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Traveling With Dad - Part 2

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I turned back to look one last time, and things started to tingle all over again...


I was standing by the window to the balcony, behind the curtain with the lights out in the room. No one could see me, but yet I had a complete view of what was happening in the hot tub. I went to hang up my shorts to dry in the bathroom, and walked naked back to the window, my dad was sitting on the edge of the tub now, jerking for all he was worth. Beer in one hand, cock in the other...

The two ladies has now been bent over the edge of the pool, they were kissing each other as their husbands plowed deep into them from behind. I was mesmerized at the size of my dad's cock, I had hoped that mine would someday grow to be that large. I still didn't quite understand why I was circumcised and he wasn't. I had though it was some sort of genetic thing that was passed down to your offspring, but apparently not. Now that his cock head was exposed, I could get a much better look at it, there was 4-5 inches now exposed from under the foreskin and it appeared the foreskin had disappeared somehow. I still didn't understand it.

I reached down to grab my own cock and realized it was already rock-hard, I hoped no one could see me standing there in the dark, frantically beating off to the scene out on the balcony. I was tired as hell, but yet couldn't close my eyes to the actions just a couple feet away from me. I knew it was not gonna take a lot of time for me to cum, so I had better slow down and enjoy what I was watching, I thought I might never get a chance to witness things like this ever again.

I looked back out and just when I thought things could not get more erotic, I was amazed yet again. The two gentlemen were each sucking on a cock in a threesome! My dad was getting his cock sucked by a total stranger, and the two ladies were still kissing each other but furiously masturbating under the water. I thought I was gonna blow my load, so I stopped for a second. While I was trying to edge a bit, they all swapped positions, and I saw my dad swallow another guys cock while he furiously pumped his cock. He choked a bit as he shouted 'I'm gonna CUM!' and with that he jerked his cock a couple slow strokes and shot sperm over everyone.

The ladies masturbating on the other side of the pool sat there wide-eyed and I could see them both stiffen up as they fingered each other to a huge climax. Their husbands sat back on the edge of the pool and jerked their cocks and I began to resume pumping my own. Just as they started to cum on their wives, I came all over the glass door, spray after spray until my knees got rubbery and I almost fell down.

I quickly thought what was I gonna do now! I couldn't wipe it off, as they would see me for sure, so I quickly and quietly closed the curtain and slipped off to bed. I heard them laughing and giggling again, along with the clinking of glasses. I thought it might be a while before they were finished out there, and I had better get some sleep. After all I had plenty of visions in my head to dream about...

The next day had the potential to be even more interesting as we reached our destination...



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