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Hungary for More

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Hope you all enjoy this story! I had fun writing it up for you all! Leave COMMENTS if you want more...


Last summer before I started college I went to a youth leadership conference in New York City (I am form Rhode Island). The conference was hosted at Columbia University, and during the 2-week conference we stayed in Columbia's dorm rooms. There were about 100 people at this conference all together, about half male and half female and though most were from the US, about 20 came from other countries. Basically we just did different things relating to international relations and politics and activities and what not.

Anyways, we were randomly assigned roommates for our stay. My roommate was another guy my same age (18) from Hungary (the country in eastern Europe) named Kardos. Though he was Hungarian he went to an American school there so he spoke English pretty well an was going to go to college in the US the following fall. I first met him when I arrived to drop my stuff off in the dorm. He had gotten there a little before and was just reading a magazine when I walked in. We introduced ourselves and immediately hit it off really well. We found that both of us wanted to major in International Relations in college and we had a lot of other similar interests, like we both played soccer. I talked to him about what Hungary was like and we talked about the conference we were at, etc... for about hour. It was clear that we would be good friends for the next couple of weeks. Finally it was time to go to dinner and then to the orientation presentation, so we left our dorm. We talked for the rest of the night and met some cool people while we were out that were also at the conference. Kardos had never seen Times Square before, so me and him and a couple of other people at the conference took the subway to go see it. We just walked around Times Square for an hour or so before returning to our dorms around 1:00AM. Kardos and I were both pretty tired so we both got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and stripped down to my boxers and undershirt, which I always sleep in, and got in bed.

I should mention at this point that Kardos is very good looking. It is clear just from meeting him that he has a good build and an absolutely beautiful face. He has nice smooth features, a really cute smile, and shaggy, sand-colored hair. After he had quickly gotten ready for bed, he stripped down to his boxer briefs. He had strong, muscular legs and a smooth, not overly muscular six pack with a good amount of hair, especially his really thick happy trail. His body was god-like. The best part, of course, was the bulge in his tight boxer briefs. Because there was not much light on it was hard to see the details of his penis under his boxer briefs, but it was clear that he was pretty well equipped. I noticed on the waist band of his boxer briefs that they were Calvin Klein.

'You guys got Calvin Klein over in Hungary?' I asked him.

'Not exactly,' he replied as he grinned, 'but when I was in the US last summer traveling with my family I bought a pair and they were the most comfortable things I had ever put on, so now I just order them from on the internet in Hungary.'

As he was still standing up he cupped his crotch in his hand and moved around his baggage down there a little, which got me a little excited. 'Soooo comfortable down there,' he said and grinned with his cute smile again.

He slipped under his sheets (it was summer and was it was fairly hot out so we both slept under just one sheet over us), and we turned out the lights and went to sleep.

The next morning the sun beamed through our dorm room window onto my bed at about 6:45AM, which woke me up. I knew I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep with that sun even though we did not have to be ready until 10:30AM that morning, and I couldn't readjust the shade on the window since it was right about Kardos's bed, and I would have woken him up. Since there was ample light, however, I rolled over and looked at Kardos in his bed next to mine. He was still asleep, and must have been rolling around a lot in the night because his sheet had rolled onto the floor and he lay there on top of his bed naked except for his boxer briefs. And Kardos had some clear morning wood. His boxer briefs were pretty tight and so his clearly large, hard cock was angled down towards his left leg with the head pressing up firmly against the material. He was laying on his back as he slowly and steadily breathed as he slept. I just watched for about 15 minutes, until finally he moved a little and stuck his hands down his boxer briefs. As far as I could tell he was still asleep but from what it looked like he was massaging his balls and cupping his balls and dick and whatever.

At this point I was already quite excited and my own cock was rock hard in my boxers (I was laying on my side so that I could see him and this also ensured that if he woke up he wouldn't see my hard-on). I started playing with my own cock and balls as I watched Kardos in total delight. After a little longer he took his hand out and again I could see the outline of his dick and ball sack against the material - imaging this whole time what it actually looked like. Soon he stopped his light snoring and mellow breathing and I could tell he had woken up though his eyes we not yet open. He again stuck his hand down his boxer briefs and was again playing around with his package. I could tell he was awake because at one point he quickly and groggily opened his eyes before immediately closing them again.

After another minute or so of this he took out his hand again and immediately used both hands to pull down his boxer briefs and exposed his amazing penis and big balls. Using his legs he pushed his boxer briefs to his ankles and his cock was just pointing straight up. It was uncut, about 6.5 inches long, and had a good girth to it, though he only had a little foreskin. His balls hung low between his legs and were fairly hairy and a little darker than his cock. Though I had barely been touching my cock at this point I started to leak a little precum at this sight. My eyes were locked on his cock. He then took his hand and started to rub his cock very slowly around the head, his balls ever so slightly slapping against his legs.

He was still lying on his back, but he soon opened his eyes. I quickly shut mine and pretended to be sleeping so he would not catch me watching him. I listened to the steady rhythm of his balls slap gently on his hairy legs and listened to his intensifying breathing. After about a minute I could not stand not seeing him any longer and so I opened my eyes hoping he had closed his again. But when I looked he was staring straight at me. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw me, and he turned red, knowing there was nothing he could do to cover himself up as he lay buck naked on a bed without any sheets. He swore something in Hungarian.

'Don't worry about it man,' I said, 'we all do it. Even here in the US.' We both laughed.

'Sorry,' he replied in his Hungarian accent, still a little embarrassed, 'I just do this all the time at home in the morning in bed but when I'm home there is no one else in my room. I just forgot I was with someone else because I was still kind of sleepy. I will stop now though, don't worry.'

His dick was getting a little soft and started to bob up and down between his legs. The foreskin pulling over his penis head a little more as it did.

'No, no, no' I quickly said in reply, 'you don't need to stop. I do the same thing practically every day, and I've done it with friends occasionally too. It's totally fine.'

He looked a little less ashamed but still started to get up to put back on his boxer briefs. 'Well,' he said, 'I'll just stop anyways. Its kind of weird now.'

'No, no,' I said, 'I know how much it sucks to get halfway though a good session and not cum.'

He had pulled his boxer briefs back up over his semi-hard cock at this point.

'What does 'cum' mean?' Kardos asked.

'You know, like, at the end, when the stuff comes out... we technically call it ejaculation here' I said.

'Ohhh,' he said and smiled as he realized what I was talking about, 'we call it ejaculacio or kitores.'

It was strange but it was clear that we both really enjoyed talking about this guy stuff. Also, his cock was clearly at full mast again at this point.

'I'll jack off if you jack off,' I said. I don't think he knew what 'jack off' meat but he understood. He thought about it for a minute and then agreed to it.

I threw my sheet off of me, and then tore off my boxers to reveal my 5 inch, cut cock and also fairly low balls. I rolled up my shirt and laid there with my cock in the air. He sat and just soaked in the sight of my cock for a second or two and then lay back down himself and pushed his boxers back down to his ankles, again exposing his beautiful cock.

We both watched each other from our separate beds as we both began dry rubbing our dicks (I had a little precum to use as some lubricant). We weren't doing anything special, just rubbing our penises up and down with one hand and occasionally playing with our balls in the other.

'I have to confess I woke up about an hour ago and have been watching you the entire time,' I told him.

'You fucker,' he joked and we both laughed a little, 'and yes, fuck is a universal word.'

We both jacked for about 15 minutes, watching each other's cocks the entire time , as we talked intensively about other masturbating experiences we had had with other friends, how often we usually jacked off, etc... I taught him all the American slang for masturbation and sex and penis words and he taught me a couple in Hungarian. Finally we both began jacking faster, and he began to heavily breath and give deep 'ooooohhh, ahhhh' sounds every once in a while. We were silent for a minute or so as we rubbed our dicks.

'Now, now, now' he said, as his face tweaked into that beautiful orgasmic pleasure face. He let go of his dick and intensely rubbed his balls as six long ropes of cum came flying out onto his hairy stomach. He continued to groan and then watched as all of the sudden I too started to breath deeply, as seeing him cum had put me over the edge.

'Here it comes' I sighed as I had the most intense orgasm of my life. Hot ropes of cum kept coming and cumming and covered my cock and balls and stomach in warm cum. We both sat for a couple seconds in total bliss, our penises bobbing up and down as cum drooled off their heads.

Kardos dipped his little finger lightly in his cum and then touched it to his tongue and smiled.

'You ever taste it?' he asked, smiling.

I admitted that I had not done so before, so he encouraged me to try. I dipped my finger into the cum still covering my cock head and lightly pressed it against my lips and smiled. We lay on our beds, our cocks slowly softening, and talked about how we needed to do this again soon. We got up to go shower in the bathroom (each room had its own bathroom), and after we had each showered it was only 8:45 or so. He convinced me that it would be fun to stay naked in our dorm until we had to leave for breakfast, so we did.

And we also had some more very fun masturbation stories in the following 2 weeks, but those are for another time!



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