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Tickle Games With Sis, Part 2

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Continued from Sep 11


As I recall, after a few years of playing games with my younger sister Maryann, I finally got up the courage to tickle Sis's little pussy with my finger to try to make her cum and got to see her naked pussy for the first time. While rubbing Sis's pussy with my finger, I got so horny that I pulled my pajamas down and put Sis's hand on my cock and moved it up and down until I had an explosive cum. It was Sis's first handjob and my first from a girl and someone besides myself. I knew it startled Sis when I came because she let go of my dick like a hot poker when it started shooting cum. Sis didn't say anything about what we did, but I was nervous all day and night thinking she might tell our parents on me.

The next morning Mom was on the phone and Sis and I were in the next room watching TV. Sis started asking what the white stuff was that came out and why did it happen. I just said, 'just some stuff that comes out and when it comes out it feels good'. I was afraid Mom would hear and I put my finger to my lips and motioned to her to before Mom heard her.

My little sister must have been thinking about the morning before, because the next thing she did was spelled, t-i-c-k-l-e-m-e. Not understanding, I said 'what'. Again my shy little sister spelled t-i-c-k-l-e-m-e, with an emphasis on the last e. Then I got it! I asked, 'when?'. Sis said, 'now'. My little sister wanted me to tickle her pussy again, and she must have really liked it because she wanted it now! At that moment my mind started racing.

My cute little sister was laying across from me on the couch wearing a pair of red short shorts and a white t-shirt. Sis had blonde hair, blue eyes and was slender and petite. Sis was only starting to develop and so far only had cute tiny bumps of nipples for tits, but she had a really nice shapely little butt, slim waist and long slender legs. My horny little sister looking cute and sexy was asking me to masturbate her again, which immediately made me horny as hell and was my dream come true. I knew at that moment that I had no reason to be nervous that she would squeal on me anymore. I also knew that we were going to have a lot of fun with each other.

I really wanted to touch Sis again and there was no way that I was going to miss this opportunity, but Mom was home and I didn't want us to get caught. I said, 'ok c'mon' and got up off the couch and motioned for Sis to follow me to my room. I sat Sis next to me on the end of my bed and positioned myself so I could see down the hall if Mom was coming. Sis didn't seem nervous at all and if she was she was too horny to care. I unzipped Sis's shorts and slid them and her panties down at the same time. The sight of Mariann's little pink pussy, almost hairless except for a hint of blonde hairs made my hard-on jump. My heart was beating hard and my mouth was dry as I put my hand between Sis's legs. Sis spread her legs a little to give me better access. I slipped my middle finger between Mariann's small pink slit and was pleased to find her pussy a little wet.

I found Sis's little button and slowly started to massage her clit, circling my finger around the little folds in her soft warm pussy. I glanced up at Sis's face and I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing. I asked Sis, 'does this feel good?' and she answered 'ah huh' and swallowed. I told Sis, 'I'm doing this for you,but you owe me a tickle too, ok'. Sis immediately responded with a sweet, 'ok'. At the sound of this, my hard-on jumped in my pants and I felt some pre-cum squirt into my underwear. I continued rubbing Sis's clit while watching down the hall for signs of Mom. I dipped my finger lower into Sis's pussy and applied the slightest bit of pressure to see if it would go in, but Sis responded with an 'Ow'. I immediately stopped, wanting this to feel as good as possible for Sis and wanting to make sure she would want more. I brought my finger back to Sis's tiny but hard clit and felt her quiver as I started rubbing it again.

I kept this up for a few minutes wishing the whole time that I could take my dick out and have Mariann do me at the same time. Finally I felt Sis's legs quiver and although I wasn't sure, she might have come. I asked Sis, 'did it feel good all at once yet?'. Sis said, 'yes', but I still wasn't sure whether Sis came or not. I was getting nervous and really horny so I told Sis, 'ok, all done'.

I took my shirt out of my pants to conceal my raging hard-on and immediately went to the basement while Mom was still on the phone. I got a pair of Mariann's used panties from the laundry and found a hiding spot in the basement and jerked off into Sis's panties. I was so horned up that it only took me a few minutes to shoot my load into the crotch of Sis's panties. I went back upstairs and started watching TV with Sis wondering when we were going to get an opportunity to play again. I jerked off about 4 more times that day into the same panties while thinking about Sis's little pussy and our new game.

Well the next time Sis and I got the opportunity to play came very soon, but that's another story.



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