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Visual Motivation

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Visual Motivation
The first time I did it I think I was 11.I do remember it was a Saturday morning and I had gotten up and mom and dad weren't in the house.I saw them out in the backyard doing yardwork and I was on my way back to my room to get dressed.When I walked past my sister's room her door was slightly open and I glanced in.She's a couple of years older than me and that morning I discovered she slept in the nude.She was on her back and had kicked the covers to the side enough that I could see between her legs.
Our rooms were pretty small so from where I was standing out in the hall to where she was laying couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 feet.This was also back in the fifties so about the raciest thing a kid my age could see back then was the Sears catalog.She was sound asleep and had no idea I was there looking at what I found out later the older guys called a cunt.It looked smooth and pink except for a few dark curly hairs growing above the slit.
For about the last six months or so I could remember getting what we called boners,but I had no idea what to do about them and after awhile they'd just go away.Well now seeing my sister the way she was I got another one but this time for some reason I reached into my pj bottoms and started to play with it.The more I touched it the harder and bigger it got and the better it felt.Before I knew it I had pushed my pj's down until it was out in the open.I was standing in the hallway playing with myself as I watched my sister sleeping.
Just about then she started to move and flipped over on her stomach and pulled one of her legs up toward her chest.Now not only did I have a view of her cunt but I also was looking at her ass and the way she was curled up her cheeks were spread and I could see her little puckered up asshole.By now I had my right hand tightly wrapped around my dick and I was stroking it pretty fast.My balls were slapping up against my legs so I held them with my left hand so she wouldn't hear the sound they were making. could feel something was going to happen but I didn't know what it was going to be.
She must have had an itch or something because she reached down with one of her hands and moved her index finger along her crack for a few seconds.Well thats all it took and I felt weak in the knees and globs of heavey white stuff started comming out of my dick and strayed out onto the floor.I didn't know what had happened but I did know that it felt good.
Over the cource of the summer I managed to see my sister two other times like that when my parents were outside and both times i came standing outside her door.



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