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Meet the Parents Weekend

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One hell of a weekend...


I'm already very excited and erect thinking about this... It's worth the read I think. So what we look like, hmm well I'm 5'8', brown hair and eyes and I'm a bit buff, my girlfriend is also 5'8' with blond hair and really piercing green-blue eyes, she's very athletic and so she looks quite good.

Me and my girlfriend of almost 10 months were planning this weekend for a little while now. Since we live kind of far away from my parents, she hadn't met them yet. So we headed to my parents place for the weekend. Before leaving, she had warned me that no sexual stuff would happen at my parents place because she felt guilty about it. My girlfriend is very conservative, but I've managed to get her to express herself quite a bit over the past 10 months.

The first night, after meeting my parents (it was a bit late, around 12:00AM by the time we got there), we cuddled on the couch. I saw that she was in the mood even though she didn't want to, so I teased her a bit by massaging and playing with her breasts. She really enjoys this and so do I. After a while, I could see she wanted to do something so we headed to my room (right beside my parents room). My girlfriend still isn't ready to have sex but we do masturbate each other all the time. So that night we went at it, and she enjoyed it (and came-I make sure she does every time... often multiple times). The next morning, again, she started being a bit excited, so again we went at it. So it was going very well and that next night, boy did I enjoy myself (and her too).

That night, we were both very awake since we had slept in that morning. My parents gone to bed, we went at 'it' again! My fantasy was simply to see my girlfriend masturbate herself. She had never done so.

So I start with the usual breast massage, stimulating her nipples by gently playing with them, licking and sucking them... mmmmm so good. My hand moves downwards where I remove her PJ bottoms (no panties of course). I use my finger to gently touch her clit, sometimes it needs moisture so I dip my finger in her pussy (which is always VERY wet by this time).

So I decide something different this time, instead of me moving my fingers, I stand still and wait to see what she does, suddenly, she starts gyrating her hips so that her clit is rubbing against my fingers. After 30 sec of this, I ask her if she likes this and she answers 'it's very niccccccccce' with her breathing out very profoundly. By this time, I'm at full attention! So I suggest to her that she goes on her stomach and that she humps my fingers. That didn't work for some reason, the angles were just not right. So gave up on that, and went on top and placed myself so I could give her a back massage (my PJ's were long gone by this time).

I started giving her that massage and of course my hands moved towards her breasts hanging under her and she gladly raised her body so I could reach. After a minute of this, she's really into it so I suggest that she uses her own hand to stimulate herself. At first I wasn't sure what her answer would be. She had never pleased herself in front of me (but I know she does this all the time. She told me once that she masturbated about once a day). She answered, 'I need my other hand!'

I was blocking her right hand to support myself, so I answer, 'Oh sorry' and laugh.. so I reposition myself, and her finger moves to her clit. This turns out to be the most erotic thing for me... INSTANT turn on! I can't stand it anymore so my dick is right in her butt crack, pointing towards her back, so I start to hump her crack. The feeling is intense, I have lots of precum by that time so her butt crack is quite slippery. Suddenly our movements are synchronised, we move in certain way that stimulates us both like crazy.

I ask her if she's getting close and she answers, 'Oh God yessssss', so I start to hump her like crazy. I think this is a big turn on for her too. Suddenly, she cums really hard. I can feel her hips jerk around a bit under me while I'm still humping away. I keep at it for another minute and she's done by then but is enjoying what I'm doing. Suddenly, ahhhhhhhhh, I cum all over her back and onto the sheets... wow! Incredible! After resting in that position for a few minutes, I grab some tissues and clean her up and finally fall sound asleep.

The next day, on the way back to our hometown something else happens, I might write at another time, but for now, it's jerking time...



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