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First Time Massage

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My First Massage


My entire life has been spent in two cities in the middle of the U.S. For many years, there were massage parlors in the both cities that were explicitly sensual massage parlors. I was a regular customer in one city and then the other for over twenty years. Over that period of time, I had dozens and dozens of massages. Sadly, the last such parlors were shut down about ten years ago.

I spent five years in the first of these cities over thirty years ago and that is where I had my first massage. I will never forget that experience. I had heard rumors about the parlors, so I decided one day to see whether the rumors were true. I stopped by one nearby and walked in.

The parlor had an interesting setup. About one-third of the space was an open area furnished as a lounge with chairs, couches, tables and a television. The rest of the area was divided into massage rooms along a central hallway. The hallway was open to the lounge area, so that anyone sitting in that area had a view of the hallway. At the end of the hallway was a hot tub room.

That first day, there were three or four women sitting in the lounge. One was older, perhaps forty, and the others appeared to be in their early twenties. I asked about a massage and was told that I had to have a prescription. They directed me to a Chiropracter who would give me a prescription. So, I did not get a massage that day. Instead, I went and got the prescription. It turned out that they required a prescription only the first time.

I went back the next day, prescription in hand. The older lady told me that she was the boss and that she took all the first time customers. The cost was only $15 over thirty years ago. She escorted me to a massage room and told me to take off my clothes and lie face down on the massage table. Then she left the room. I was young and easily excited, so I was already getting an erection thinking about being naked with a woman I had barely met rubbing my body. I have always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, so just the idea of nudity got me excited.

I stripped naked and and got on the table. By this time, I had a full blown erection. There was a towel on the table that was somewhat larger than a hand towel. I was not sure whether I was supposed to be completely exposed to her view or not. So, even though I loved the idea of her seeing me totally nude, I covered my rear end with the towel.

She came back after a few minutes and proceeded to give me a good but fairly brief back and leg massage. All the while, my hard penis was pressing into the table. Then she asked me to turn over. I turned over, but kept my genitals covered while I did so. At that point, she asked me why I was keeping myself covered. I told her that I was having a reaction that I was not sure was appropriate. She could clearly see that I had an erection. She said: 'Oh, I've seen just about everything.' Given permission, I immediately threw the towel on the floor. I loved it. Here I was with my full blown erection completely exposed to a stranger!

She almost immediately began to stroke my penis lightly with her fingertips. This was just electric for me. Thrills went through my body and my breathing became faster. While stroking my penis, she explained the services they offered and the pricing. It turned out that they offered pretty much everything up to full service. They called their basic service a 'local.' They also offered a topless local, a nude local, a nude mutal massage with a local, and more up to full sex. There was an extra charge for the hot tub.

I asked her for a nude local, but she said that since she was the boss, she didn't do that. She said I would have to settle for a local this time. So I did. She was very good at her job. I had a fantastic orgasm. It turned out, of course, that the towel was for cleaning up.

I went back there many times in the two or three years that I remained in that city. I most often got a topless or nude local, but sometimes I paid the extra for a mutal massage or time in the hot tub. I really enjoyed seeing a new lady when I walked in the door. If there was a new lady, I always asked for her. For me, there has always been a thrill the first time I see a woman nude and the first time she sees me nude. Striping naked the first time is just more exciting for me. Also, because of the setup, with the hot tub at the end of the hall, I could walk nude to the hot tub room and back in full view of the ladies sitting in the lounge.

I have many more massage stories, so if you enjoyed this one and want me to write more, please leave some comments. I wanted to write first about my first massage, but I would also enjoy writing about the ladies I encountered over the years, the techniques they used and what I particularly enjoyed about them.

I particularly appreciated the ladies. I often told them that they were angels of mercy. It was just a real pleasure for me to see and touch so many nude young ladies over the years. And it always thrilled me when they saw and touched me. They helped me relax and relieve sexual tension. I always carried with me the knowledge that I could drive to one of the massage parlors and be naked with a lady, perhaps one I had never met before, within about ten minutes. That knowledge and the reality of doing it brightened my life.



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