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This Morning's Shower Shenanigans

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I'm sorry it has been so long since I've posted but things have been busy. Hopefully we will be posting more soon, but I couldn't resist posting this story now. 

Kristine (Shygirlsbabe) and I had a very important meeting this morning so we got up early in order to get ready and look our best. 

I had just got started washing myself off in the shower when Kristine asked if I minded if she joined me, to which I replied, "Sure." After I washed I told her I needed to shave and started lathering my mound. 

Kristine said, "Important meetings like this always make me horny and watching you shower has got me really worked up."

I gave her a cheeky smile and said, "Well, lean back and enjoy the show, babe."

She leaned back against the shower wall as I reached for the razor. When I turned back around she was tweaking her delectable nipples between her fingers. This sight sent a jolt all the way down my spine to the tip of my clit as I let out a small moan. 

I looked at her and said, "If you keep that up it's going to be very hard to concentrate on what I'm doing and I may end up cutting myself."

She looked up at me, stuck her tongue out with a devilish smile and said, "Well what's going to happen if I do this?" as she ran the fingers of her right hand down her stomach, before sliding 2 fingers between her labia and letting out a moan as she thrusts her hips forward. 

"Girl, you are going to be the death of me," I respond with a chuckle. "I need to get this done so I can join you!"

"I have an even better idea," she says. "Take your time so I can finish and then I can watch you as I shower and shave."

So I slowly shave as she is getting closer and closer to orgasm. Every once in a while I slowly tease her (and myself) by stopping and running a finger or 2 up and down my slit or circling my clit. 

Just as I tell her she better hurry because I am finishing up, her fingers start furiously working on her clit and her legs tense up as she lets out the most beautiful moan I have ever heard as her orgasm rips through her. 

I hang up the razor and rinse off before I turn around, kiss her passionately, and say, "my turn."

Needless to say I had an amazing orgasm watching her wash that beautiful body of hers and shave her delicious pussy.

When she finishes rinsing she kisses me delicately and says, "To be continued when we get home..."



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