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I thought traveling to a funeral would be horrible. Instead I was shocked!


When my Grandpa died, I was about 15 or 16 years old. Although I had not known him well, he was my favorite, and his death hit my Dad pretty hard. Being the oldest son was always a challenge for him, and this time it was particularly challenging. My Mom stayed home to take care of my brothers and sisters, and my Dad and I started out for the 2-day drive to the funeral.

The first day's drive was rather uneventful.  We drove thru some countryside I had seen long ago, and my Dad reminisced about how things used to be.  We stopped along the way to have some lunch at a long bridge over a very deep canyon of sorts at a roadside picnic area.   My mom had made 2 sandwiches and sent along a bag of chips.   Dad ate half of his sandwich and chased most of the chips down with a beer.  He tried to get me to drink one, but I declined and offered to drive some of the way as I had my learners permit.

I almost couldn't take the constant updates of 'Back in the day...' so I tried to turn on the radio.   Nothing.  Not even a news station.   I knew then we HAD to be in the boondocks... But the roads were well maintained, and we had the windows down because of the heat.  My dad continued to drink some beers, as he was riding in the passengers seat and had left the important stuff to me.   As the sun was starting to set to the west, he mentioned there was a motel in the next town he knew about from years ago.   He just hoped it hadn't closed down.  It was about the halfway point, and I knew for one I was getting tired.

Just as he expected the motel was exactly where he thought, and had recently undergone an upgrade he said.   He mentioned it might be too expensive, but went in to check anyway. He came back in a minute or two and said he had gotten their last room. At that point, all I wanted to do was get outta the car, and even sharing a bed with my dad couldn't deter me from getting a good nights sleep.

We got to the room and it was much nicer than I had expected, and it had a balcony that joined with the next room over.   Out on the balcony was a huge hot tub, already occupied with 2 other couples.   I waved hi, and told my dad about it as he grabbed a suitcase from the trunk. 'Cool!' he said, 'Maybe we can get a chance to relax a bit later.' I nodded my head, and asked if we could get something to eat.

I don't think he heard me, as he was already getting out of his clothes and headed to the bathroom.    I looked out the window at the two restaurants across the street, and wondered if he might be interested in some fast food.  I know I sure was, the long drive had given me the grum-bellies.   Dad stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but a t-shirt on. I was dumb-struck as I stood there just staring at him, like I had never seen before. 'What did you ask?' he said. 'Food. I was wondering if we could get something to eat.'     I replied. 'Sure. Get me a crispy chicken sandwich and you get whatever you want.' With that he walked over to the bed and pulled a $20 out of his pants pocket and handed it to me.

'What!' he said... 'Never seen your old man naked before?   I sort of stood there, and mumbled ' no.'   I took the money and took off across the street.   It wasn't very often you got the "get whatever you want"  with 5 other brothers and sisters in the house.   As I placed my order, I couldn't stop thinking about my naked dad, and that huge hairy cock he had hanging between his legs. It just seemed so unreal, not like mine at all.   Like the difference between a lumberjack and a little boy...

I walked back to the room with the food and drinks in 2 bags, and kicked the door so dad could let me in.   The door flung open, and my dad was still naked from the waist down, except he had changed his sweaty shirt.  "Grab a garbage bag out of the car before you come in, we need it for dirty clothes' he growled.   Apparently he wasn't bothered by his partial nudity, and come to think about it, it wasn't bothering me too much anymore either.  I got into the room and it was obvious my dad had been doing something, as his cock was now semi-hard, and the tip was sticking out the end of his foreskin dripping pre-cum.

"What did you get two drinks for?" he asked.   "I have beer...' And with that he cracked open a fresh one and sat in the easy chair beside the bed. The only other place to sit was across from him on a folding chair, using the bed as a table of sorts.   Every bite of my burger led my eyes to his cock, it just hung there probably 6-7 inches, soft, with a big veiny foreskin covering less and less of the head.   It kind of bobbed up and down as he ate, and I could tell he knew I was staring at it.  I gobbled my burger and fries down, and chased it with a milkshake.  I was kind of full already when I started to drink his coke, but I would be able to sip on that all evening, if I could stay awake.

'Go get your swim trunks on' he yelled as I was off to the bathroom to take a leak.   'All I have are denim shorts. I don't have anything for swimwear' I yelled back thru the closed door.   Finally some quiet time, I thought as I stripped off my sweaty clothes. I looked in the mirror at my puny little cock, it was almost as long as my dad's, but not hairy. I was circumcised and he wasn't, and I think that made it look smaller or possibly less masculine. Oh well, it is what it is I said to myself, and gave it a couple tugs before I got into my shorts.

I had my shorts around my ankles and my hand on my dick, as the door thrust open with my dad poking his head in to say "Can't leave that alone, can you!  I wondered how long it would take for you to start to rub one out. If you hadn't come back with the food so fast, I would have rubbed one out too!" he exclaimed as he grabbed his cock and thrust it into the door opening, pulling the skin way back and exposing the head, as well as three inches of cock behind the head.   It was almost like an animal cock, with most of it hidden behind a veiny foreskin. I started to get hard as he stroked it a couple times and then told me to hurry up so we can get into the hot tub.

I came out of the bathroom with just my shorts on, and my dad still had nothing but a long t-shirt on. 'Is that what you are gonna wear in the hot tub?' I asked. 'Yup' he replied as he pushed me out on to the balcony. 'Nobody else has any clothes on except you...' he noted as I turned around and saw that the same 4 people were still in the tub, only this time all of them were stark naked with drinks and beers in their hands.   Again I stood there, dumbfounded, just staring at the two naked women in the tub, sitting next to their husbands.   The women were totally exposed from their waists up, boobs hanging out and bubbles being created by the jets so you couldn't see anything else.

"You can get in with the shorts on" one of the ladies said, "but you won't have them on when you get out!'   With that they proceeded to sit me down between the two women, their husbands on either side of them.   My dad sat across from everyone, there was still room for 2 more people in the tub, and that allowed him to sit back, relax and stretch out a bit.   They talked for what seemed like hours, asking me a question once in a while. I nodded my head, agreeing with most of everything they said, trying to be polite and not let anyone see I was almost embarrassed to be in a tub full of naked adults.

Soon the topic moved to sex, as the men in the tub (except for me) had erections that were starting to show up through the surface of the water. Mine was in my shorts, and it was starting to become very uncomfortable from a pain standpoint, and I think one of the women must have noticed that.   She said something to me I didn't quite understand, pulling me up to my feet by my arm.   The other woman started to take off my shorts, and when my boner popped out they both gasped at how hard it had become.   I quickly sat back down, embarrassed to show mine in the company of more mature people. They giggled, and both of them started to feel my legs under the water, which actually felt quite nice.

"You may need to show him how to do it' my dad said. 'I am not sure if he knows how...' and with that one lady grabbed my boner and started stroking slowly as the other fondled my balls.   'He is doing just fine' one said as the other took my hand and put it on her boob so I could feel her nipple.   My other hand fell into the lap of the woman on the other side, and I didn't really know what to think, as there was no hair between her legs. This got me right to the edge of cumming, and I didn't know what to do.

The men had started stroking their own cocks while they watched me squirm and shake, I came with such force that the cum sprayed out of the water and landed a foot or two in front of me. I couldn't control myself, and they kept jerking and tugging on my junk as it sprayed the last dribbles into the water. I almost slid off the seat as I stiffened up and tried to stand, I knew that was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced, and I was spent and needed to get out before I drowned!

'Go ahead, go get dried of and into bed. I will be there soon'  my dad said with a grin on his face. 'But bring some more beers out first' he hollered as I grabbed my trunks and tried to squeeze the water out of them.   I could hear them giggling and talking about me as I came back out, wrapped in a towel with a 6-pack in my hand. The women both winked at me as I turned around to head back into the room, and then I too had a grin on my face, as I knew this memorable moment would have to live in the file full of memories for the rest of my life.   I turned to look out onto the balcony one last time, and saw both women sucking on their husbands cocks, with my dad patiently jerking his cock while he watched. My own cock tingled, and I knew I needed sleep...

More in part 2



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