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Sperm Sample

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First a sample for the lab then one for my wife.


A recent posting about a couple doing a sperm sample reminded me of the time my ex-wife and I did the same. I had gone to our two story town house for lunch, and she surprised me with the whole thing. Perhaps she thought I'd be nervous or insulted, I don't know. Anyway she told me what she wanted, and I didn't see any real harm in it.

Since I had to go back to work, I wanted to keep my clothes neat so I stripped down. My then wife was standing beside me, holding the cup. She was fully dressed, as she had to get the sample to the lab within 20 minutes. I felt awkward, and asked her to bare some skin for encouragement. She resisted at first, but eventually took off her shirt and bra.

"OK, happy big boy? Now you can stare at my big tits while you stroke your meat."

"Oh yeah baby." I said. "With that kind of encouragement it won't be long."

She began rubbing my ass with one hand, while holding the cup at the end of my cock with the other. Her tits were pressed up against me. "C'mon baby, I want to see your spunk fill up this cup." Her eyes were glued to my penis while I pumped and stroked.

"I'm gonna cum!" I shouted.

"Shoot it babe. Fill it up with your hot cum." she shouted excitedly. Her eyes were glued to the tip of my prick as it pumped it's load into the sample cup. When I stopped pumping she reached out and grabbed my cock, slowly, gently squeezing every last drop into the cup. "I want every little bit of your wonderful juices!" she told me.

When she satisfied herself she'd gotten it all, she put on the lid and sat it on the counter. After putting on her bra, she picked up the cup and put it right between her tits. When she saw my questioning look she said "Well, I gotta keep it warm!" She then tossed on her shirt and ran out the door.

I cleaned up and went back to work. When I got home, I found my now ex walking around the apartment, nude. After finding out she got the sample there OK, I asked why she was naked.

"Well..." she admitted. "I got pretty horny with your warm cum between my titties. After I dropped it off I raced back here. I knew I had to do something."

"Go on" I encouraged, my cock getting stiff in my pants.

"Um, so I took off my clothes."


"And, um, well I put in a movie and played with myself."

"Oh really? How many times?"

She blushed. "Only five or six."

"Only? Damn, I only got off once."

"Hmm." she said, brushing my cock through my pants. She turned and walked to the TV. She hit play on the VCR, and instantly the screen was filled with images of naked people fucking. She turned her plump, naked body back towards me and continued "I guess you better get naked and catch up with me!"

I quickly stripped down and started towards her, thinking I was going to get to fuck her. She let me kiss her, then said "I want to watch again. I want to see you shoot like you did earlier."

I shrugged. Not pussy, but I am a bit of an exhibitionist. "OK, what did you want?"

"I want to see you shoot, like you did at lunch." She got a towel and laid it on the floor in front of the TV. "Stand here and let me watch you."

I got where she indicated, right in front of the TV. I began pumping my hard penis, while my ex stood beside me like she had in the afternoon. Only this time she was totally nude. One hand was playing with my butt and back, the other was between her legs.

We did this for several minutes, then she moved and got down on her knees beside me. Her eyes were right at dick level, legs spread wide. One hand was rubbing her clit, the other was pinching her nipples. My eyes alternated between watching the porn on TV and her fleshy body at my feet beside me.

She had selected well, one of my favorite movies was playing. It was nothing but one cum shot after another. (I seem to recall it was 1001 Cumshots or something like that).

"Did you like the movie?" I asked.

She nodded her head. "You know I did. I loved seeing all the cum fly. Now, make your cum fly for me. Let me see it shoot." She let out a squeal. "Oh yeah cum with me, tell me when you're gonna cum."

I pumped for several more minutes, watching the movie. "I'm getting close." I warned.


"Oh yeah baby. Oh SHIT here it cums!" Suddenly she reached up and grabbed my cock with the hand that had been on her tits. She began pumping it furiously, making my cum fly everywhere. At the same time her body began to shake, and I could tell she'd orgasmed as well.

Gently she rubbed and stroked my softening cock until every last drop had dribbled to the floor.



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