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My Rabbit Treats Me Soooo Well!

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My first adventure with my rabbit.


A few months after I began masturbating, Katie gave me one of my best friends, my rabbit. When I first saw him (Yes, I consider my rabbit to be a guy) I was a tiny bit intimidated. But I still wanted to use him. As Katie had done on the few previous occasions where she would show me a way to make myself cum, she had me get on the bed. But this time she had me get completely nude. I was still pretty shy being undressed with her but I did it. I did ask her if I could keep my thong on. I had learned to love touching my toys to my clit through my thong before I put the toy into me. 

Once on the bed, Katie grabbed her rabbit and told me to copy her exactly. The first thing we did was touch the tip of our rabbits to a nipple. I'd never done that before. I wish I had because it was sooooo good! Pulsating waves coursed through my chest. My nipple started getting hard too. I didn't realize at first but I was moaning loud. Katie looked at me and suggested I lower my moaning some.

After we spent time on our nipples we moved down our bodies. Katie touched her rabbit to the area between her pussy and her ass. I did the same and I squealed! I almost came. Katie asked if I loved that. I replied, "Oh God yes!!!" About three minutes of that and I needed it inside of me. Katie looked at me and said, "Not yet. Remember to give your clit a little attention through your thong first." 

I turned him to high and touched my clit. Immediately, my orgasm overwhelmed me. I was screaming as my body bucked on the bed. Katie held me with one arm as she held my rabbit to my clit. Once it ended Katie said it was time to put him inside me. 

Having my rabbit inside me for the first time was so intense. Having him inside me, vibrating on high, pulsating waves of blissful ecstacy all the way to my core, is way to good to put into words. The combination of being inside my pussy and touching my clit was too great! I don't even remember how many times I orgasmed that evening. I do remember Katie covering me up after we finished and kissing me on my forehead. 

Let's fast-forward a year. At this point I'm well experienced in being pleasured, both by my toys and by my boyfriend. We hadn't had sex yet then, but we had done so much. It didn't take long for me to become addicted, or even obsessed, with giving my boyfriend handjobs and blowjobs. I knew I would soon feel the need for sex but I knew I needed to wait for love. A friend suggested I keep my fun restricted to Skype. We kept our fun to Skype, for the most part at least. There was only one problem. How could I feel him or have his cum in my mouth? We did have some fun together in person. 

There is one thing that I have always loved doing when my rabbit pleases me. Not too many people know this but I love to talk dirty. I cum so hard when I do!! I know talking dirty isn't lady-like, but sex to me is about love, passion, and raw emotions. When my rabbit is in me I pretend he's my boyfriend or the person I have a secret crush on. I say things like "Oh fuck!" or "Fuck me harder!" or "Cum so fucking hard into me!"

There is so much more to say but I want to keep you wanting more. That's the fun part of sex, giving a person enough to cum then leave them wanting more and. As far as stories go, I'm far from being done. There are plenty more to come (or should that be cum?).



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