is 19 and a college student. Our bedrooms are next to each other so that we share a common wall. Since my husband left my sex drive has seemed to increase a lot. I find myself lying in bed some evenings and unable to get to sleep because of the tension.

I masturbated a few times before I was married, but generally thought of it as a sin and tried not to do it. Being married awakened my sexual drive and when my husband left I began to think about masturbating for the first time in years.

One of my best friends, who is married, told me that she still masturbates at times when her husband is away or when she is feeling tension and told me that I should try it if for no other reason to help myself get to sleep. Then she presented me with a small battery shaped vibrator, telling me that she had several of them and that I should try it.

I was very nervous about turning the vibrator on because I was worried that my son in the next rooom would hear it. I had suspected that he was already masturbating, from the noises that I sometimes heard coming from his room at night. So on a weekend night I waited until I was sure that he was asleep and turned the vibrator on. Before I did I made sure that both myself and the vibrator were under the blankets so the noise would not be obvious.

I had made a few attempts to masturbate with my fingers to relieve myself during the months before I got the vibrator but I was not too successful. I usually did not reach a climax and often only succeeded in frustrating myself. My friend suggested that I use lotion in combination with the vibrator, so on my first try I rubbed a liberal amount of skin lotion on myself, wrapped a small hand towel around the vibrator to quieten it and then lowered the pulsating tip into place.

The lotion was the magic trick. With very little effort I was able to guide the tip of the buzzing plastic vibrator between the folds of my vagina where it slid right into place next to my clitoris. That first touch was the most highly erotic sexual feeling that I had ever experienced, including all of the times that I had made love to my husband. About half the time that we had sex I did not cum.

The next thing that I knew I was experiencing involuntary convulsions, grinding myself against the bed and making little moaning sounds. I knew that I should be more quiet, but I assumed that my son was asleep. After just a few minutes I had a powerful orgasm and as I did I gasped and banged my head against the headboard.

When my breathing finally returned to normal and I managed to turn the vibrator off, I began to hear noises coming through the wall. It was obvious to me that they were the sounds of my son masturbating. His bed was squeaking, and I could hear his gasps and breathing. Then he was quiet and I fell asleep.

My experience with the vibrator was so powerful that I wanted to try it again, so I waited a few nights, woke up long after I thought that he was asleep and repeated my pleasure. This time I took longer and was more careful not to make as much noise. After I had climaxed, I was almost asleep when the sounds from his room began again. This time it was unmistakable, as he took himself to an orgasm. It was also erotic listening to him and knowing that my own sexuality had aroused him.

A few days later I noticed that he had rearranged the furniture in his room so that his bed was against the wall between our bedrooms. Now it is becoming obvious to me that he is listening and waiting to hear me and I have noticed that he has been in my bedside drawer investigating my vibrator. I think that I need to have a talk with him but I am not sure how to approach it. I am also very reluctant now to masturbate and getting more and more frustrated. I had just opened up the floodgates of my sexuality and I am afraid that I need to close them and stop touching myself at night.

Maybe the best thing is to ignore it and not say anything.



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