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Video Voyeurism With Cousin

Posted by: Author: Age: 19 Posted on: 2 comments
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An account of me taping my cousin jerking off watching me.
Hey, I'm a 19 year old Aussie guy who just has to tell you guys and gals about an experience I had last weekend.First of all, a bit of background. My cousin Nat is 4 years younger than me, and about two years ago when I was 17 and he was 13, while we were searching the Internet, we quickly got bored of visiting all the usual sites (fav TV shows, cars sites, gaming sites, etc.). I asked him what he wanted to look at next on the Net, and he said he didn't know, so I casually let slip that when I get bored I like to go to porn sites. I wasn't sure how Nat'd take this, as despite being 13, he was fairly small and under-developed for his age, but to my great surprise his eyes lit up at the prospect, and starting egging me on to get to a porn site as quickly as possible, assuring me that he wouldn't tell anyone (his Dad's fairly strict, and sure as hell wouldn't want ol' cousin Lex showing his boy porn sites). We found a gallery of all these busty chicks in white bikinis, who were flashing and fingering and all the usual. He just sat there with a huge smile on his face, his eyes wide. I started rubbing myself through my shorts. He started giggling to himself when he saw me doing it, but continued to watch the screen as more pics loaded.After a while, it was just way too much for me. I asked if he would mind if I played with myself. He didn't really know what to say to this, and finally just muttered something like 'yeah, sure, my friend does it all the time'. So I whipped it out. I was hard as anything and immediately began stroking like crazy. Nat at first turned away and just looked at me out of the corner of his eye, trying to force himself not to smile, but eventually he just let go and stared at my cock as I stroked it good and proper. He didn't make any effort to get his out, choosing instead to just stare at mine.Two minutes later, I shot a big creamy load, and Nat's eyes bulged more than ever. Feeling incredibly guilty about jerkin' off in front of my young cousin, I immediately cleaned up and put my cock away. Nat, however, wanted to know what all the white stuff was, and seemed very excited when I told him it was cum.That was all that happened for two years until last weekend. I never knew if Nat would have been into doing anything more, and never really pressed the issue. About a year or so later, our parents were out at some Easter annual charity auction and we were home alone. The knob on the upstairs bathroom that adjoins the living area was loose, so I made the flimsy excuse that if I closed it while I was in there, I might not be able to get back out, so I took the knob off completely, leaving a big peep hole for him to look through while I showered. I never knew if he looked at me while I was in there, or whether he just kept playing the PlayStation, but last weekend when he came over again, I was ready for him. I hid our video camera on a table opposite the bathroom door, surrounding the camera with the family photo frames that littered the table. Nat had had a growth spurt over the summer and was now fairly tall, and getting really hot - he had spiked bleach blonde hair, perfect skin, and big blue eyes, as well as that devilish grin he often wore. He was a little skinny, but that only showed his abs off more whenever he came over for a swim.Then I went for my shower again, using the same flimsy excuse to remove the knob, even though it wasn't loose at all this time. I undressed nice and slow, still hearing the sounds of the PlayStation and unable to hear any movement because of the ventilation fan going above me, but I pretended that he was looking. I wasn't hard (too nervous at that time), but I was semi-hard, and so rubbed my hands up and down my cock for a bit before getting in the shower. Once in, I lathered myself all over and jerked off good, forcing myself not to come.After that, I got out of the shower and dried off, coming back into the lounge room to see Nat playing the PlayStation with his legs crossed. I told Nat that there were some fun-size Mars bars down in the downstairs cupboard, and asked him to get us a couple he did, and I immediately went and grabbed the video camera, putting in my room.At around 11:30pm, my Aunty and Uncle came to pick him up, while my parents stayed and helped clean up after the auction. Nothing much had happened between then and the shower, with Nat and I just consoling ourselves to playing the PlayStation. I raced upstairs after I heard my relatives' car zoom away and watched the recording. At first, I thought my efforts had been wasted, but I after I saw a shadow move across the knob, indicating I'd finished undressing and was then getting in the shower, my cousin started leaning forward on the lounge trying to get a closer look through the hole. After a bit, he turned the volume of the PlayStation up a bit and started moving towards the hole on his knees. His hand was firmly pressed against his crouch, and at first he was a little reluctant to look through the hole, just ducking his head down for a few seconds at a time before moving his head away, lest I catch him perving.But then ... he got it out. ;) I hadn't zoomed the camera in too far, in case he decided to just watch me and then go back to the lounge to jerk off, but I could still see his skinny, six and a half inch uncut boner sticking out for all to see. He apparently convinced himself I wouldn't see him, and so kneeling parallel with the door, leaned down to the hole to watch me shower and jerk my cock. He started jerking very slowly, his mouth open slightly, his cock head emerging from out his fore-skin with every stroke. This was enough to get me incredibly aroused, since I'd never seen an uncut cock before in real life. An old girlfriend said that uncut could come a lot quicker than cut guys because of the foreskin rubbing over the head, just like girls often rub their clit through one of their outer pussy lips.Anyway, Nat started jerking his long skinny cock hard now, lifting up his shirt to fondle his chest. After his jerking got more intense, his baggy shorts fell down around his knees and his hot little pale ass stuck out behind him. By this time, watching the recording, I had already shot one of the biggest hot creamy loads of my life all over my singlet, but I just had to keep watching for Nat to finish. I got my wish fairly quickly, and his little boy cock shot a long creamy rocked about four feet, nearly hitting the TV cabinet. He slowly got to his feet and pulled up his pants, but he didn't do up his fly, so I was able to watch his softening boy cock shrink gradually as he made his way into my sister's room to grab some tissues. Cleaning up, he put the tissues in his shorts pocket before sitting back down on the lounge, his cock hard again within moments as he began jerking again.I heard the shower stop on the recording, but still Nat kept up his jerking until another, smaller load shot out onto his chest, catching his upheld shirt a bit on the edging. He pulled out the tissues again and cleaned up before I came out, by which time he was already back to playing the PlayStation as if nothing had happened.Since that night, I've jerked off at least twice a day watching that vid. ;)



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