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Christine Comes to Play with Cami

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The people are real and the ways they masturbate are real though the situation of all meeting together must remain a product of their imaginations. My wife Christine, who is bisexual, and Cami, who is much younger, have agreed to meet for mutual masturbation. Although I am with them this is mostly an FF story.

You, Cami, asked how I made Christine wild sexually. She does not need much to make her wild. It is mainly a matter of understanding and acting on two special attributes she has and to stimulate these to the maximum and in as many ways as possible. First, the nature of her multiple orgasms. She takes her time with initial clitoral masturbation, varying the speed and the different ways she has practised to tease, stroke, rub or squeeze her clitoris which is quite large and becomes very hard. She also adopts a variety of bodily positions for example standing in front of a mirror or on her hands and knees.

If I am helping her I might stand behind her at the mirror, reaching round, or masturbate between her legs from behind as she kneels. Her favourite position is lying face down and humping her own or someone else's fingers or some other object, even a rolled up handkerchief. This was her technique when she began to masturbate at an early age and found ways to do it secretly so she did not get into trouble and be told to keep still or to stop touching herself "down there" and what she was doing was dirty.

So she might masturbate for half an hour before her first gasping orgasm causing, her head to go back, her body to stretch out and quiver and her legs to shake. She then has further orgasms about every half minute as her clit aches and throbs again to be rubbed for about five seconds, climaxing for ten seconds and pausing fifteen. So she will come approximately sixty times in the second half hour! If anything all this tends to speed up with the gaps between orgasms getting less and less. Knowing when and how to stop can be a problem, at least as far as she is concerned. When she tries to hold off the urge gets so strong she needs desperately to relieve it and the effect can be even more explosive. She even has to take care of it if she wakes up in the night.

 The second special attribute is her bottom which, next to her clitoris, is her most erogenous zone. The cheeks are full and round and quite muscular in part from prolonged sexual activity. She loves them to be massaged, squeezed, spread apart and spanked or caned. Within the deep cleft her pale pink (or white when stretched) anus twitches and contracts during orgasm. The sphincter muscles when penetrated and massaged are an integral source of orgasm and an element of indescribable pleasure during her orgasmic contractions. So Christine always needs anal penetration for sexual fulfilment. She uses dildos and butt plugs but with me masturbating her she prefers sliding, swirling fingers and other means best left to the imagination!

 This is really about the first time I took Christine to meet you for mutual masturbation. Without dwelling on the formalities, both are so excited and are soon naked and in each other's arms kissing and with hands straying everywhere. Soon they are on a mattress on the floor the two bodies in motion, their skins touching and sliding, their limbs intertwining and their mouths and tongues kissing and licking. I make a video of this. Christine licks the inside of your thighs all the way from your knees to your pussy lips and you caress her breasts and belly. Then each slip first a hand and then an arm between the other's legs right up to the crutch in a sensual embrace. Both your clitorises are erect and throbbing for relief. Knowing what Christine likes you lay on your back with your sleek right thigh raised between her fuller and more fleshy thighs. She is already groaning as she adjusts her position so she can grind and thrust her now wet vulva into your shapely thigh muscle. She thrusts rhythmically and with increasing force and you can feel her erect clitoris as it jerks back and forth. You have one hand round clenching her buttocks and the other between your own legs. Christine begins to gasp loudly as with frenzy her body convulses through the first of six orgasms. She stops cumming with difficulty out of consideration for your needs which she has a longing to satisfy and which she has been thinking about every time she masturbated herself since she knew she was going to meet you for sex.

You lay on the mattress with your knees raised and apart. Christine kneels down between your thighs. You are both still so excited. She takes her time stroking first your silky inner thighs, then your belly and last of all your smooth shaven outer labia. You are free to use both hands on your breasts and nipples and leave the rest to her. She then cups your pussy with one hand and massages it in a circular motion holding the outer lips together over your clit. She wants the beautiful feeling to build up slowly and for your orgasm not to come too soon so she massages slowly and with little pressure. She changes hands several times and circles in different directions. Your need for relief is building up and your breathing is shallow.

Christine knows just how far to go. Eventually, with the outer lips apart she touches with one faintly vibrating finger your stiff clit stem through its hood. This alone makes you wild with expectation of what is to still come. With a finger and thumb of her right hand she gently squeezes the middle of the stem before moving them up and down half an inch each way, wanking your hard clitoris like a mini penis. She does this slowly at first and later quickens the movement. Each time her fingers move up the pink shimmering pearl of a clit head slides out from beneath its hood. Christine eventually uses her left hand to hold back the hood, dips the third finger of her right hand in your creamy vagina to collect some of juice before using this finger to touch the engorged pearl. She looks into your eyes to see that it is OK before sliding this finger tip all over and just under this super-sensitive place. She next repeats the masturbation of your clitoris with two fingers, one on each side of your clit, sliding them back and forth then with one middle finger she rubs your clit sideways in a rhythm so it jumps over the hard stem for seconds, stopping and starting, driving you crazy.

You are moaning in delicious agony but Christine has not finished. I start to video again. She takes up your smooth slim vibe and proceeds to apply it to your clitty just for seconds and also in and out of your pussy hole. Your breaths get shorter and you are sighing loudly, your body is tense and you are twisting your nipples. Christine keeps this going for some minutes but brings you at last to the most shattering orgasm with you exploding with joy and relief into uncontrollable convulsions during which she has one finger within your anus to feel your wonderful muscular contractions in spasm.

The whole scene of your athletic and glowing naked body in unrestrained ecstatic motion is aesthetically beautiful and to see it again on video will be inspiring and so erotic. After resting it must be my turn and Christine will video it all. I lay down flat on my back with you, Cami, kneeling astride my hips, facing my feet. My cock is there between your legs and close to your pussy. It appears it is yours for now to do with it what you will. It is really hard and you play with it just with finger tips moving the foreskin up and down over the reddish corona getting the swelling and hardening glans to a shade of purplish pink. Then with lube on your fingers you massage the throbbing mushroom shaped head and its corona in every possible way and examine it closely in every detail. When satisfied you circle my the foreskin below the knob with finger and thumb to make a ring which you commence to jerk up and down, feeling how the ring jumps over the projecting rim.

The feeling to me is exquisite but not wanting me to come too soon you pause after just a few jerks. You keep this up for several minutes and then begin to increase the number of jerks and to shorten the pauses. I am talking to you about how good it feels and whether to slow down or speed up and when to stop. The time comes when we decide to ejaculate. You grip my cock in a fist, rub faster and smoothly until I give you the signal. You stop but keep squeezing. A second later the first of about ten spurts of cum shoots straight up and back towards your body. You know I like very short quick jerks after each spurt so that all semen is ejaculated and I am very happy and both of you are happy too! Cami, please continue.



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