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Todd's First Time

Posted by: Age: both 16 at the time Posted on: 1 comments
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A wrestle becomes arousing


I was 16 and had met Todd whilst on holiday with my parents. He had mentioned he knew a great place to go swimming to escape from the adults.
It was a secluded river and the canopy of trees hung over offering a dappled sunlight. In places the river was deep enough to swim and dive under and we spent a while enjoying the refreshing cold water.

There was a sandy bank where we sat and chatted as the warm sun and cool breeze began to dry our bodies. Todd had mentioned he done wrestling and I asked him to show me a few moves which he was happy to do.

He demonstrated a few holds but it quickly turned into both of us rolling around on the sand.

I managed to pin Todd on his back for a moment and our groins pressed together. I became aware of something firm pressing against me and knew exactly what it was.

I began to grind my hips against him feeling my own prick quickly stiffen at the pleasurable sensation.

Todd managed to role me over and now it was he who rubbed against my crutch as I struggled and we both laughed.

We tumbled around some more and again I got Todd on his back more by fluke more than by design. Our stiff throbbing cocks were separated by just two thin damp layers of cotton as our bulges rubbed together, his hips rising and falling as I pressed and rode against him, our arms flaying around as we each tried to grapple the other.

Suddenly there was an intense look on Todd's face which I recognised instantly. Our breathing was laboured and shallow and I could see a look of panic in Todd's eyes.

Shit no! he cried out as he tried to push me off but I had a good hold and was not about to let him go that easy.

Todd's eyes opened wide and he gasped as his body tensed. I felt a warm sensation as he quivered and than his body went limp.

Shit I am so sorry, he said looking at me with his big eyes

What? I smiled looking down to see where his spunk had filtered through his shorts and had left a residue over my own shorts.

You must have needed that I said with a grin.

That has never happened before Todd added looking somewhat shocked.

You mind if I bust a load? I asked.

Err sure go for it.

I pulled my shorts down exposing my erect penis and saw him look directly at it as I began to stroke right there in front of him. I knew it would not take long having been so worked up and with the palm of my hand I scooped up some of his jizz from his shorts and used it as lube. It quickly began to create a white froth on my shaft and within moments I shot my own load all over the sand under Todd's watchful eyes.

Damn you needed that too Todd remarked with an amazed look on his face

Have you ever done that in front of another guy before? Todd asked curiously

Sure loads of times, you?

No never Todd replied before quickly adding but it felt pretty good

Good enough to do again sometime? I asked

Sure Todd answered with a beaming grin



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