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The Snooty Ones Are The Best.

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End of Uni term a few weeks back. Parties? Many, multiple and various.....some lasting till dawn and beyond.  Sex is all around. All you have to do is have eyes to see it and a willingness to participate in it....even if that means only watching,


“Becky” (Not her real name) in my Hall of Residence. How to describe her? 5’5”, small boobs, (A or maybe just a B I would say) but character wise, alloof, distant, snooty. Always talks as if there is a nasty smell in the room and looks at you as if she suspect you might be the smell. She rub people up the wrong way, and this includes the lecturers who have difficulty with her self-opinionated essay (especially when she contradicts their own PhDs.) 

Boyfriend? Well, yes, but he has looked progressively more miserable as the year has worn on. Rumour has it that once a week, she will let him sleep with her, but there’s no fucking. He once told a mate “She might....MIGHT, mind you, wank me off, but it’s only because my erection annoys her.” I suppose he’s always hoping that one night this wanking off might lead to something more. 

So, the afternoon after party night. 

Never expect much noise on a Uni campus after the end of year parties. Hushed voices, hangovers, and a feeling of you’d have to get better to die fill the air.

Apart from my hall! There was a distinct buzz....have you heard?....have you SSEEN? 

Well, I’m as curious as anyone, and it didn’t take long to be given the links to various images and videos. 

Our pristine Becky, our model of perfection, our resident virgin had certainly gone to town! 

Image one

Becky with a cock in her mouth.

image two

Becky with a black cock in her mouth.

image three

Becky, on her back with a black guy fucking her.

Video one

Becky with her boyfriend, on all fours, almost naked, apart from a toga made out of a bedsheet. “Fuck me up the arse!” And her boyfriend doing his best to oblige.

Video two

Becky riding her BFs cock like a whore. Then a cut to a shot of her sitting spread legged while he shaved her. Her calling out “I’m a virgin again.....fuck me!”

video three.

The dirtiest of the lot. Becky, on her back, clearly outdoors somewhere, and three guys. One in her cunt, one in her bum and one in her mouth.

I have never been one for becoming instantly turned on by porn. Ok, I like it, and yes, it does work, but it’s a kind of slow build up thing. This, however, was instant arousal, and I think it happened because of the kind of person Becky is. 

Lots of girls lose their inhibitions at Uni....nothing new about that.....but interestingly, this was something else

I get on well with Becky, so I immediately went to see her, taking two cups of tea with me. She was (unsurprisingly) still in bed. We drank our tea, and it was a totally different Becky in front of me. She was glowing! “I really needed that! I needed a good fuckin....a good seeing to......and seems like I got it.!” I asked if she had any regrets? “hmm? No, well.....not really. Well.....maybe one. I’ve wondered what it’s like with another girl.....but I don’t know how to go about it.”

well, one things for sure, I sure as shit wasn’t going to leap into her bed.....not after several guys had screwed her. Let’s make sure she didn’t pick anything nasty up first. 

“Well,” said I “maybe you should just get in a sexual situation first, rather than go looking for the whole thing. Maybe kiss a girl....maybe masturbate with a girl.” Her large brown eyes softened, and so did my resolve....well....partly. “I’ve never kissed another girl. What’s it like?” I told her it’s softer, more sensual, more delicate. She didn’t reply, so I leaned over, took her cup off her and kissed her. She seemed to melt into me and soon our tongues were delicately exploring each other’s mouths. Then she took my hand and placed it on her breast. It was smaller than I thought, and very firm, and (bitch) absolutely perfectly formed. 

She reached for me and soon she was feeling my boob too. All very nice, but I still wasn’t going anywhere near her pussy. 

“I’m getting really wet” she whispered. I told her to move over and with some difficulty lay down beside her. I placed my free arm around her and my right hand found my panties and slipped inside. “Masturbate with me.” She reached up the t shirt she had been wearing and I saw the razor rash from her sexual initiation. 

Soon, she had one leg across mine, and we were kissing as we masturbated. I stopped only to take my top off so that there might be a chance of our breasts touching.

I came first, long and hard and with two fingers inside me. Becky seemed to be having some difficulty tipping over, so I held my wet fingers to her lips and said “taste me.....taste my cunt.” She sucked my fingers into her mouth and I sucked her boob. Almost instantly, she came, long and hard.

Afterwards, we kissed for a while (boys....are you listening)...and she told me that she loved the dirty talk, and would love to taste me for real. 

I told her that next term, if she still felt the same, we could have all the fun she wanted.....and more.



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