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Unintended Consequences

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I was looking through the archives of Solo Touch recently and I found several stories relating to women showing parts of their bodies in public. While reading those stories I thought, here are some women who are after my own heart. I've been doing similar things in public for probably the last five years. After reading those stories I thought that you readers as well as you exhibitionists might enjoy hearing my simple but effective procedure for letting people see and enjoy my body. I'm in good shape and I have a good figure so I don't think my body would turn anyone off if they saw a little too much of it. I'm a very light skinned Spanish woman with very dark nipples and areolas.

I live about five miles from the beach and there are lots and lots of visitors driving and biking and walking and jogging along the main road that parallels the beach. I usually do one of two things and every once in a great while I'll do both. I'll wear regular running shorts sometimes with a sheer white top. I'll leave the bra at home and proceed to jog along the main road and just enjoy the facial expressions on people who catch sight of those two very dark and very pokey nipples. The more people that I see looking at my tits the more sexually excited it makes me. By the end of one of my runs I can't wait to get to my car and masturbate right in the front seat. The other ploy I like to use to get attention is to wear a very short little white skirt that just barely covers my rear end in the back and my puss in front. I wear no panties. I jog along the main road knowing that there are people behind me who are watching my skirt flap up and down with each stride that I take.

They get a great view of my light brown and very shapely butt. Those in front of me and comming toward me get to catch quick glances of a totally hairless pussy as the front of my skirt bounces up and down with each step. Once an older lady stopped in front of me and got my attention. I stopped and she whispered to me that people could see my 'little muff' as I ran. I thanked her and said, 'I know.' she just said, 'that's cool.' Another time when I stopped a woman from behind came up next to me, she said, 'if my butt looked like yours I'd show it too.' I thanked her. Here's one of my very best encounters and one I will never forget for as long as I live.

A woman of about forty came toward me and stopped in front of me so I had to stop. True story...she said, 'I can see your pussy when you run, would you care to see my pussy?' I was taken aback but I regrouped and figured I would call her bluff. I said, 'sure.' She undid her shorts right there and then pulled them down to her knees. She then pulled down her panties exposing her equally bare pussy. I could not believe that this woman was standing on a busy jogging lane with plenty of people around with her butt and pussy on view for everyone. There's more...she looked me right in the eye as people passed us by and said loudly, 'I'll give you twenty five dollars right now if you finger it.' Again, I thought she was just making noise and would say she was only kidding. I said, 'that's a deal' and she opened her handbag and took out the money.

By now there was a small crowd that had stopped around us. She rather loudly said, 'Go on, finger me.' I heard several of the people gasp aloud and one woman said, 'Oh my god.' She was now the one attempting to call my bluff. That wasn't going to happen. I moved close to her and I held her butt with one hand while I planted a wet and fairly lengthy kiss on her lips, and rubbed the middle finger of my other hand right at the top of her slit. I pulled my head away and then leaned forward and kissed her again. At least half of the people there applauded and I heard one woman say, 'Disgusting.' She handed me the money and promptly pulled up her panties and shorts and continued on her way. By the time I got back to my car I was shaking. I couldn't believe what I had just done in public. I was also extremely excited by the thought of those people standing there looking at me fingering a womans cunt. Looking back I probably would have even put my whole hand into her slit. After calming down I enjoyed one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. I should also tell you that each time I masturbate in the car I see at least one person observing what I am doing. It just serves to further excite me.



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