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The Old Barn Swing

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An unmatched masturbation experience
There are some things that we have tucked away in the back of our minds that are memories of totally insignificant events that we can remember as though they happened just yesterday. Most of these memories are very pleasant and fun to remember. I have a memory of one such event that happened to me many years ago, but I can still remember it as clear as though it happened yesterday. I was twelve or thirteen at the time. I arrived home from school with no homework that day and nothing to do. It was a bright, sunny, hot spring day. My brother was still at school for practice. Mom was at work. I was home alone with nothing to do. Having spent the day with my friends at school I felt lonely. My fun was over for the day and I was a little depressed. When I got home I didn't even change my clothes as I usually do. I dropped my books on my desk and changed my shoes to my tennis shoes. It was hot in the house just as it was outside. I went outside and walked around our farm looking for something to do and someplace cooler to do something. I walked into the barn and sat down on the old rope swing that hung from the rafters of the barn. The barn was always cooler than it was anyplace else. The cooler air in the barn felt really good, I thought, as I closed the barn door behind me. The swing in our barn was an old rope swing that hung from the rafters in the center of the barn. The seat was an old worn wooden notched piece of wood. The rafters were probably thirty feet or so from the barn floor. When you got the swing going really good you could swing really high off the barn floor. Bored and dejected I began to swing very slowly. The cool air flowing past me felt really good. I began to swing faster and felt the cool air much stronger. The more I swung, the more I felt the cool barn air on my body and the better I felt. I started thinking about a conversation about boys that I had with some of my girlfriends at school. I was getting that feeling in my crotch; that tingling feeling that beckons my hand. I was still wearing my dress from school and my panties. Absent-mindedly I slipped my left hand down between my thighs as I spread my legs slightly and held onto the swing rope with my right hand. I rubbed myself through the smooth thin nylon covering of my panties. My crotch was becoming sensitive and my rubbing was making it feel very good. My thoughts of the conversation about boys were fading and being replaced with thoughts of one special boy. The more I thought of him the better my rubbing felt. I slowed the swing down and stopped it. Hiking my dress up around my waist I slipped my panties down my legs and off my feet. As I sat back down on the swing the old rough wooden seat came in contact with my bare butt. The contrast in feeling of my smooth skin on the rough wooden seat excited me. Stepping backwards a couple of steps and lifting my feet I began to swing again. My dress was bunched up around my waist and I was naked from my waist down. I pumped the swing up pretty high. The cool air rushing between my thighs felt wonderful. I spread my thighs as wide as I possibly could to feel the cool air rushing against my crotch. I was at the age that I was maturing. My hormone level was growing rapidly with every passing day. My breasts were developing. My imagination was working overtime, thinking about boys all the time. My crotch was just beginning to produce a thick tuft of very fine red hair. As I swung I carefully unbuttoned the front of my dress, pulling it open, leaving my small braless breasts sticking out front. The cool air on my naked breasts and between my legs felt very exhilarating. I was feeling very sexy and very naughty. My nipples were swelling from the air, cooling them. My crotch was getting that tingling feeling in it. I swung like that for a while then I decided to really do it right. I slowed the swing to a stop and jumped off. I walked over to the door and peeked out between the boards of the barn door to make sure that I was totally alone. I was, so I took my shoes off and let my dress slide off my shoulders. I slid it down over my hips onto the floor and stepped out of my dress. There I stood, completely naked in the barn. This made me feel wonderfully wicked and naughty. Mom had instilled in me that being clothed at all times, except when absolutely necessary to be unclothed, was the way a lady behaved. Modesty prevailed at all times in my life. Here I was, not in the bathroom or my bedroom, but in the barn, totally naked. My Mom would have had a cow had she known what I was doing. I sat back down on the wooden seat of the old rope swing and began to swing again. The rough wood of the seat felt very exciting on my bare butt and made me feel very daring and wicked. The cool air flowing over my now almost naked body made me feel very sexy. I spread my knees apart as far as they would go, and slid forward on the swing seat as far as I could, to get as much of the cool fresh air as possible against my crotch. I felt very risqué. I was becoming excited as I swung and I was swinging higher and higher pumping the swing harder and harder. The feeling between my thighs was growing more and more intense. I reached the point at which the swing begins to take your breath away and makes your stomach flutter each time that it changes directions. I gripped the left hand rope of the swing very tightly and wrapped my right arm around the rope on my right side. I slid my right hand between my legs. Gently I rubbed myself as I had so many times, laying in bed at night. Slowly I spread my lips and opened myself for what I was about to do. My middle finger instinctively crept into my open slit as it moved up and down. I found my clitoris and I began to rub it very gently. I increased the movements of my hand to match the rhythm of the swing and felt my clitoris begin to swell. My skin began to tingle all over and every part of my body became very sensitive. My breathing was getting faster. All the time that I was masturbating myself I was continuing to swing as high and fast as I could. I slid my middle finger down over my clitoris between my lips and found that lovely sopping wet entrance to my pleasure. Slowly, I began to insert the tip of my finger into my vagina while continuing to keep pressure against my clitoris with the heel of my hand. My finger felt very large as it entered my tight little vagina. I massaged my clitoris with the heel of my hand while sliding my finger in and out of myself. That wonderful feeling began to overtake me once again and my orgasm began to explode between my legs. My vagina felt filled with my finger sliding in and out of it as it began to spasm. My muscles began to tighten. I closed my eyes and rubbed my clitoris faster while pressing my finger into the entrance to my vagina. All the while I continued pumping the swing. I was still swinging very high. Each time the swing changed directions my stomach fluttered. I felt inside as I did when riding on a roller coaster at the amusement park. My orgasm became stronger and stronger. I stiffened as my orgasm grew. My vaginal muscles clamped tight around my fingertip, inside my vagina. My anal muscles contracted and my legs stiffened. My heart was pounding and my head was spinning. My stomach fluttered from my orgasm and the changing direction of the swing. The action of the swing was intensifying my orgasm. I had a death grip on the swing ropes, a natural reaction to the fact that I could fall off. Finally my orgasm subsided and my release hit. I relaxed and felt that wonderful feeling that comes after an orgasm. As my muscles relaxed, I felt like a rag doll but it was a good feeling. It was one of the strongest orgasms that I had ever had. As the swing slowed I folded my legs up under it, allowing the swing to stop swinging on its own. The swing eventually came to a halt. After getting off the swing I gathered up my clothes and climbed up to the upper hayloft and lay in the hay. I laid there in the hay thinking about all that had happened that day. I felt completely satisfied. I dozed a little and just enjoyed the cool air and the feeling of contentment. From that day on, the swing and I became very good friends.



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