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Valentines Day with JJ (follow up)

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What happened the following morning...

Waking up, still topless, lying on my back, keeping my eyes closed, I started recalling what had happened the previous night. JJ's beautiful cock was fresh in my mind. Oh how I would've loved to have gone further, but I knew boundaries had to be established. I pondered if I would at least let him touch my tits. I wanted to keep our new-found handjob fun, but I didn't want to lead him on. I kept thinking about our fun, feeling my nipples harden. I ran my hands over my tits and suddenly felt a sticky feeling over my right nipple to the space between my tits. I opened my eyes to confirm what my fingers had touched...yes, cum. First, I was creeped out, but not too much, I trust JJ. This was a new thing for both of us, and I figured he'd be an eager pervert. I gave myself time to think as I played with his load on my fingers. I got horny again, being a bit proud and very turned on how obsessed he's become with my tits. I licked some of his cum off my fingers. Mmm. Then I wiped the rest off with tissues. I got out of bed wearing only boxer shorts. I went out to find him watching tv, sitting on my couch. He could barely look at me. I said, "Hey...JJ." Still couldn't look at me. So, I sat on the coffee table in front of him. "JJ, I'm not mad, don't worry." He looked up at me, glanced at my tits, then looked back up at me. I said, "You understand how this is gonna work now, right?" "How?" He asked. I told him, "I'm going to be clear...I'm willing to give you handjobs. I enjoy them, and you have a beautiful cock." He smirked at that, of course. I continued, "I feel we need some rules, though." He nodded. I stated them, "For one, you can ask for a handjob whenever, but I might say no. There will be nothing more than handjobs. I'm happy to go topless for you when it's just us hanging out. You are welcome to be naked around my apartment as well, again, if it's just us hanging out. You can freely masturbate around me, too." His face lit up a bit, and his bulge started growing. "But, JJ, seriously, if I have my bedroom door closed, please respect my privacy, and don't sneak in to leave cum on my chest." He turned red as he looked at my chest. I put my hand on his bulge, "Sound good?" He nodded, "yes." "Would you like another handjob?" "Yes." I unzipped him and started massaging his cock. I went slower this time, pulled his shorts down so I could explore all of his package. He laid back as I gave him a relaxing, erotic cock massage, lasting a good ten minutes until he erupted all over my tits. We smiled at each other and he zipped up to leave. I headed for the shower after he left and gave myself quite a rub to two satisfying orgasms. I then took a huge nap. I awoke later to him texting me a few pics of his cock and I rubbed out a couple more orgasms, in between which I sent him a pic of my hard nipples. More to share, later on.



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