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Unexpected, Beautiful Sight

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One never knows when the next beautiful sight will show up!


Ho! Ho! Guess What! Having just submitted 'Breasts Are Fascinating,' I did not expect to be submitting something again for a while! However, here it is! I made an appointment to donate blood this afternoon. No, make that yesterday afternoon, because it is after midnight now! Anyway, usually the blood bank workers all wear those blue, high-necked hospital scrub gowns. But not today (yesterday)! The young lady who asked all the questions was wearing a personal around the bust and stomach pullover. Naturally, to write on the desk, she bent over slightly and I enjoyed seeing her cleavage! I couldn't stop looking because the entire time she was asking all those questions, her lab jacket was full open and an inch of cleavage was showing! Her skin was so smooth, somewhat tanned, and with a few attractive freckles! The knit T-shirt type fabric pullover she was wearing was a light yellow, lime-green with a slightly darker lime green edge sewn on top for contrast and attractiveness. Whether there were straps over her shoulder to hold it up, I don't know because of her lab jacket, however, probably not, because she was well-stacked and her breasts were pushing against the fabric!
Pulse taken and recorded, blood pressure taken and recorded, a drop of blood dropped in to the liquid for hemoglobin test, and she told me to take the middle seat. She worked very fastidiously to get my upper arm encircled by the blood pressure cuff, then got a larger one to surround my large biceps. Then she listened with her stethoscope for my pulse and scrubbed the inside of my elbow with betadine for the longest time all the time allowing me to look down inside her pullover!!!!!! Wow! It was great to have such an unobstructed view for such a long time! Although her knit pullover was tight enough that her breasts did not flop around into view, the 3-4 inches of cleavage that did show freely was totally eye-stopping for me!
Then began the process of sticking in the needle and anchoring it. Again she seemed to be taking an extra long time with that procedure and I loved every minute of it! I never took my eyes off her cleavage! She seemed engrossed in her work and unembarrassed that I was looking so intently, so she may not have known what a beautiful view she gave me -- but then again, she may have known and that may have been why she spent so much extra time to see if she could raise a bulge in my pants, although I did not catch her looking at my crotch.
Finally, she got everything arranged, stood up, handed me the rubber ball to squeeze, and the show was over. I could have continued looking the entire time! When she came back to check on the quantity in the bag, she pulled her lab coat closer together, but left it about 8 inches open, which was enough that her cleavage was not hidden. But when the bag was full, sad to say, another tech came to unplug me and I did not get a second chance to enjoy the beautiful sight. Sigh.
I looked for her name tag so I could fantasize later, but she must have been wearing it under her lab coat. Sad to say, with all the poking around in my elbow which caused some discomfort, I did not get an erection even with the beautiful sight because I had unloaded my balls the day before and at my age, I like to give them a day in between to build up a quantity. Even if I would have had a bulge in my pants, it would not have shown because the chair was bent in the middle so my body was not lying straight and my crotch was not pushing up into full view for her.
Anyway because of the unique color, I hope I dream about her tonight! I probably won't have a wet dream because I unloaded after reading some stories after submitting my long article about breasts being fascinating. Yes, breasts hold a lot of fascination for me, ladies! Thanks for letting me look and enjoying the sights! Keep it up, whether you're a store clerk bending over to pick up a sack from under the counter or secretary hunched over a desk or a nurse drawing blood! I'd like to reach out and touch your smooth, soft, warm, pliable breasts with my hand, but don't dare. Guys, keep alert, because we never know when the next beautiful sight will come into view!



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