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First Time Getting Off So Dirty In a While

Posted by: Age: 46 Posted on: 14 comments
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It's been a long year, and I haven't been treating myself right all the time, including not enough time spent taking care of my sexual needs.  Haven't been around here at all in months and months! But recently I gave myself a really good time.


I've been in the mood lately for the first time in a while.  I've been downloading some new porn and using a dildo and my vibrator for the first time in months.  I've been getting off--I don't really go more than a week or so without masturbating--but it's been fingers only, mostly just rubbing my clit and muttering all the filthy things that get my cunt wet and fantasizing about the dirtiest things I can, guaranteed to get me off pretty quick.

But the last couple weekends, I've taken my time a bit, gotten myself really horny and wet and ready before I make myself come.  I'm living with one of my oldest friends, known her since I was 19 and she was 15.  Her boyfriend stays over a lot.  The last couple weekends, I've been keeping a dildo up my pussy for hours, watching porn and fingering my clit and then walking around the house and doing chores.  I've been talking to my roommate and her boyfriend with my cunt stuffed full of a thick dildo, feeling it rub against my g spot and push deeper into me as I putter around the kitchen chatting to them about our plans for the day,  It's so hot to think about what they would think of me if they knew, how filthy they would think I am. 

Today, I put a small plug up my ass--first time I've played with my ass in ages.  I had a dildo in my pussy for a while, too.  I was watching porn and keeping my holes filled with something hard I could clench and rock on while I fingered my clit.  And I cleaned the kitchen and talked to my roommate for about half an hour feeling my holes get fucked every time I moved.  My cunt was so wet I was almost worried she'd smell it on me. 

But then I decided to go out for a little thrift store shopping, and it was too uncomfortable to keep the dildo in my cunt for so long.  It felt so wrong when I pulled it out--I just want to feel full of cock these days--but then I put on my tight red lace panties and  pulled them up tight into my ass crack and my pussy slit.  It wasn't the same as having my pussy filled, but it felt really good pressing against my hole and my clit when I bent over or sat down, and it was pulled tight up against the plug, keeping it hard up my asshole when I moved. 

I pulled on a pair of jeans, tight enough to add to the pressure on my pussy and ass, and I put on one of my bras with holes cut out for my hard nipples to push through.  I went to the thrift store like that.  I felt almost like I could have made myself come while I was driving.  The angle I was sitting at in the driver's seat made the panties rub against my clit over and over, and if I had just rocked into it deliberately, I know I could have come in no time.  But too dangerous!  So I just let myself get more turned on until my whole cunt was throbbing by the time I pulled into the parking lot.

I walked around the thrift store for 30 minutes or so, occasionally letting myself bend over to look at some knick knack on a lower shelf and feeling the panties rub and pull tight over my clit and the plug in my ass.  I was so wet I wondered how long it would take me to soak through my jeans so people could see a big wet spot over my cunt when I bent over.

Finally I was so turned on I just needed to get home and get off, so I left, letting myself think about all the people in line and in the parking lot, what they would do if they could see my nipples and my soaking wet pussy with red lace panties pulled up hard into it.  I'd bend over in the parking lot and let everyone see the plug in my ass, and I'd reach back and pull it out, then fuck my asshole with it over and over while I fingered my clit and came yelling and moaning there in the middle of the parking lot for everyone to see.  I thought about that as I walked to my car, and all the way home as I rocked and moaned and let the panties rub my clit and the plug press into my asshole over and over.

When I get home, my roommate and her boyfriend were gone, so I threw some porn up on the living room tv, pulled off my jeans and my t shirt, and let myself masturbate right there in front of the living room window.  I was so turned on, and my cunt was so hot and wet, and I grabbed a dildo from my room so I could fuck both my holes.  I turned my back to the window, put one leg up on the couch, and spread my cunt and ass at the window.  I shoved the dildo in my cunt, letting myself scream loud at the feeling of my pussy finally getting filled with cock again.  I grabbed the plug and immediately started fucking it in and out of my asshole, loving the feeling of the largest part of the bulb popping in and out of my tight hole.  I was moaning loud, yelping every once in a while when I'd shove the dildo in extra hard at the same time as the plug popped into my ass, and I knew I was going to come right away.  I just let myself go with it, fucking my pussy and my ass, moaning and shouting and calling myself a dirty filthy girl, a dirty girl who loves getting fucked, who loves feeling my tight wet cunt stretch around a hard cock, whose hungry hot little asshole loves getting pounded by a thick rod of cock, taking it over and over so hard and deep until I finally started coming.  I moaned and wailed and fucked my holes through it, feeling them clench and spasm around the hard dicks making me take it.  When I was almost done, I pulled the dildo out of my pussy and fell back on the couch, leaving the plug up my ass and clenching my asshole hard around it when I started fingering my clit.  I fingered myself hard and fast until I started coming again, my pussy clenching on nothing but my asshole spasming like crazy around the plug, and even more hot wetness gushing out of my hole and running down my ass crack.  I rubbed my clit and shoved my fingers in my pussy hole over and over, making myself come and come until I was exhausted and my cunt was hot and wet and used. 

I pulled the plug out of my ass and just let myself lay there on the couch.  The curtains were still open and anyone who came to the door would see me, but I was too spent to worry about it.  My cunt kept clenching and spasming, and my asshole would always spasm right after, like they were still looking for cock even though I was exhausted and sleepy and done.  Finally, I cleaned up and took a nap!  Best orgasm I've had in months!



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