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Helping Her Move

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I have always found the true accounts of older women and younger men arousing. This happened to me when I was 27.


I lived in apartments when I was 27 years old. I had a neighbor who was about 55 at that time. She was a single lady. She was going to move to another apartment complex and she had been packing things in boxes for several weeks. The day came when she had rented a small moving van. She had asked me if I would help her move some things to the truck and into her new apartment. I gladly told her I would.

In her bedroom, I started to lift a night stand and it was a bit heavy, so I decided to remove the two drawers in the nightstand to make it lighter to carry. When I pulled the top drawer out there was a porn magazine laying right on top! She gasped and said she was sorry, she forgot that magazine was in that drawer.

Being the naturally sexually curious male I am, I couldn't resist thumbing through the pages looking at the pictures. There were men and women doing all sorts of sexual things with each other. She kept apologizing, but I took my time looking at the pictures. I asked her if she liked these kinds of magazines and she sheepishly said it 'helped her' now and then. I knew what she meant. I told her there were times I liked to look at them too. I looked at her right in the eyes and asked her how often she got herself off looking at the magazine. She was so embarrassed. She said maybe once a week. I decided to be bold. What the Hell! I used the street term and I told her I loved to 'jack off' several times a week looking at naughty pictures. Just uttering those words started making me hard as I stood there with her at my shoulder looking at her magazine. She simply said 'you do, huh?'

My mind was racing. I was doing all this physical labor for her, she was moving and I probably wouldn't see her much anyway in the future, so I said 'this is making me really horny. Would you mind watching me jack off right now?'

By now my pants had a very large tent. It was obvious I was hard as hell. I put my hand on it and said 'it would feel so good to do it with you watching. Have you seen a man's hard dick in a while?' She admitted it had been quite some time since she had seen one. 'Ummmm. Let me jack off for you then ...' I said. I asked her if she would feel my bulge and she reached over and gripped it through my pants and told me I felt really hard. That was my invitation. I unzipped and unbuckled and pulled off my pants and underwear and let her see my full hard erection. She sat down on the side of the bed directly in front of me. It was so exciting to me to be standing in front of her, more or less naked and hard. I loved the way she stared at my dick and inspected it. I talked kind of nasty to her saying things like 'Oh fuck, I'm so hard' ...as I slipped my hand slowly up and down my hard dick. She had a smile and a look of sincere appreciation on her face which was driving me crazy.

As I slowly jacked I asked her if her pussy was getting wet. I said things like 'how would my dick feel sliding in and out of your pussy?' 'I bet you have a hot pussy ...' 'wanna finger your pussy as you watch me?' 'Oh fuck this feels good ...' as I continued to very slowly just show off my dick and barely jack it. I wanted it to last a long time.

She told me how hot it was watching me and I told her how hot it felt doing it in front of her. 'Show me your pussy. I want to look at your pussy as I do this.' 'You do, huh? Would that really excite you?' she said. I told her it would send me over the top! As she stood to get out of her pants I knew I was in heaven!

'Oh yeah, spread your legs wide open and show me your pussy' I was saying as she slid out of her jeans and underwear. My heart pounded as I saw she had a fairly full bush of hair. At first she sat there with legs spread, then leaned back on her back on the bed with knees raised and legs spread apart. Her lips were naturally parted and she had a rather large hooded clit. Her hair grew down along both sides of her lips and down around her asshole. I could have spewed cum right then but I held off jacking slowly. I told her how beautiful her pussy was and she said 'you think so?'

'Oh yes ... she's gorgeous. Pull your pussy lips apart for me ... I want to see your fuck hole ...' I was talking very nasty to her. She used two hands and spread her pussy wide open. She was all pink and wet inside and her opening was fairly large. 'Finger yourself' I told her. She began fingering her pussy with two fingers as I watched. It was SO HOT! We fell into a silence as I watched and she got more and more into it, and she watched me in between times when her eyes were closed in concentration.

Eventually, I just had to cum. I told her I was ready and to watch, and I leaned close to the bed and started shooting cum all over her pubic hair and lower stomach. She gasped and started rubbing her clit furiously and she came in a thunder of contractions and gasps.

I couldn't just dress and go back to moving furniture. She let me slide my fingers inside her and feel her inside wetness for a while. She afterwards told me that what we did was really hot for her too and she THANKED me!

I told her I would love to be a regular masturbation partner with her and she said that might be OK ... from time to time. In the following year I went to her apartment about 4 times for wild jack off sessions. Ever since then, I have found older women especially attractive.



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