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My friend Richie and I have been good pals for as long as I can remember. He lived next door to me, and our parents were always over each other's house for some type of event or party. Usually, Richie and I would play cards or watch TV while the parents did whatever parents do at these things. Richie is about 6 months older than me. This one time we were in Richie's basement playing cards (for money - we both had a couple of bucks) and when one of us (don't really remember who) had won all the money we decided to play strip poker. The rules were simple, we would play until one of us got down to our underpants, and then stop. After all we weren't "queers" were we? Game one was going pretty good. When I was down to my T shirt and briefs, Richie still had his shirt and pants on.

Next hand, I lost, and had to take off my pants. There I was, standing in my Hanes white briefs. And the game ended (as we agreed). We played another. This time, Richie was losing pretty badly. He lost 5 hands in a row, and was taking off his pants, and was left in his white Fruit of the Loom briefs. I was pretty much still fully dressed. I looked down, and saw that Richie had a little bit of a bulge in the front of his underpants, and I had hoped that he hadn't seen the one that was in my hanes, when I had lost the game just before. Game three was much better. It was pretty even, we would both win a hand, and lose one, sometimes two.

But there we were, both with our pants and briefs still on, with the final hand to play. I had 3 Kings (a winner most times), but Richie had a Flush, so there I went, and once again stood there in my pure white hanes. My little bone was really sticking out, and Richie started to point at it and laugh. He wanted to know if I was "gay or something". I told him that I had seen his "boner" when he was in his briefs, and that I bet that he had one then, so he dropped his pants - and he did.

I told him, if I was gay, so was he! There we were, two 12 year olds with nothing but briefs on, and experiencing that great feeling of sexual excitement. Richie said he'd show me his, if I showed him mine. While I had seen him in his underpants many times, and had snuck a peak at his dick a few times when we went swimming at the CYO, I had never really seen it up close and with a hard on.

I guess it was the same with him, cause when we dropped our briefs, he looked at mine with a surprised look, he had never seen an uncircumcized dick in his life, and mine was the first he had seen. He had a pretty nice dick, nice red head, circumcized and it was pointing straight at me. He asked if I wanted to have some fun, and he started to jerk me off. This was the first time anyone, other than me had ever touched my penis, and it got real hard as soon as he touched it. I got this funny feeling from my head to my toe, and he continued to move my foreskin back and forth until I felt like I had to pee, but I knew that I really didn't have to pee. It was just this funny tingly feeling and I got scared. I never felt like that before, and Richie wouldn't stop jerking me off, even though I asked him to.

That tingly feeling was all over my body, and I felt like I had to push something out the end of my dick, and I asked again for Richie to stop, and he said to enjoy the feeling. I did, and then, all of a sudden, a little burst of pain, and this white juice came squirting out the end of my dick. I didn't know what to think the feeling was the best in my young life, and I had never seen this white stuff come shooting out of my dick. I told Richie that I was scared, and he told me to watch what happened to him, and asked me to jerk him off, the same way. I did, and within a few minutes, he shot the same white stuff out the end of his dick. He told me that I had just shot my first load of cum, and that I would enjoy doing it with someone else, or by myself for the rest of my life. (He was right about that!) Richie told me that he had been "shooting" for a few months, and that he really loved doing it. I should say, that we have been doing it together ever since then.



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