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Anna's Send Off

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Anna gave me one hell of a send off to college.


Anna and I fucked all summer. I didn't party or socialize, I spent every free second I could buried in my old babysitter. A few days before I had to leave for college, she told me to go to an address. I arrived at a studio-looking building. I entered and went into a room that had a paper sign with my name [let's say "Greg," written on it. I opened the door to find about a dozen people sitting in a semicircle facing me. I only recognized Jenny, who blushed and whose legs crossed when she saw me (I spent quite a lot of time with her over the summer too). There were maybe five men and seven women in the circle. They were clothed, but the men had their flies down and hard cocks out, the girls were wearing paper-thin shirts and skirts with no panties.

I asked what all this was and Jenny smiled and stood up. She grabbed my crotch and whispered in my ear. "Anna and I know quite a few fetishists. You're going to fuck her in front of an audience of horny perverts." My eyes lit up--Anna and Jenny really made me kinky over the last few weeks. Jenny left the room and came back with Anna. Anna was naked except for a gift ribbon in her hair and a piece of tape over her mouth that said "Greg's parting gift." Jenny ripped off the tape and pushed Anna onto her knees in front of me. Anna looked up at me. She's a very kinky person; she had the biggest grin on her face, on her knees naked in front of a dozen people. My cock was painfully hard. I ripped off my shirt and pants and my cock sprang out and almost hit Anna in the face.

Anna didn't stroke my cock or warm up, she just dove right in. She took the length of my cock down her throat, and the crowd loved it. I could see hands slipping under skirts and precum leaking from cocks. Anna looked up at me the whole time. She started moaning and making wet spitting noises as she gave me sloppy head. After a few minutes I heard a stifled moan as one of the girls in the audience came. That turned me on so much. I turned to her and asked her if she liked it. She nodded weakly. I told her that I was just warming up and grabbed Anna's head. I pushed her down the length of my cock. She looked at me with a delighted sparkle and seemed almost disappointed that she had to come up for air, but I didn't care because the wet slobbering pop she made when my cock came out of her mouth was so hot. I saw one of the guys blow his load all over his hand. He lifted it to the girl next to him who licked it clean. She began to stroke his still hard cock with one hand and massage her clit with the other. As Anna's and my pace picked up, the blowjob got wetter. Her mascara ran and there was a pool of her drool at my feet. The crowd went wild. She took a deep breath and went as deep as she could and held herself there. She motioned for me to hold her head and I did. She began to rub her pussy. Each moan made her gag and coat my cock in even more spit. I tried to let her up for air but she wouldn't let me. She kept her face buried in my crotch until it turned purple, then pulled herself up for air. The crowd went wild. Two of the women and a man came at that moment and I was close. Her face was an absolute mess. She looked like she was in a porno. I kept fucking her throat until I could feel my balls tighten and I roared. Cum exploded into her mouth, spraying out the sides and out her nose. She swallowed what she could but much of it ran down her chin and made even more of a mess on her. The crowd cheered as I pulled out and we watched as Anna licked up all the cum. When my head cleared, I noticed the crowd was chanting something.

"Encore! "Encore!" My cock was still hard, so I figured I'd give the people what they wanted. I approached Anna and opened her legs. I used my fingers and tongue to make her scream with pleasure, much to the delight of the audience. I decide to try something I never tried before. I stuck all four fingers into her pussy and slowly buried my hand in her. I began to fist her, gently at first, but got harder. She screamed with delight and orgasm and the crowd cheered me on. Anna came again and again and again until she was a quivering mess. I pulled my fist out and let her calm down. My cock was throbbing. I went around the circle and picked a milfy redhead who was on the verge. I reached under her skirt and gently massaged her clit and she exploded. She took my cock in her mouth and blew me for a few minutes to non stop applause. She jerked me off and I came on her face. We brought Anna over to lick it up.

I had much more fun that I can't share here that day. Everyone got to cum at least five times. We closed out the night by gathering all the guys in a circle around Anna and blowing the last of our loads on her face. I left that place with the numbers and addresses of half a dozen women to visit when I get back home. Before I left, Anna made me promise to fuck as many girls as I could in college and send her pics or videos so she knows what she's missing. It's a promise I plan to keep.



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