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Watch Me

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Given our active and unrestricted sex life, you may be forgiven for thinking Stevie and Me are all over each other, and most times, we are, but sometimes......


Stevie was later home than usual owing to the store where she works having a policy of closing only after the last client leaves.

I knew, the moment she walked in that she was in need of something sexual. I can tell by her eyes, the walk she walks, talks, the whole demeanour.

i hugged her and nuzzled her neck and gave her a few playful kisses and she responded, but when I tried to slip my hand up to her breast, she gently pushed it and me away, backed up to a chair and sat in it and simple said, in a voice that almost made me cum in my panties “watch me?” 

She had a one piece dress on, no bra (as usual) and I could see pantihose. I settled in my recliner opposite and watched as she gently began to stroke her legs, body and boobs over her clothing. 

We have a rule, unwritten and unspoken that when one of us watches the other like this, we don’t touch ourselves...and it can be sweet, sweet, agony.

Stevie was brushing the inside of her thighs, gently lifting her dress tantalisingly higher each time. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in whatever fantasy was running through her mind at the time. After what felt like an eternity, I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties under her pantyhose! 

She was clearly wet, though, and I aches to drop,to my knees between her legs and bury my face in her. 

Stevie pinched her nipple hard through the dress, and then tugged real hard ar it. Several buttons popped and rolled away across the floor. Another hard tug a few more buttons, and her left breast was exposed. This wasn’t like Stevie. She ismusually very soft and feminine when she masturbates.

both hands between her legs now, pulling the seam on her pantihose tight against her vagina, pulling the material off her inner thighs and then, with a rip, tearing it apart. 

Two fngers plunged immediately deep inside her. Her knees closed for a moment around her hand which was digging hard between her legs. Thenthe pulled first one, then the other leg over the arms of the chair, like some unseen hands had forced them apart. 

In this position, I could see just how wet she was. Her puckered asshole was glistening and I could smell her arousal from where I was sitting. Oh I was creaming myself. I was desperate to,either go to her and finish her off, or finish myself off, but those aren’t the rules. 

Stevie was slapping her exposed breast, squeezing it hard and pinching herself. She was whispering now, a series of “No....no....no,please....ohhhhh, please stop...ohhh that feels so good....” which became a louder “ahhhhh.....yesss....fuck me....fuck me you bastard......fuck meeeeeee.” 

I swear, I saw each and every convulsion. I saw that perfect little asshole contract (and wished I had my tongue in there)...I saw her vagina squeezing, and I saw her squirt into her hand.

Me? Oh you simply can’t imagine how I Felt. Since I’m not allowed to touch, my legs were clamped together and I was squeezing my thighs. Since my legs weren’t crossed, it wasn’t enough pressure to make me cum, but then instead I felt like I needed to pee. In the state I was in, even that felt like it would get me off. But, as I said, we don’t do that when themother has asked to be watched. 

Stevie came down from her orgasm slowly, and looked throroughly ravaged. She didn’t say a word, but she got up, making no effort to rearrange her clothing, took my hand and led me to the bathroom. 

She knows me somintimately, that she knew what I wanted to do. She stood me in the shower, kissed me, before gently cupping her hand between my legs over my panties and pantihose. 

She rested her head on my shoulder, and gently encouraged me to,let it go. 

As I did, I came without either her or me touching myself. 

We never ask what the other was fantasising about. If she chooses to tell me, then that’s cool. I know it was a rough fantasy she was enjoying, and that is new for her. 

What I DO know is she enjoyed it, and so did I.



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