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Toby's Audition

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This is a fantasy of mine, since some mainstream movies are showing dicks onscreen. I wonder how far an audition can go to get the casting information they need. For this story, five women involved in casting a major film are interviewing guys, and I'm one of them.

 ---------------"Thank you for that reading, Toby. You did see the notice that there is nudity in this film? The part we are considering you for requires the actor to be fully nude, with your penis in several shots. Are you willing to be naked and show your penis?"


 "Uh, yes ma'am. I've done several projects with nudity, and I'm not afraid to show my penis."



 "I'm glad to hear that. Can you show us?"



 "Um, you mean, right here? Just ......" 



"Toby, if you are not shy about nudity, we need to know. This is a high-budget film, and we can't waste time trying to convince our actors to undress. The director is looking for very specific attributes in a penis .......  we need to see yours, please."



 "Well, um, alright ..........I guess my shoes can ........ I'll just put my pants and shirt right here, and ...........then, the underwear ........... how's that? Can you see everything? "



 "Thank you, Toby. Eva, what do you think? The requirements say 'circumcised', and he's obviously got very little foreskin. What's your opinion?"



 "Hmm, I'm just wondering if it's long enough, They definitely want it to bounce in that one scene. Can you jump up and down, please, Toby?"



 "Uh, you mean, like this?"



 "Ah, yes, very nice ......... it's really flopping around. I like how his balls bounce, too. Do you think it's big enough? I can't really tell."



 "Well, the director did say at least eight inches ....... Toby, can you get your penis hard, please?"



 "What? You mean, you want me to ...play with myself? In front of all of you? What kind of movie is this?"



 "The director wants to make a very honest and unapologetic film about sexual relationships, so obviously we are going to show dicks. Without telling you the whole scene, Toby, you are spied on by several girls, and they are all impressed by your manhood. They see your erect penis and become very horny. We have to know if your penis is at least 8 inches when erect. It's kind of hard to tell right now." 



"Oh, sorry ... it definitely gets bigger. You really want me to ......... I mean ...... I should just ... jerk off as all of you watch?"



 "Whatever it takes, Toby. We need  to see your erection. Can you get it hard for us?"



 "Just like that? ......... Maybe if one of you wanted to help ........... I mean, there are five of you wanting to see my dick ......." 



"Ha! I'm not touching that thing! Anyone else want to try? ..... No.........? We're just professionals here collecting information. It looks like you're on your own, Toby. You can start any time." 



"So ...... maybe like this ....... I hope you don't mind, I like playing with my balls. I think I'll get hard quicker if I do this .........." 



"Oh, yes, it's starting to stretch out. It's definitely getting thicker. Keep stroking, Toby ....... you're getting there. Get it all the way hard, please" 



"Ah, uunnnnhhhgg, .......ahhh, aahhhh ...... there ...... how's that?"



 "Thank you, Toby. That looks pretty long. Jenny, will you measure him, please? Toby, are you fully hard? It seems to be drooping a bit." 



"Uh, well, pretty much. Maybe it points up a little when I'm real excited. I usually get a little harder when I'm being sucked. If Jenny ............" 



"I'm just measuring it! I'm not putting that thing in my mouth! OK, it looks like it's seven and three-quarters." 



"Pretty impressive, Toby. If we don't find a true eight-incher, maybe we'll consider you. Oh, one more thing ...........the director wants to show an ejaculation in another scene, and he wants a large penis that can squirt pretty far. Do you normally shoot several feet?"



 "You mean, how far do I cum? You really want to know? I'm showing you my hard dick to all you ladies, and everything, and now you want to see me cum? I think I'm done with this audition."



 "Alright, Toby, I respect your limits. You should know, however, that the director is willing to pay five times the normal day-rate, due to the sensitive nature of the scene. We are looking for an actor who has the ability to shoot his semen at least two feet, and farther would be a plus. What are your ejaculations like? Are you interested?" 



"So, you mean, you want me to ..........I should just ... jerk off right here and all of you watch me cum? Can't I just tell you how far it usually squirts?"



 "Well, Toby, it would be nice to believe you, but you know how some men exaggerate. We need to see for ourselves, and report what we observe to the director. We've had several young men who were interested......... maybe you didn't notice the drying streaks on the floor; Jenny missed a few spots."



 "That's not fair! I was doing the best I could! That one guy ........ he was just squirting everywhere! I couldn't find all his cum!"



 "Alright, Jenny, calm down .......... you're doing a fine job. Toby, are you willing? We need to move on to the next actor."



 "Um, I guess ........... so I just .......... .like this ........... and you want it to just squirt right here ............. and maybe .................... ohh, this is getting ............ oh wow, this is kind of weird and exciting, having all of you watch. I'm kind of feeling ............ ohhh, maybe if I squeeze my balls ............ aahhh, I think I'm getting ................. oohhh, oohhhhh ........ oh, wow ............ ahh, ahhh, Aaahhhhhh!!!!"



 "Oh, goodness, look at it go! That is a nice one!" 



"He's squirting so much! The other guys didn't squirt that much."



"And he almost hit the table! Jenny, you'll have to check way up here when you're mopping up. That's a lot of cum."



 "Are you done, Toby? It looks like you have quite powerful ejaculations. Can you do that every time? You'd better measure it now, Jenny. That was a very impressive display; I'm sure the director could use that."



 "I, uhh .......... I just need to stand here for a minute ...... or sit down. Do you have a tissue, or something?"



 "Oh, Jenny can get you that after she measures how far you came. Well, Jenny?" 



"Three and a half feet! He might have shot some farther, but they're just little drops.  Most of the big streaks are in the two-foot range." 



"Very nice, Toby. Now, get him a tissue so he can clean that thing off and put his clothes back on. Thank you so much for coming in today, Toby, and thank you for cumming. We will be in touch."------------------------------




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