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Unexpected Fun While Chatting Online

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Here is an unexpected sexy encounter during some online chat here on ST.


It was late on Friday night about a week ago.  My wife and I had just returned from dinner with friends and were getting ready for bed.  I knew she was very tired from a long couple of days at work and wasn’t in the mood for anything sexual.  After removing my clothes except my underwear and T-shirt I grabbed my iPad and went to my office to check some email.  I was kind of horny, so I decided to log onto Solo Touch and read some stories.  This got my juices going in no time.  A couple of minutes later I was rubbing my hard on through my underwear as I read. 

After a couple of hot stories about unexpected masturbation opportunities in public, one of my favorite topics, I decided to see who was chatting online.  I found that there was a good number of fellow ST members feeling horny that night and were chatting away. 

I was chatting with a few members I knew about how they were feeling and what they were doing at that moment.  Many said they were horny and masturbating including 2 female members (love it when females join the chat rooms).  One of the girls was telling us that she was able to make herself orgasm without manual stimulation while at work simply by shifting and contracting her legs.  She loved getting off while others were around and didn’t know.  In fact, she informed us, she was doing it right now at her desk.  What a turn on!  It was quite arousing knowing that others were feeling the same way I was.  We were all joining in the conversation, stroking away when all of a sudden, my wife walked in. 

Now, my wife knows I visit this site pretty regularly and is cool with it.  However, I didn’t know if she knew I take part in the chat rooms.  She was wearing her short pajamas and tee shirt.  It didn’t appear she was wearing underwear.  My cock jumped at the sight of her.  My wife has a long athletic body with very sensitive 34 B breasts and a perfectly shaped ass.  I get excited every time I see her naked.  She asked what I was doing as she came over to my chair.  I told her I was feeling horny and was on ST.  She noticed my hard on in my shorts and said it looked like I was enjoying it.  She sat down on my lap and took my iPad to see what I was reading.

“These don’t look like stories.”  Uh oh.

“They aren’t.  I’m chatting online with some other members.”  I hoped she wouldn’t be mad.

“Really?  I thought you only read the stories.” 

Shoot!  Is she mad?  I might have really blown it.  My hardon started to subside with my concern.

“That’s what I usually do, but sometimes I connect with other members in the chat room.”

“What are you chatting about?” she asked.

“Honestly, we are talking about masturbation.”  I took a deep breath to see how that was going to register with her.

“Really?  How many are online talking about masturbation right now?”

 She isn’t pissed?!?  She seems intrigued!!!  Now my heart was pumping faster and my hardon was coming back pressing against her ass as she sat in my lap.

“You can see here there are 6 members online right now” as I showed her the member list. 

“Wow, there are some girls too?  How many are masturbating right now?”

God this was getting interesting.  My cock was poking her hard in her ass.  I had to adjust my sitting position a little, so it was more comfortable.  I then typed into the chat line what was taking place on my end, so the others knew.  I then asked who was masturbating as my wife had instructed.  Immediately, I got a flood of answers with everyone asking if I was telling the truth, saying it was so hot and that all of them were stroking or rubbing themselves.  I was now in command of the room. 

When my wife found out everyone was masturbating, she let out a low moan.  She’s horny and wants to participate!  God, I love her.  She stood up and removed her shorts revealing that she indeed wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Her shorts had a wet patch on them from her excitement.  I then noticed that she had shaved her pussy completely, which is kind of unusual as she usually leaves a patch or strip of hair.  She looked super sexy.  I was throbbing.

When she sat back down, she did so on my leg, not my lap.  She then dropped one hand to my hard on while the other began to slowly rub her pussy.  It was so fucking hot!  I typed a play by play as to what was going on.  My fellow members couldn’t believe it and were very encouraging. 

“This is really sexy knowing these people are turned on by me and what we are doing and are getting off on it”, she said.  You could tell the confidence in her voice was increasing.

“You are one sexy girl.  It’s no wonder they so horny”.

 She then asked me to stand up and take off my underwear which I was happy to do.  As she stood, she continued to rub herself and I could see her pussy was super wet with a little juice trail running down her leg.  She also took off her shirt before she sat back down on my leg and resumed rubbing my throbbing cock.  She was using the ample amount of pre cum that I had as lube.  I told her to go slowly as I was super horny and wanted this to last a little bit.

Now the group was giving play by play how they were masturbating.  My wife become more and more horny as she read the responses of the group and the squishy noises coming from between her legs were getting louder.  One of they male members asked if she wanted to see him masturbating on camera.  I wasn’t expecting this and wasn’t sure how my wife was going to respond. 

“Is that possible?”, she asked me.

“Yeah.  Sometimes people will use a camera to show others”, I said.  “You don’t have to if you don’t want to”.

“He can’t see me, right?”

“Not unless you want him to.”  Would she want to?? 

“No, I’m not ready to do that, but let me see him.”

After a few clicks from both of us, his lower body filled the screen including his rather large hard cock with his hand sliding up and down.  My wife gasped and moaned a little at the sight. 

“God, that’s sexy as hell”, she said while jerking a little at the sight.  I could tell she was really horny and getting close.

“Can we see him cum?”

I quickly typed in her question and got an almost immediate response saying YES!  His hand started flying up and down his hard cock and then after about 30 seconds we saw him arch his back and start shooting several ropes of cum onto his chest and stomach.  It was impressive. 

Upon see that my wife moaned loudly, and started to whimper a little and said she was cumming as she arched her back and began thrusting her hips in one of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen.  It seemed to go on for several minutes.  I was capturing the event on the chat room by typing as fast as I could.  We got several responses:

“OMG that’s so fucking hot!”

“I’m cumming too!”

“I wish my wife would do that!”

In the next minute all of them announced they were cumming, including me as my wife resumed her stroking after her orgasm.  In under a minute I too shot several ropes onto her legs and my stomach.  It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life. 

After we came down from our orgasms, my wife turned and kissed me deeply.  I told her that was the hottest thing we have done in a while and that I loved her.  She stood up, grabbed her clothes and walked out the room.  I sat there covered in cum reliving what just happened. 

My online fellow members continued to chime in saying how hot that was and asked would she do it again sometime.  I said I don’t know, but if she does, I’ll let them know.  I can’t wait until our next little chat online



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