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Unexpected Pleasure

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This just happened a few minutes ago and she is still here, massaging my erect cock, as I am typing this story.


Since I am a nudist, I spend all my time at home scans clothes. We have a privacy fence totally around both sides of the house and the back yard, pool, and a detached out building, which I use as my home office. This allows me to be nude in the house, around the yard, in the pool (or hot tub) and work in my office while enjoying being completely naked at all times.

Not to brag, but I have a 5 1/2 inch cock in its relaxed state, extending to a full 8 inches when erect. My ball sack hangs about 1/2 inch longer, which neatly frames my penis. As I walk my balls bounce back and forth off my legs, keeping me in a semi state of erection.

Earlier this morning I was out in the office viewing Solo Touch on my computer, when my next door neighbor walked into the office. Since I was in my birthday suit, I was shocked to see her, but since I had nothing to cover up with, I just stood up providing her a full view of myself.

Gretta is a German war bride, whose husband died a couple years ago. She is about 10 years older than my wife, but in very good shape for her age.

Gretta had on some thin long flowing dress, that was just tied at the neck. Gretta stated that she had known that we were nudist for a while, since she and Etta walked the subdivision every morning together. She also said 'we German women have to stick together and take care of our men folk, and I know that Etta is away for a few weeks.

'I came in through the north gate and knew that you would be either in the pool or in your office' 'Either way I knew I'd just drop over to help you out with any problems you might have' She then reached up and untied the neck line of her dress and let it fall, revealing that she too was totally naked. Her 45C cups were high and firm for a women of her age and topped with 1/2 inch firm nipples standing at attention. I gazed down her firm torso to observe her full but neatly trimmed bush. Protruding from the center of her bush were two dangling elongated fleshly lips.

'It looks like your peter could use a little help' As I looked down to see my erection sticking straight out from my body pointing directly at the pussy straight ahead. Walking around my desk and she grabbed me, wrapping her fingers around my rod, she lead me toward the pool. 'First we need to take care of that erection' 'The cooler water of the pool ought to take care of that just fine' She lead me into the water, as the cooler water reached my sack both it and my penis started to shrivel up. 'There you see those nuts have just retreated back up into your body and your manhood is now shriveled up into just a little nub.

She was so right, as she had just pushed my balls up inside and with her thumb she pressed my cock all the way back inside of me. 'There now you look like you have a pussy just like mine' I reached over and pulled down upon her elongated lips and dragged her into deeper water. As we started to float I pushed my middle finger between her lips as they slipped effortless into her love canal. While at the same time I lowered my head sucking on her left nipple. When I started to bite her nipple, she jabbed me just behind the scrotum and out popped my rod already partially erect. I wrapped my legs around her waist positioning my cockhead directly against her mons.

'We'll have none of that now, but just wait and I give it the best massage it'll ever have. We fooled around exploring each others sexual parts while still in the water for the next half hour. Finally she started stroking me under water until she had me back to my full 8 inch erection. When we got out of the water, we towelled each other off.

She spent much time making sure my genitals were properly dried, while also making sure that she checked out the tightness of my arse hole. I returned the favor by making sure that I properly weighed each firm breast as well as tweeking each nipple to assure its erect hardness. We adjourned to the porch swing where she proceeded in giving me the greatest hand job ever.

Starting slowly she engulfed my swollen member in her hand moving it so slowly up and down on my shaft, while also giving it a slight twist as she drew the foreskin up over my enlarged purple cockhead. Then she took two of her hands and rolled my erection back and forth as if she was trying to start a fire. Which she really was as she jerked up and down on my shaft causing my ball sack to slap loudlly against my body. I couldn't contain myself any longer, so as I announced that I was about to cum she positioned me between her breast so that when I shot my load it creamed her cleaveage and shot up as far as her chin.

'What a nice eruption your monument gave me, now lets see what I can do with all that nice sperm you've deposited on me'

She then rubbed it all over her titty mounds, licked some of it off her fingers, then she asked me to take some and lubricate her arse hole for her. Stating 'I'm wet enough in my pussy for your whole hand to invade it but while your doing that with one hand, I want you to finger my ass hole with the other hand, and your cum juice will make it easier for you finger to slip into my rear entrance. It's been so long since I have had a man finger fuck me that I need your whole hand in me up to your wrist.'

With that I laid her down and proceeded to plunge my whole left hand into her inner cavity while my right hand invaded her bum hole. Once inside both cavities I massaged her insides until she erupted into an orgasmic high.

Now that she has recovered, I told her about Solo Touch, and that I was masturbating while I read the last few days entries. She asked me to show her, so here I am writing about the experience we have just had, while she is sitting on my lap stroking my cock while in between key strokes I alternate between typing and tweeking her nipples.

HOLD it right now,........... sorry about that but she just pumped me to overflowing again. Gotta stop now to clean up.

Gretta says she'll take care of that but first I have to bring her to orgasm again and then she will write to you all about it.



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