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Twin Terror

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When I was about about 13 I began jerking my meat. I began to squirt loads. More and more my desires grew and I needed more aids to help me. It was a natural and obvious choice to borrow the used panties of my older twin sisters Kerri and Terri. They were kinda short and a little chubby. I had several fantasies and free peeks at their nice round plump tits. I hit my pay dirt at the age of 16. I was really into stealing and sniffing their panties and other articles of clothing. One particular day I was home alone and going thru my normal routine of sniffing and jerking. I was deep in my dream about the rounded bodies of my two red haired green eyed twin sisters when suddenly my door busted open. My heart exploded and froze. It was Kerri and Terri!! Before I could do anything they were on top of me. Kerri called me a 'nasty little bastard'. Terri kept saying 'hold him. hold him'. Both of them had me face down on the bed and were sitting on my back. I tried to fight them off but I was at a disadvantage due to their size and the fact I had my pants around my ankles. Kerri said 'Since you like our dirty drawers we will give them to you'. She pulled down her shorts and left her panties on. Then she pissed on herself. She pulled her wet panties off and pushed them in my face. Everything happened quickly. I felt my asscheeks open wide. Then one of them spat on my ass hole a few times. Their cackle like giggles filled the room. Terri said 'Let me do it'. Then she plugged a finger into my crack. It felt like a truck going into me. I could tell she was knuckle deep in my ass. Kerri reached under and grabbed my cock. She whispered 'Ohhh he is big and hard.' Terri said 'Jack him. He likes it' Kerri worked another finger into my ass as Terri furiously jerked my meat. Kerri was very gentle up my ass but she was deep in there. I felt my nuts draw up. I knew I was gonna shoot and I tried so hard to hold back. I was being humiliated enough and I figured shooting a wad would really give them a laugh. They laughed and teased me. I couldn't understand what they were saying. Suddenly I lost control. I blew my nuts. Terri let out a small screech like 'Eeeek !' Kerri then finger reamed me quickly. It made me really squirt and throb. Kerri was using my cum as extra lube and stroked faster. I couldn't take it. After I dribbled my last drop of cream Terri said 'That was nasty.' She then rubbed her cum covered hand on the side of my face. Kerri pulled her fingers out of my ass (that was actually a very awesome feeling at the time) Terri laughed and ran out of the room. Kerri took her panties off my mouth and said 'Don't you ever say a fuckin word about this or else we will do it again you little twerp'. Terri stuck her head back into my room and added 'And leave our things alone'. Well from that point on I had 'the fear' in me. I still jerked off but I used the memories of the torture they put me thru. Jerking my cock with a finger in my ass massaging my prostate became my favorite way to beat off. They are now 40 and married. I know Kerri masturbates. She has told my wife a few tricks she uses. Kerri and I almost had an erotic encounter last year when our families went on a trip to a popular theme park in California. I'll fill you guys in on that later but to get it started I'll say we were left alone at the hotel and she dropped by my room. I had a bulge in my pants and she offered to help.



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