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Tom's Full of Surprises!

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This is my story so far - and it's true.


Tom was more of an acquaintance than a close friend. We both attended a youth club and during a rather boring night our conversation opened up new horizons for me at least. We were much the same, slim but developing build and height, 6ft or so, he was dark, enjoyed getting tanned as soon as the sun appeared, I was fairer with blond streaks of hair. Tom and I attended the same school and at 16 we were looking forward to leaving next term.

Having absconded from a lack-lustre game of footie, we found ourselves talking about anything and everything in a quiet part of the club cloakroom. Girls, football and sex dominated our conversations. Somehow we seemed to agree that our unspent energy as a result of the 'crap soccer' needed to be used up and it soon became clear that Tom wanted to do something I found tempting, exciting and unexpectedly irresistible.

It was nearly dark and within ten minutes we had walked to a nearby field and whether it was shyness or embarrassment, we found ourselves several feet apart not yet looking at one another, but both of us having slid open our zips and got our cocks out. I heard him pissing whilst I was already very excited and hard as hell. I turned round to see him splashing against a tree, the faint moonlight highlighting the source his ever growing cock looking thick and huge. Tom already had his entire right hand over it and still his knob stuck out; he was slowly rubbing it up and down. After only a few minutes my excitement overcame me and out of control, I shot my load into the darkness. He had no idea I had been drained and with the urge now waning I felt I'd let him down. Tom didn't query my diminished urgency and with me now looking on he seemed to relish this by rubbing his monster cock faster and faster, I knew from his breathing and sighs that any moment he would have another great orgasm.

Two days later I admitted 'premature ejaculation'. He laughed saying 'we all have that', and then related his recent encounter with a girl that we both fancied, but obviously he'd got there first. I plucked up courage to suggest we meet again in more comfortable surroundings.

And so it was two weeks later he appeared at my house looking incredibly desirable with a tight T-shirt and well cut jeans hugging his lithe figure. A gap between the shirt and jeans revealed a tempting line of dark hair rising like a ladder towards his stomach. In no time, our urgency overcame us as he ripped off my clothes, touching and caressing me everywhere. He gasped as he grabbed my engorged cock and heavy balls. I made short work of removing his jeans rubbing his amazing cock, now with foreskin drawn back revealing a fine, perfectly formed head. Meanwhile my slightly smaller cut cock was responding well, too well, to his tongue!

I found myself lying on the bed with Tom astride my torso, my hands running up and down his legs, grabbing his balls and running my hands through his thick dark pubic hair. 'Touch my nipples' he demanded. As I did so, I felt these hard dark brown bullets were already showing the onset of manhood being surrounded by soft black hairs. Within minutes, with him pumping his monster rod and arching his back to point his swollen knob downwards, I knew he was about to deliver an explosive orgasm over me. With the last of many shots now soaking my chest and belly, he immediately wrapped a cum-soaked hand around my cock and made short work of uniting my cum with his. Finally, he sunk his whole body on to me making a sandwich filling of hot warm semen between us. For the first and only time in my life I was locked in a passionate embrace with a man. My hands were all over his head, hair, neck, back and backside reaching as far as I could excitedly feeling his hard hairy thighs. Changing places he reciprocated as our half hard cocks and hairy balls touched every sensitive part of each others bodies, our pubes blending together giving both of us yet another new, incredible sensation. The magical minutes blended into an hour by which time we were repeating our incredible act of ecstasy, this time with me on top.

Tom and I did not meet again after that memorable day. We drifted apart when school finished a few weeks later and didn't see each other for eight years.

Back home for a weekend in 2007, my girlfriend and I were having a drink in a local pub when Tom walked in with a stunning girl on his arm. It was if we'd never been apart. We talked for hours. He looked even fitter now; his well-toned body had matured into manhood. I could only speculate on what he looked like now under those well fitting designer clothes and how his 'ladder' had extended to cover his chest. Glancing at the dark shadow beneath his white shirt those hard nipples were now well covered.

The girls went off to the loo. We watched them in silence; maybe, like me he was contemplating his next shag that night.

He turned to me and grinned 'Still wanking?' he asked winking.

'You bet' I replied 'You?'

'More than ever' he quipped.

Perhaps it was my imagination but I thought I saw a quiver down in his prominent crotch bulge. The girls, giggling, returned and our thoughts moved to other, current priorities.

But that's not quite the end of this story. Exactly a month later, my girlfriend came home from the college where she teaches art. She and a few students had been trawling websites for some 'tasteful' photos of nude models to draw before being given a 'live' man and women to pose before them. Needless to say, a search had revealed 'other' sites and guess what - they'd looked at them.

'Look what we found. I'm sure this is your friend Tom who we met in that pub' she exclaimed showing me this image on her laptop. 'He's certainly a big boy!'

I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't need to look twice. I instantly recognised his body before looking at his face and yes, that dark hair had extended across his chest.

'It certainly looks like him,' I said, not wanting to seem sure too quickly.

Maybe I'll give him a ring soon; the conversation and his reaction to me knowing about his pose might be quite interesting - who knows, perhaps there's another surprise waiting!



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