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Movie Night

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Up until a few months ago, my youth pastor would have a movie night at her house, and a couple of girls and me would show up to snack and watch a movie. There was a big L-shaped couch that we would all sprawl out on, because usually only three to four people showed up. There was this girl who was fairly short, black hair, who I had fantasized about for a year or so, who would lay down on the leg of the L and I would put a big pillow on her and lay down with my head on the pillow with my hands crossed above my head. The first couple of movie nights I would flirt a little bit, putting my hands in her way and she would move them and at some point my hands were resting on her breast, which I didn't really realise and I just let my hand kind of hang and sway above it just lightly brushing against it. She didn't seem to mind, or even realise, it, and I didn't either, until I noticed a slight bump in the way of my fingers, and as I got a little braver, I began to feel this 'bump' and realised it was her nipple poking through her bra. Thus the routine began, I would lay down, with my hands above my head and as I 'watched' the movie I began to caress and massage her breasts while pinching and twirling my fingers around her erect nipples.

This went on for a couple of weeks and then one night we had like seven people show up and I was disappointed to say the least because we would not get to have our little fun. Well I ended up on the floor and she was sitting right behind me, and I began to play with her feet, massaging them and running my fingers up and down her soft legs. Her friend sitting next to her got up to use the bathroom and I seized the moment to steal her spot on the couch. It just so happens that I was on the end of the couch and that she had a blanket on her and so I just started rubbing around her waist under the blanket, circling my finger around her belly button and then slowing making my way down to her top button of her jeans. I stopped there, wondering what to do next, and decided to start off on the outside as I slid my fingers over her zipper and onto her thigh. I rubbbed her thigh as she started to fidget a bit and she ever so slightly spread her legs so that my hand had more freedom. I began slowly running my hand over the top of her pussy, I knew I was right on top of it, because of the heat that was coming through her jeans. I continued to rub her for a while and then I decided to go a little further. I moved back up to her zipper which I ever so carefully unzipped and slipped my fingers inside feeling her silky panties. I undid her button and began to work my way down to her pussy, rubbing in small cirlces. She then spread her legs a little more and began to breathe a little heavier. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and then slipped them aside and rubbed her hairless cunt. She was very wet by this time and I had a pillow on my lap hiding my huge erection. I ever so slowly slipped my middle finger into her wet pussy, when she gave a slight muffled groan/cough and I knew that I had better stop. I was a little scared that I went too far and so I took my hand away and put it on top of the pillow on my lap.

The movie ended a few minutes later and it just so happened that you know who needed a ride home. I was obliged and on the way to her house, she suggested we stop at the beach and watch the stars. I was all for it and we pulled up to the beach and turned the car off and sat there for a few seconds. I was looking out of the window at the stars when I felt her small hand on my thigh. I looked over at her and she looked directly into my eyes and told me that she wanted to return the favor. I just smiled and put my seat back and laid back. She slowly undid my zipper and pulled out my hardening cock. Now, I am about average size, eight inches, and already I was at least six and by the time she started to move her hand up and down, I was rock solid. She had the tiniest hands I have ever seen and she couldn't even get them round my cock. She began to jerk me off as I played with her breasts. This was the first time a girl had ever touched my cock and I could not hold off for very long and in about two minutes I was ready to explode. She knew it and began to pump faster and faster. I arched my back and exploded, cum hitting the roof of my car. She looked at me and smiled, as she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked my cum off her fingers and then she proceeded to clean the top of my car with her tongue.

I then drove her home and I got out and walked her towards her house. We stopped just before the stairs up to her house and she pulled me aside, out of view of the window, and grabbed my dick through my jeans and kissed me and said goodnight and said that she would see me the following week. I kissed her back, and reached around her, ran my fingers down her ass crack and gave her pussy one last rub and then slapped her ass as she ran toward the stairs.

I went home and jacked off to what had happened, and continue to jack off to this very day.



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