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Time after Time

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I cannot remember when I first started masturbating, but it was in my teens. Just playing with myself, nothing unusual until a couple of months after my 16th birthday when I was going to a male friend's house for exam revision. I caught him with his dick in his hand! I was curious and asked to touch it, and wanked him. Afterwards he touched and felt inside my knickers. We had several more experiences like this, one watching each other, and one me wanking him and him fingering me. It was very innocent really. I never wanted to sleep around and didn't lose my virginity till I had my first boyfriend, but masturbating was different. I remember once I was with another male friend and we were watching each other masturbate, he was about to cum when I surprised him by touching his dick with my foot. Whenever I saw him around college or in town after that I would tease him by sliding my feet in and out of my shoes or dangling them or whatever.

When I was 17 I was at a friend's house and we were talking about sex and stuff. We were talking about our vaginas, she was worried that she was abnormal. We ended up sitting on her bed with just panties and T shirts on. I showed her my pussy and let her touch it to prove it was the same as hers, she had no need to worry. I told about what I had done with boys and she was excited, and started to touch me. Before long my knickers were off and she was playing with my pussy as we chatted. After I came I told her it was her turn and pulled her knickers off. I described what it would be like if I was a boy touching her as I played with her. We giggled after we came, and carried on.

I had several more experiences like this with both male and female friends. One time several friends and I all took our clothes off and masturbated in front of each other. Another time me and two friends (one male, one female) played strip poker with an added rule, after taking all your clothes off you were still in the game, the next time you lost a round you had to wank. I was the first to lose this way and made myself come, then the other girl did. Our male friend was the winner, but we made him get his cock out and wank over us.

When I was 19 I went to Uni. I was sharing a house with a boy and another girl. I once went into his bedroom and caught him looking at a girlie magazine. I laughed and stuffed my hand down his trousers. I pulled his dick out and wanked him off, then let him finger me and I showed him how to make a girl come. We continued to wank together from time to time, including one time when he caught me wanking in the bath and I wanked him with my foot!

I never thought of my female housemate as a wanking partner until one time we had come back from clubbing and she was saying how she wished she didn't have to make herself come. I slid my hand inside her trousers. She flinched and stated that she was not gay or bi. I replied that neither was I. Soon her trousers and knickers were around her knees, and I was fingering her and rubbing her clit. She came and did the same for me. We would have a number of experiences, usually coming back from a night out and talking about boys as we wanked each other. Once or twice our male friend joined in.

Like I said earlier, I didn't sleep about, although I had several masturbation experiences with male friends, and sometimes female ones. One time I ended up masturbating a friend for a dare, then she played with me. Her boyfriend caught us and I wanked him off. As a girl studying a male dominated course, I wasn't above acting girlie to get the guys to help-sometimes this led to masturbation when they came to my place or I went to theirs.

I'm busy working in the real world now, but still love masturbating, either by myself, or with other people.




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