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Tutoring Liz

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My parents were very good friends with another couple a few streets away, who had a daughter Liz, three years younger than me. She was the studious type, her hair permanently pulled back in a pony tail, glasses and conservative clothing. Pretty much what you might call a 'Plain Jane'. Liz had always been clever at her school subjects, but struggled somewhat with her Maths. Being an A-student myself, my parents 'volunteered' my services to help Liz with her Maths, much to my annoyance.

The first few times I went to her house after school, and we studied at the dining table whilst her mother bustled away in the kitchen. On one particular occasion however I arrived at Liz's house to find no one at home. I was about to leave and go back home when Liz came jogging up the path still dressed in her hockey gear. Her mother had to visit a sick relative and Liz had to get the bus home. I was surprised to find Liz had a great pair of smooth, silky legs under her short skirt. And the tight white sports top showed off her small but shapely breasts as she bounded up to me. Liz let us in, and I headed for the dining room. Liz had other plans and suggested we sit on the couch and spread her books on the low table and we began working.

After several minutes I set a series of questions for Liz to calculate, which gave me a chance to sit back and check Liz out. Her skirt had ridden up and her smooth tanned thighs were showing. Her short sports top showed off her midriff, and I could feel the beginnings of a boner inside my sweat pants. 'I'll have to take a shower in a while', Liz commented, 'I'm still a bit hot and sweaty'. This got my thoughts racing, imagining Liz naked in the shower. Soaping her body all over, those smooth legs and tight little titties. My boner was now at full mast and I opened a book over my lap to hide the obvious bulge there. At that point Liz turned to me saying she needed the book I had and pulled it from my lap.

'Oh my God', she said, 'Have you got a boner'? I muttered something in embarrassment as she stared at my bulge. 'I've never seen a boys boner before, can I have a look'. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I vowed her to secrecy and pulled my pants down to my ankles. 'Oh my God' she repeated, 'It's so big and hard'. I ventured further and said she could touch it if she wanted. She turned towards me and wrapped her small hand around the middle of my cock and just held it there. 'Wow, it's so warm' she said, as she began to stroke slowly up and down. 'Is this how boys jerk off'? she asked. 'Yes' I replied, 'But usually a bit faster than that'. She quickened her strokes, but being a novice her movements were awkward. 'Here, let me show you' I said as I took over from her stroking.

Liz sat on the low table in front of me and watched as I wanked my cock. I checked out her legs again as she sat with them slightly parted. 'Are you gonna shoot your spunk'? Liz asked innocently. 'Well I might do' I replied, 'But boys usually look at pictures of naked women when they jerk off, as it's more stimulating'. 'I'm not getting naked'! Liz replied indignantly, at which point I stopped stroking. 'Why have you stopped?' Liz asked. 'I can't get enough stimulation' I replied. 'Why don't you just take off your top' I asked. Liz thought about it for a moment before whipping off her sports shirt leaving her in bra and skirt. Her small titties were pressed against her sheer white sports bra, and her hard nipples were like small bullets. I continued stroking, but wanted to see how far I could go.

'It's no good' I said, 'You'll have to take your skirt off so I can see your panties'. 'I don't know about that' Liz replied, 'I'll be virtually naked'. 'Well, you've seen my cock' I said, 'And it will be as if you're at the pool in a bikini' I explained. 'OK' she said and stood and dropped her skirt to the floor. 'Wow' I said, 'You've a fantastic body' I said. Liz's panties were pulled tight against her pussy and I could make out her lips through the thin cotton. Liz sat back down on the low table, her knees outside mine as I sped up my strokes. Her legs now wide open I could see the thin gusset of her panties disappear between her butt cheeks, cupping her pussy nicely. 'Do you wanna make me cum'? I asked Liz knowing I wasn't far from ejaculation. 'Yeah ok' she giggled as she leant forward and grabbed my cock from me. 'Keep stroking up and down as I was' I said, 'And don't stop until I say so'. Liz stroked my cock up and down staring at it intensely waiting for that release of jism. I could now see down her bra and her small titties shook as she stroked me. 'I'm gonna cum now' I whispered as 3 or 4 ropes of jism shot from my cock into the air, landing on Liz's bra and stomach. 'Oh wow' she said as she continued to milk my cock, the jism now dribbling across her fingers. 'Ok you can stop now' I said, my orgasm rapidly subsiding. 'That was so cool' Liz remarked, 'Your spunk is so hot on my body'.

We quickly cleaned up and dressed ourselves just before Liz's mother came home. We had several more sessions together, including a couple of times when Liz jerked me off under the dining table whilst her mother was next door in the kitchen.



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