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Hormones Made Me Handy

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Where were you Solo Touch when I was a co-ed? YES! I'm not the only one. This story is from my diary in my 20th summer...


Dear Diary,

My only regret about giving myself to Mark in March, besides he turned into a big jerk, is I feel hormone driven ever since. Last week I was Weepy Wendy Wench with the painters down home. This week I was climbing the walls wanting some action! But dear diary, I found a 'handy' way to satisfy my passion tonight.

By supper, I was boiling. To keep from pulling my panties firmly into my center for relief, I did myself a favor and put my blue coloutte dress on with nothing underneath. I laid on my bed sprawled in a very un-ladylike position. The center panel settled against me. My nether hair tingled. With the top three buttons open I worked my hand around my right nip. Golly they are sensitive. A few twists and I was on my way. Then! The darn door knocker shattered my soon to be sublime mood.

Don, a stocky OK but not buff friend was at the door. We were great friends, and I didn't want to risk the friendship by being frisky around him. My hormones overtook my good sense. He saw my dress open, and his eyes just couldn't stay away from my top. What's up?

He was suddenly dry mouthed, and gasped, 'What's up with you?' 'Me, you really don't want to know.' 'I do' 'I'm so horny I can't stand myself, so I was playing.' 'Need help?' 'Don, I don't want to risk what we have.' 'CeeCee, please I'm not up to being teased.' 'Sure?' 'Sure.'

I led him to my bed. 'What do you want to do?' 'I've never been this far.' 'Take your shoes and shirt off, and lay beside me.' As he was doing that I sat on the bed and whipped my left leg across it. Only a blind person would miss the beaver shot. Don wasn't blind. I saw his package grow. 'I have a better idea. Put your head by my feet as you lay down, and let's explore.'

I was in a frenzy from his steady breathing on my legs. Slowly he guided my knees up and ankles wide as he almost studied my slit. His touch was both gentle and electric. His penis was caught under his waist band, it was at least one inch longer and much thicker than any I had seen before. I cupped his package through his shorts. If possible it grew even more. His hand slowly crept up my thigh; gently with a touch so soft I had to move to make firm contact. My mind screamed,'Rub me NOW!' but he was so tentative it hurt.

To move things along, and actually see his monster I pulled his pants and briefs down past his hips. WOW! It was amazing. I grabbed, and for a second forgot my center. It was warm, hard, soft, and pulsing all at once. I scraped the mushroom at the top. 'Easy, I'm really sensitive now.' 'Ok' So I just held his shaft and let him move. 'OH!, OH! that's it slide up and down!' he found my dainty inner lips. My pulse quickened, I felt the beginnings of the release I had wanted all day. Drat, I'm so dry. 'You're right, easy.'

It was too late, I scared him. He quickly shriveled and I could feel the warmth of his embarrasement as his cheek lay on my thigh. 'I really liked that.' 'Me too.' 'Let's take a break it will come back'

We stood up and arranged our clothes. He began to spring back to life when I was squirming with horniness. I rushed to the bathroom, barely getting my stupid one piece dress down in time. I may have a small little clit, but when my piss explodes the first gush shoots straight up my slit flooding my button with warmth and dancing across its sensitive endings. I was out of control. My fingers flew up and down and around my button. The low moans of ecstacy I heard I only remotely realized were mine. As the first wave passed, another long hot gush, and another low moan, and then a third, I was spent.

As the world returned and I again caught my breath I raised my head to see Don standing in the door of the john, his soldier wilting, face as red and sweat laden as mine and ropes of cum across the floor ending at his hand circling the little man.

'Wow!' 'Yeah, WOW! I told you it would come back.' It did. Maybe, dear diary we'll be lovers some day, I really like his touch.



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