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Visiting a Bookstore in my Early Years

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Thought this place was not much of a bookstore, and had no videos, it was a cool place to

Visiting the Bookstore Years Ago

I've read some accounts of guys visiting adult bookstores. They bring back
memories of when I used to go to a place near my home. I was living with the folks, just
out of high school. Masturbating in my car, and other places was always a good option,
since privacy was usually a problem.

This place I'm referring to was not really a bookstore, since I don't think there were many books in the place. No, it was actually just a place to jack off. They had the booths with coin operated little video screens. It was always good enough, even though the quality of the films were not great. This was set back off the road. In front was a strip joint. Now, that was interesting. If I was real drunk, I might wander in the strip club. But, I was very self-conscience back then, and didn't want to be seen in a place like that. Silly, huh?

The place in back was just an old shack. Might have once been a bunch of cheap places to screw the dancers back in the day.

Anyhow, the thing I remember the most is that I would always be pretty drunk, having left my friends for the night. Driving home, I would get that nasty horny feeling. Damned be the world, I'm going to jack off to some fuck flicks. I would have rather jacked right inside the strip club, but I'm sure they threw such guys out on their head.

I was always embarrassed about all this. So, I'd sleek in the back building. There was a guy behind the counter, which seemed like it was 10 feet high. I remember there was a glass display, which had various toys, and whatever inside. I never stayed long enough to really look at it.

Inside one of the booths I'd go. Precum leaking all over my shorts by this time. Nervous as hell. But, on a mission of high intensity orgasmic euphoria.

When I was real brave, and felt more in control, as in not falling all over the place, I'd go see the strip shows. It was almost 30 years ago, but I can still see and feel the excitement of watching these very plain looking chicks. I LIKE plain looking chicks. And, I think it's because of watching them back then. Every night was "Amateur" night. No kidding... But, for a horny 19 year old, with a steady stream of leakage being soaked up by my underwear, it was like heaven. It was, overall, a disgusting place to be. And, I LOVED IT ALL.

After watching some bored, slightly plump, bleach blond fantasy slow dance around this pole, I thought of exercising MY pole. I'd stumble to the bathroom, trying not to look anyone in the eye. HOPING, dear God I didn't see anyone I even ALMOST knew.

I mean, take a wild guess what a 19 year old, alone at a strip bar, is going to be doing rather soon. Back then, I was outgoing at most things, but not sex. I bloomed late, I guess. No regrets. I think I made up some ground, and I love the whole experience, daily. With women, without. But, back then, I could only imagine all these people watching me, and thinking of what I was going to do.

After drooling over a few chicks, I'd take a leak, then head out. My boner wagging in my pants like ....... Well, like my very thick boner wagging in my pants. Like your cock gaining 3 lbs during the last hour. I can cringe, but also laugh, when I think of my lame attempts at picking up some of the gals there. A few sat on my lap. Sometimes I'd get a nice feel. Naked breasts all over, serving drinks, dancing, sitting....

This place wasn't much on making sure guys didn't grope the help. I can only imagine the action in the darker areas of the joint. The bright lights glaring in my eyes while I watched the dancing pussies kept me from clearly seeing anything away from the stage.

So, I make my way to my car, and pull it around to the back. I always wanted to get the hell out of there when I was finished jacking off. There were times I'd not go into the video booths. Sometimes I was just too horny, and just wanted to cum, NOW! But, I usually walked in. Thankfully the machines took quarters. I could bring in loads of quarters, though I never needed all that many. I would hate to have to get tokens.

I slide in the booth. Pile up the quarters on top of the coin box. I undo my pants, and slide them down. I squeeze my pecker, and it oozes like I was peeing. Cock hard, very hard. The skin is very soft feeling. I lightly glide my hand up and down my pulsating cock. After depositing a few quarters, sometime less, sucking and fucking on the little screen, replaying the dancers moments ago, my jism would fly. A lot of times, the 1st spurt was quite powerful. I could splash it up to my face. Those were the days......

My cum spurts out in rhythmic discharges. I put another quarter in. I am in a daze. Damn!! Some of them orgasms were the overtaking-the-body type.

I wasn't into checking out other guys in these booths. I think some of the booths had holes in them. I remember seeing them, and picking one of those that didn't have holes..... that I saw, anyway. Hell, at the point of having a fucking sobering orgasm, who cares who sees? I'd sleek out as I came in. Another mission accomplished. Tomorrow's another day. I suppose I went there a couple dozen times the next couple of years. I started sharing some of my ample lust with a few women after that.

Damn!! That place shut down a few years later. Too bad. I'd like to take a sneak at some of those "amateurs" again. I stop by a couple of video stores in the area. Stroke mags mostly. I like the cute teen-types, and also plump gals. Nice contrast, huh? I like to experience the whole spectrum, I guess. I used to buy videos at these places, but now I get them online.

Well, it's time to get to the task at hand. Not in my hand yet... but soon.

Hope you enjoyed a part of my early days, gallons of cum ago.
Fantasy Man



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