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Three Weeks Into College

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I love to masturbate morning, noon, and night - almost literally. Seems I have enjoyed cumming two or three times a day since I was able to ejaculate at all. But I never enjoyed sneaking around about it.

I'm just a regular white guy. five-foot-ten, not heavy, not thin, not particularly athletic, but might pass for a tennis player if you don't look too closely. I keep my curly dark brown hair short, and shave about every 5 days, so I generally have just a very thin beard. My roommate, Jason, is black, but not extremely black, sort of like our President. His hair is just a bit longer than mine, no beard, about 6' 0" but thin as a rail. He has a particularly winning smile. I have noticed that he seems to spend an inordinate amount of time leaning in doorways talking with various girls, as if he knew them for years, but most he met just minutes ago. Oddly, I have never yet seen him go farther with any of these girls than these casual conversations. Three weeks into college (eventually to become an electrical engineer), I was still sneaking a wank under the covers while my roommate slept, or in a toilet stall in the bathroom, or when I knew my roommate would be in class. Finally, I had enough. I started by talking with him about masturbation, like, "We all do it, right?" I brought it up casually a few times during the next few days, and he was receptive - conversationally. In other words, he was like, "Yes, I do it too, OCCASIONALLY." Like most red-blooded American males, he wasn't about to admit that he masturbates as often as he can. I was able to slowly bring him out with more detail. Turns out, we both enjoy edging - which is staying just on the downhill side of cumming as long as possible. With good edging, you can even have ejaculatory contractions, without actually having any sperm come out. And you can do it again and again. The mood isn't wrecked by having a full-blown orgasm. I told him so, and he agreed, even admitting that he can sometimes do that, too. That was the opening I needed. I asked whether he would be bothered if he came back from class one day, and discovered me edging in the room. He said no. So I planned to do just that. The thought of it made me very nervous and horny, all at the same time. The next day, when I knew he'd be coming back from class in about ten minutes, I purposely took off all my clothes, set myself down on top of the bed, and started out edging. I actually had trouble maintaining an erection, but kept resolutely at it. And at it. After a few minutes, I was fully hard, and had to start concentrating on real edging. I couldn't get too close, and actually ejaculate before he arrived. Turns out, he was late that day. i ended up coming and cleaned up before he arrived. One of the nifty things about edging is that you can't always control it perfectly. He had no idea why I was sort of mad at him the rest of the day. The next day, I tried the same thing. Less nervous, but still a bit 'concerned.' I wanted to be caught by Jase, yet I was also somehow afraid of being caught. Then the door popped open, and there he was. And there I was, wanking away on my bed. But, there was a huge problem. He wasn't alone. There was a beautiful, short, and moderately curvy brunette girl with him, wearing glasses and a classic fuzzy blue preppy sweater. She saw me. Saw me good. There was no hiding. There was no assuming maybe I was too much in the shadows or anything. She saw me under the full fluorescent lighting of the dorm room. All five-foot-ten of me, laid out on my bed, with a super-hard erection in hand, complete with a glistening drip of pre-come on the tip. . . . to be continued.



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