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Visiting Erin

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This story is a blend of fact and fantasy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!


I used to work in an office with a few women. One of which, named Erin, I silently admired for the entire time she worked there. She was a hot 21 or 22 year old with short brown hair. A bisexual little bit of a thing at about 5'4", with a pierced tongue, pouty lips, tiny diamond stud in the nose, and one of the best tight little bubble butts you'd ever lay eyes on. She had a very sexy little wiggle to her walk. I was old enough to be her father, so I didn't flirt with her as I may have with someone closer to my age.

I had already enjoyed many a day seeing what color thong she was wearing as she filed papers in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet, when on this day, I was in for a surprise. She had recently had some work done to her back, which required a medical ointment be applied 2 or 3 times a day. And as I opened the door, there she was, sitting on her desk with her top off and holding her bra, which was unhooked and off her shoulders, against her breasts while another girl I worked with was rubbing the ointment into her back. Why they didn't do it in the bathroom is beyond me, but who am I to argue?! So I went to my desk and started working on the computer. I may have quickly glanced up a couple of times, but that was about it. After about 5 minutes of silence, she put her bra and shirt back on and went back to work.

I don't know if my outward indifference during that silent occasion changed her opinion of me or not, but in the following days, she started telling me things of a more personal nature, like being naked at home, etc. I wanted to tell her how I love being naked too, and masturbating, and all that good fun stuff, but I kept the conversations all about her. Either this was appealing to her that she could share these things with me, or she was trying to see what it would take to get a rise out of me. Whichever it may have been, a day or two later, she came up to my desk about a foot away from me and said "wanna see my new bra?" Before I could answer, she crossed her arms, grabbed her shirt from the bottom, and pulled it up above her bra. She then let go of her shirt, which stayed in place as she pointed things out to me about her bra. "It's soooo soft! Feel it." "Really?" "Yeah. It's no big deal. It's just my bra." So I reached out and softly pushed against her bra on the underside of her right breast with my index and middle finger of my right hand. "Nice, huh?" I said "That IS soft", and because I could sense it was OK to do this, I reached up a little further and slid the same two fingers inside the right cup of her bra, about halfway between my first and second knuckles, and rubbed my thumb against those fingers as I felt the warmth of her young breast against them, while again commenting on how soft the bra was. I then removed my fingers, and as she was pulling her shirt back down, she told me "I don't know what it is, but I feel so comfortable around you." A brief moment passed, and she said "You've never seen my place. You should come over and check it out. I could show you some more stuff too." I said I would, and we set a time for me to visit.

Her place was within the city limits, where most of the houses were built in the 1920s and very close to each other. I've been in quite a few as the years have gone by, and I just love the old style architecture. Anyway, I got to Erin's place, and she greeted me at the door with a smile and let me in and showed me around. I couldn't help but notice, when we walked by her bedroom, which was the first door on the right, down the hallway from the living room, there was a pile of bras and panties on her bed.

After we chatted for a short while, Erin said "I want to show you some more of my underwear. OK?" I said, alright, figuring she'd just bring the pile out and show me piece by piece. I must confess, on occasion, while shopping, when I pass by the women's lingerie section, I do imagine what women would look like in some of the nicer stuff. So I knew I'd enjoy looking at Erin's. She took a couple minutes longer than I thought it should take to pick up the pile, or select certain pieces to show me, when she came walking out smiling in a robe. I guess she wanted to model them for me. I thought "there's a bonus for me!" "What do you think of this?" as she took her robe off, revealing a skimpy black bra and matching thong as she twirled around, letting me get my first really good look at her amazing bare ass. "WOW!" was all I could say. She smiled and said "I thought you'd like this one." She put her robe back on and left the room to change. Out she came again. And when the robe came off, she had on a rich matching burgundy bra and panties set that just looked amazing. My loins were beginning to stir at this point, and I began to slowly move my hands toward my crotch to cover myself up. This time, she just picked up the robe and took it back to the bedroom with her. The next time she came out without the robe in lacy white undies. Very nice! As she left, she unclasped her bra as she was walking away, and I was just beginning to see her right breast as she was taking her bra off, when she disappeared down the hallway. She came out again, did her twirl, and as I complimented her, she took her bra off in front of me and fussed with the straps for some reason. It was like I wasn't even there, so deep was her focus. She eventually looked up at me, and noticed I was appreciating the first time I got to see her bare medium-sized breasts. She just smiled and left the room.

When she came back next time, she had maybe three more bras and another thong in her hands, and said "I thought I'd save some time", and placed them on a chair. She then modeled her next pair, and then after turning a couple times, took off her bra again right in front of me, and then hooked her thong and pulled it down, as she raised each leg to finish taking it off. Now I know she likes to have just the thinnest of landing strips just above her cute little pussy. I was now fully hard and covered up with my hands. She walked over to the chair and put on the next bra and thong, took a couple steps to be in front of me, posed, and then asked "are you alright? You have a funny look on your face and your squirming around." "I'm fine" I replied. She removed her underwear again, and this time stayed naked, and came over and sat down next to me. Her nipples were beginning to stiffen when she asked "You aren't hard, are you? Did I do that to you? Let's see." With that, she pulled my hands away from my crotch, and replaced them with her left hand. "I guess you are. Can I see?" I shook my head. "C'mon. You got to see me. Fair is fair." And without waiting for a response, she reached for my belt, and even though I knew I shouldn't, I let her. She undid my belt, the button, and the zipper. She then got up and knelt down in front of me to remove my shoes and socks. Once they were off, she grabbed the bottoms of each pant leg and pulled. I lifted my butt to allow them to come off. She then leaned forward and put her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts and tugged downward. I again lifted my butt, and my hard cock finally came into view. She quickly tossed them aside and pulled my shirt over my head. Now we were both naked, looking at each other. "What are we gonna do now?" she asked, while standing in front of me. I just shrugged, as I subconsciously took hold of my erection while still sitting on the couch. "That sounds like a great idea!" as she sat down next to me on my left.

Our legs were touching when she put her right hand on mine as it held my cock and began moving it up and down. She did this for about a minute, until she could tell I was doing it on my own. She let go and just watched for a few minutes as I continued to play with myself for her. I quickly started getting into it, and slid forward just a little, which allowed my cock to stick out just a little more for stroking. Erin, in the meantime, had been cupping her breasts and lightly pinching her hard nipples as she watched me. She now decided it was time for her to start, as she slid her right hand downward. Her landing strip seemingly guiding it right to her pussy. When it got there, she didn't waste any time plunging two fingers deep inside, as she lowered her left hand and began circling her very visible clit. It wasn't long after she started masturbating, that she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and raised her hand up and pushed her fingers against my lips. With her fingers just below my nose, I could smell the very sweet smell of her young pussy, and I had to take a taste. Without anything being said, I sucked on her fingers, and she returned them to her pussy. This time, she added a third finger as I watched her slide them in and out. It couldn't have been more than 30 to 45 seconds later, when she removed her fingers again. Only this time, she pushed my hand off my cock, and I felt her spread her juices on my head and shaft. "Don't touch" she said, as she dipped her fingers back into her little pussy, quickly removing them, and returned her hand to my waiting cock where she spread more of her juices. She did this one more time, and after spreading what she could on my cock, she brought her fingers back up to my mouth, which I immediately sucked clean. All she said was "go ahead", and I returned to stroking my cock while she returned to fingering herself. With her sounds from fingering herself, and my sounds from sliding my hand up and down my pussy juice covered cock filling the air, we both never said a word, but sped up at the same time. I looked over at her, and she was working both hands like crazy, while she looked at my hand almost blurred, it was going so fast. I didn't even feel a big buildup. I just all of a sudden exploded into the air, and did so three or four more times. Luckily, most of it landed on me. Erin wasn't far behind, as she began bucking and having her orgasm just as I was beginning to calm down. I don't think I'll forget this any time soon.



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