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This is By Far My 'Dirtiest' Technique.

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This is my dirtiest technique. It involves two bodily functions, so if that sort of thing offends you, best to stop reading now, and move on with peace. 


Option 1.

I wear something light. A cotton summer dress and panties....always panties. I go for a walk, usually on a beach or on the South Downs. I take water with me, of course, plenty of water. As I walk, I allow my mind to explore anything that comes my way. A couple, walking towards me hand in hand. Have they just fucked in a forest nearby? Did he bend her forward and take her from behind? Maybe even anally? I stare at her, looking for signs of sex. A flushed neck? A fresh love bite...anything. I walk past fields and watch rams mounting ewes if it's the right part of the year, or stallions mounting mares. I may even see two cats or two dogs humping. Anything sexual works. As I walk, I drink. 

Soon, I begin to feel it....that pressure in my bladder that is oh, so similar to the build up of an orgasm. I remember being finger fucked hard....very hard once, and the feeling that I was about to piss but instead this glorious orgasm swept over me. I resis the urge and walk on further. There's a styl coming up about half a mile away, I'd like to make it to that. 

I do. But I am also now bursting to pee, and bursting to cum as well. Most times, I squat, but sometimes, I will stand, cunt thrust forward and legs spread. This is what I do today. Unashamedly, I let myself pee my panties. Some runs down my leg, but in this mood, it only adds to the horniness. I control my flow, sometimes even stopping although that can be sweet agony. Once I'm finished, I jam a hand into the waistband. I know it won't take long and I cum into the already soaked material. 

Finally, I take my panties off, and leave them on the style. 


Option 2 (NOT for the faint hearted)

I walk through my beloved fields. Again dressed in something light. Today it's a short skirt. The shorter the better, but no panties or bra today. I am carrying a small bag as I usually do. It contains the usual girl stuff....tampons....two panty liners.....a few bits of make up, keys, phone and moisturised wipes. 

I am thinking of one thing in particular as I walk. Anal. Being fingered up the arse, or, better still, fucked up the arse. There is something so dirty about it so disgusting, and I realise that part of the disgust is how good it feels. Oh, it's not everyone's cup,of tea. Even some men won't do it because they think it makes them gay to like fucking anyone up the arse. Girls tend not to do it (at first anyway) because they deny how good it feels to stroke your bum hole. Or even finger it while masturbating. It shouldn't feel nice.....but oh.....it so does. We avoid the act of anal itself because we think it will hurt, ignoring the fact that even if it does, the pain can be erotic in and of itself. 

So, I walk, I'm thinking of my own anal experiences. That very first time he penetrated me fully....how stretched I felt...but holy fuck.....my cunt! I have never known it wetter! His penis in my arse made my cunny literally flood with wetness. I remember pressing back against him wanting him fully up my arse....I remember his orgasm...how he seemed to swell inside me impossibly large and then, the pulses as he ejaculated up my arse. I remember my orgasm as my arse clamped around his cock.....th sheer hugeness of the cum! 

I'm in the forest now, far off the footpaths, crunching through the undergrowth, looking for that special place. Finally, I discover it. A tiny space with a mossy, grassy floor, dappled light from overhead, and the smell or the forest floor all around..

I lean back against a tree and undo my skirt. I don't want it marked by the forest, or what I a, about to do, so I hang it from a branch,,.then I pause....oh, what the fuck....I take my top off too. I'm naked, among nature and ready to commune with her. 

I close my eyes and begin to masturbate. I'm already wet with anticipation, partly at masturbating outside, and partly because I know what I am about to do. I let my mind conjure a fantasy. Sometimes it's a mere memory....but not today. Today it's a fantasy. I imagine him finding me there alone. Wordlessly, he runs his hands over my body, exploring myfirm, indeed hard titties, their piercings, my sparse public hair, and the wetness below. He rubs my clit, arousing me further, then, he bids me kneel on all fours. In reality as well as in imagination, I comply. I feel his cock against my bumhole. In reality, I am pushing....pushing and feeling my bum hole stretch to allow the passing of what must inevitably emerge. The stretching continues and the feeling is identical to his cock. My right hand is not supporting me, it's between my legs on my clit. 

As I feel myself stretched to the limit as I evacuate myself, my mind imagines that cock, deep inside and squirting. I try to time my orgasm to happen while i, still stretched to the full.  As I cum, my mind drifts from the fantasy to the dirty reality...of how it would look should I be discovered.....back and forth my mind drifts between the two, reality and fantasy seem to merge into one.

Finished, in both senses of the word, I clean up and dress again. I miss anal......when I'm ready for sexual contact from others again, I must remember how much I enjoy it, and how much I need not deny myself for fear of the opinion of others. 



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