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Things I Learned at Camp

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This is the first part in my story of self-discovery. Some of my actions might seem disgusting to some readers, and I invite them to shut the hell up and keep their comments to themselves. I welcome all constructive comments. This story takes place when I was 13, on the cusp of womanhood and embracing who I truly am. I am out and proud now and can say that I am and have always been, in some sense or another, a lesbian. It is just how I am wired. I came out when I was 17, and my family embraced my partner and my orientation with a love that still surprises me.


All names have been changed.

The bus ride up to camp was nerve wracking, and I was almost in tears by the time we were let off the bus and led into the main meeting hall. It was there that I met Laura, who would become my constant companion and friend in the weeks to follow. This camp was a three week sleep away camp, and I needed a cabin-mate. She fit the bill, in fact, she approached me and offered me a space in her two person cabin, Cabin 17. This cabin was a bit away from the bustling and loud center of camp, but I liked the silence, preferring it to the constant screaming sounds of fun that most girls around my age are wont to make when they are enjoying themselves. Laura was two years older than me, with gorgeous honey-brown hair flowing down to the small of her back and legs that spoke of her place on the school's junior-varsity track team. When she smiled it lit up the room, and she was smiling now. I felt warm and safe in her presence. I followed her, uncertain of why I was doing so, more intent on just following the beautiful creature in front of me.

After she helped me put my stuff away in the closet (each cabin came with a small closet for clothes and the like), we talked for awhile, mostly about school and things we liked. I learned that she was a friend of my sister's and that she had two sisters and one brother. Her younger sister was 13 and going to be in my class at school next year, having decided to transfer from the public system to the private school that both Laura and I attended. Her brother was 17 and worked as a pizza delivery boy in town when he wasn't in school. And her older sister was away at college studying English. I told her what my siblings did (though as she knew my sister, it left me with only my two younger brothers (who are actually adopted cousins, due to an accident that killed both their parents when they were months old.) to tell about, and honestly, there was not that much to explain.

Eventually Laura suggested that we go for a swim in the lake, which was just down the path. Still kind of dazed that she was actually talking to me, I nodded. She pulled her swim suit out of the closet and took off her shirt. Even contained by her bra, her breasts were beautiful, 34C's that made me feel uneasy about my 32A's. I barely needed a bra, but wore one because my sister insisted that I needed to. I had peeked at everyone in the locker room and showers, and was constantly comparing myself and finding what little I had really inferior. I later flowered into a 34C myself. I felt my pussy get wet unbidden as I marvelled at her breasts once they were free of her bra.. Laura's pink nipples, areolas the size of pennies, stood out against her perfect skin. I had felt myself get wet before, mostly when staring at a girl or guy that I thought was nice looking. I never really explored myself, though the few times I did, my clitoris simply felt too sensitive to continue, and I stopped before discovering my true sexual potential. She turned around to get something on her bed and kept changing. When she pulled off her shorts, I think my jaw dropped at the sight of her perfect ass. In all my years and the lovers I've had since then, I do not think I have seen a finer ass, it was as if it had been sculpted from marble by a sculptor who had an eye for prurient detail. Bottomless, Laura sighed and walked across the small cabin to get her bikini bottom. I marvelled (there was a lot of marveling going on that day) at her perfectly triangular bush of brown pubic hair, and as she turned towards me, the perfectly shaped outer lips of her vulva.

'You know...it helps if you actually wear a suit, Katja.' Laura said, breaking the spell of her nudity as she pulled up the bottom of her bikini, adjusting herself slightly to get rid of any traces of camel toe. I sputtered for a reply and noticed how wet I was. Resisting the unbidden urge to touch myself, I walked over to the closet and pulled out my rather bland tankini. I walked over to my bed to change and broke down in tears. I'm still not sure what caused me to cry, but whatever it was, I soon found Laura hugging me and petting my hair.

'You are probably really tired from the ride up here and all the excitement of the morning,' she said. 'Why don't we just stay here for awhile and you can sleep. It looks like it is going to rain, anyway.' She guided me to my bed and put a blanket over me. I was asleep within seconds. I woke to find her pressed against my back, a pleasant warmth filling me. Her arms were wrapped around me, I felt protected and safe for the first time in quite awhile. I also noticed that my pussy was sopping wet, and knew that it had soaked through the underwear I had been wearing. Extricating myself from her arms without waking her, I crept over to the closet to retrieve a clean pair of panties. A board creaked. Laura woke with a start and I turned to face her as she said 'Jenna, no!' and then seemed to snap back to reality. 'Oh, Katja, I bet that seemed weird...I was having a dream.' she said. 'and it seems like you were having a dream as well.' she gestured at my panties. I looked down and realized just how large the wet spot was.

'It's not what it looks like...' I said, I didn't know what it looked like. 'it just gets like this somehow...I can't control it...' I was terrified that she would think I was some sort of freak. For all my intelligence, my sexual-intelligence was fairly lacking and I was really nervous, so I started crying. Laura rushed over to comfort me.

'Oh, sweetie, it is nothing to be ashamed of. All girls get wet. It's a good thing.' she said, patting me on the shoulder and hugging me. 'I get wet all the time, especially when I'm around other girls. It is just one of those things you learn to deal with and use to your advantage.'

Sniffling and ashamed of myself for doing so, I asked 'How is it a good thing that my pussy is leaking?'

'It means you want to have sex, or at least touch yourself, masturbate...you know...get off.' Laura explained. 'And sex is a good thing, so is getting off. It is really fun.'

'Really?' I asked, honestly curious about how touching something as sensitive as my clitoris could be fun.

'Yeah.' Laura replied. 'You do masturbate, don't you?' she asked.

Confused, I admitted that I did not. I heard the word, and knew from a certain experience that it was something guys did, but to think that a girl would pleasure herself was almost abhorrent, yet my interest in the pleasure she mentioned kept me from recoiling in horror. I came from a fairly liberal family and had an older sister, yet we never talked about anything related to female sexuality. I also admitted that I had touched my clitoris on occasion (I knew the word only from a sex-ed pamphlet that our school handed out), but that it always got too sensitive, so I simply stopped. Aside from washing things in the shower and putting tampons in, my fingers almost never explored my pussy.

'Would you like me to show you how? It will stop you from totally soaking through your panties a lot of the time.' she asked. I just nodded my head in agreement.

'Okay, then you are going to need to take off your clothes and I'll take off mine. Can we move our beds together?' she said. Uneasy for a second, I threw caution to the wind and stepped out of my panties and took off my shirt. I walked over to the beds and helped Laura put them next to one another, still uncertain what to expect. The very word 'masturbating' sounded exotic and thrilling. I fought back a trembling nervousness as Laura's hands gently worked their way down my stomach towards my soaking pussy. I gasped out as her fingers began their work on my clitoral hood.

'This, sweetie, is your clitoral hood. You can use it to stimulate yourself when your clitoral glans, or clit, is too sensitive to be touched directly. Now, I'm going to give you an orgasm using just your clit hood, and then I'll show you some other ways that you and I can make you come.' Laura explained. I simply nodded, amazed beyond words that I was getting fingered by Laura, a girl whom I idolized since her family moved to town a few years before. I felt something strange and pleasurable building inside me, and then the pleasure welled over and radiated out from my hips, sending shockwaves of pleasure and wondrous muscle spasms to every part of my body. I think I screamed, I know I wanted to, feeling the pleasure of my first orgasm wash through me and over me, drowning me in a tidal wave of bliss. The pleasure just kept coming and coming as Laura worked her warm, soft fingers on my vulva.

'Oh. Oh! Aaah!' I cried out as she pleasured me. I moaned and begged her to never stop, wanting only to feel the warm and wonderful feelings that radiated out from my pussy. Eventually her fingers slowed down, working my clitoral hood gently over my glans clitoris.

'Kat, honey, I'm going to show you what I just did, okay?' she said. 'I want you to be able to work on yourself too.' Out of breath and still lost in pleasure, I nodded weakly.

Laura got up from the joined beds and went to her suitcase. As she walked back to the bed I realized that my eyes were level with her bush and pussy. This made me wet again. I desperately wanted to touch her, to pleasure her. When she sat down on the bed, I tried to reach for her pussy, but she took my hand and said 'soon, first it is your turn.' She instructed me to lie down, and I followed her orders. Lying next to me, she pulled out a small hand mirror, which she placed about three inches away from my pussy. I didn't realize how wet I was, how aroused: mostly clear fluid was actually dripping down my slit and leaving a trail along my inner thighs and butt. I could see my clitoris, partially exposed and wonderfully engorged with blood, erect and waiting to be touched. Laura's hand slid down, and I watched in the mirror as she pulled back my clitoral hood, then slid it forward to cover my clit. 'Just keep doing this.' she said. 'and every now and then slide a finger down around your urethra' she touched that, a tremor ran through me. 'and your vagina itself' her fingers toyed with my tight pussy, she slid one in and I felt its pressure on my hymen. 'Oh. I think we might have to do something about this hymen of yours. Later, though. Right now I want to show you how to come whenever you want.' She masturbated me again, taking care that I watched each step and talking me through the entire process. The orgasm that swept through me was, if possible, more powerful than my first orgasm, maybe because I was consciously aware of what was happening and not just yielding to pleasure.

I returned the favor by fingering her rather inexpertly. She gave me instructions that really helped and in time I had her coming up a storm. To me, her labia and vagina looked perfect, I could have spent all day looking at their sopping wet pink folds. As she lay there, gasping for breath, she slid a hand down along the side of the bed. It came up holding a hairbrush with a gel handle that had raised bumps along it to make it easier to grip. 'Okay, Kat. I'm going to teach you to do something to me.' she said. 'I want you to slide this into my pussy and fuck me with it until I come.' She was soaking wet, so sliding the hairbrush handle into her was easy, especially since she helped to guide my slightly trembling hands in. I had a finger along the top of the brush, and that went into her pussy with the brush. The warmth of her tight vagina was intoxicating.


I spent much of my time at camp out doing things, and despite what it might seem from this story, did not spend all my time masturbating. However, given the nature of this story, I am going to focus only on the more sexual aspects of those wonderful three weeks.


Officially, the camp was segregated by gender, and the boys were not allowed near the girls' cabins. Unofficially, if they waited until lights out, snuck out of their cabin-complex, and made it through the woods quietly enough, any boy who wanted could get over to the female side of the camp. Punishment for being on the wrong side of camp after lights out was a day of cleaning duty, and since not many people wanted to risk that, not many people did. Bobby McKenzie risked this punishment for Laura, though, and as I would have risked much more for Laura's company, so I can understand now where he was coming from. At the time, I thought he was just a stupid and horny guy. Which he was, of course.

Laura had told me Bobby was coming over at around eleven that night, a week into our stay at the camp and a week into our relationship. I had not admitted it to myself yet, that I loved her. It took me a month to do that, but enough about our relationship. I hid in the closet, which had slatted doors so that I could see everything that was going on, when Bobby came in, Laura assuring me that I might see some things I liked. Bobby was tall and handsome, six feet, very pale, but in a healthy way, with dark hair and these blue eyes that just seemed to pierce whoever was caught in their stare. He was a little bit awkward around Laura, even though they had been friends at school and talked during camp. They were sitting on the floor in front of me, where they talked for about five minutes before Laura did something that still strikes me as shocking bold by reaching behind her and handing Bobby a small thong, useless as an undergarment but wonderful as a tool for seduction. I almost laughed aloud at the color of red Bobby's face turned, though I could tell that he was really aroused. Laura whispered something in his ear and then stood up to take off her skirt, stepping out of it in one fluid motion to reveal her trimmed brown bush and pink pussy lips to Bobby, who was still sitting on the floor in a state of awe. He stood up and stripped, revealing a decent set of abs and, when his pants came off, one of the first penises I'd seen outside of my family.

My brothers, Kevin and Richard, are the same age as me. And though we were the same age, I was in charge of the house for the two hours until my older sister got home, and I was in charge of making sure they showered at least twice a week. I sat on the toilet with the lid down and waited while they showered, usually reading whatever the latest fashion magazine at the house was. One thing I had to do was check both their penises to make sure they had cleaned them properly, which meant rolling back their foreskins to check for smegma after they showered. One day earlier that summer, after checking Kevin's penis for smegma, I kept sliding my hand up and down his shaft, mostly just amazed at how cool the foreskin was. Kevin seemed to like what I was doing, so I just kept stroking him as he got hard. Not getting any hint to stop, and interested from an almost scientific point of view as to what would happen, I kept going. He ejaculated without warning. I thought it was urine, so I just pointed him over the toilet and kept stroking him because he hadn't really said to stop. White fluid poured from his cock and landed in spurts in the toilet bowl. His penis began to get smaller, I wiped a bit of semen away from his head with a piece of toilet paper and said, rather ignorantly 'so that is what smegma looks like when it comes out.' Kevin just said 'Sure, Kat. Sure. Thanks, I think.' and left the bathroom (I learned last year when Kevin and I finally talked about this incident that it had been his third ejaculation ever, and he was as surprised as I was when it occurred). I never checked either of them shower after that, though in later years I would catch them occasionally masturbating one another, or just by themselves. This meant I saw their penises on a fairly regular basis, and aside from being larger than theirs (he was around five inches to their four inches), Bobby's looked mostly the same.

'I see that you're not circumcised.' Laura said, reaching out to slide back the foreskin on Bobby's penis as she spoke.

'No. My brother is, but I was born premature and my parents didn't want to put me through any extra surgeries.' Bobby said. For a guy standing in front of a girl like Laura, I was amazed that he could speak in complete sentences. I know that I could not, the first time I saw her naked and in her full glory.

Laura smiled and lay down on the floor with her head facing me, giving me a perfect view of her tits from above. She instructed Bobby to kneel over her, so he did just that, placing a knee on either side of her fairly thin frame. His pubic hair was as dark as the hair on his head, but unlike that hair, it had never been trimmed by the looks of it. Laura began to stroke him with one hand while she fingered herself with the other, every now and then smearing her vaginal juices onto his cock as a sort of lubricant.

'Oh, yeah that feels good.' he said as she worked on him.

He reached orgasm quickly in her hand. Even though I had seen semen before, this was the first time I had seen anyone intentionally bring a guy to orgasm, and the whole thing fascinated me.

His semen filled the small space between her breasts, a spurt or two of it coming up to her neck. He moaned and she whispered sweet words to him as she pumped his foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis, milking every last drop from him. I was jealous, but not of her, not of the attention and semen that he lavished on her, but of him. Jealous of the closeness they seemed to have as she stimulated him, as she lay under him and worked him off. I wanted that to be me, and at that moment I wished I had a penis. My vagina felt wet, almost startlingly so if I had not been witnessing my best friend jack off a guy. I could feel my panties damped underneath my skirt, and wanted desperately to pleasure myself but was afraid of making a sound in the cramped closet. My inability to touch my clitoris made me even more wet, and I knew that I was soaking through the pink underwear I had chosen for that day. His needs met, Bobby slid his fingers down between Laura's legs and began to finger her. She stopped him a few times to show him where to touch, and then she reached an orgasm, quieter than when she was with me. I heard the sound of her fluids rushing from within her and splattering lightly to the floor. I knew that she could make herself do that on command, and that Bobby might not be as good with his fingers as she pretended he was.

'Oh baby, yes. Make me squirt. Let me come around your fingers. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!' she cried out, massaging her nipples as he fingered her.

They lay there, quiet, naked, and covered in each other's fluids, for a few minutes before Bobby stood up and dressed, cock erect again after lying close to Laura's body. Laura stood up, naked ass and back showing marks from lying on the wood floor, walked over to him, and slid his foreskin up and down his shaft once before tucking his penis into his shorts, slapping him on the ass, and said 'bye, thanks for the fun.' Bobby said something in reply and then, smiling, he left. Laura opened the closet door, her pussy at about the level of my eyes. 'What did you think?' she asked.

'I...what he did to you made me horny, but what you did to him...? That stuff was really messy, and he couldn't even do it again for a while. What is the point of being able to orgasm if you cannot do it again right away?' I said. Laura smiled and offered me a hand up from the awkward position in the closet. I stretched and then felt rather self-conscious, there was a massive wet spot on the front of my panties. Despite the week I had spent mostly naked in front of her, this display of arousal made me blush, and my cheeks felt hot.

'Sweetie,' Laura said, smiling and angling me toward the bed as she had done many times before. 'You need to cum too, don't you?' As she spoke she pulled my panties down around my knees, unconsciously I slid a hand down to help her pull them off around my feet. The patch of wetness touched the inside of my foot and I was oddly stimulated. My shirt and bra hit the floor next in a pile. Her fingers gently worked my clitoris, through the clitoral hood at first, but occasionally tapping the clitoral glans directly. I knew that my juices were dripping down my thighs and merging with the blankets. And the next thing I knew, she had me cumming around her fingers while she held me close to her with her free arm. I felt her breasts about level with mine, hard nipples pressing into my soft flesh.

'Katja' she said, her voice almost a whisper. 'I'm going to make you do something now, okay? It is going to feel really good, but it might feel a bit like you are peeing. That's okay. Just go with it and you will like it, I promise. What happens is that I work on your G-spot and make you squirt, just like I do.' I moaned in acknowledgement as she worked her fingers into what I now know to be my G-spot. I felt my pussy tighten around her fingers as I came, a wave of pleasure running through me. And then it happened: a rush of fluid came squirting out of me, I felt its liquid warmth on my legs and as it splashed lightly against the blankets of my bed.

'Oh, oh, oh...I'm peeing. Laur, I'm peeing and oh it feels so good!' I was sure this orgasm was so good that it made me piss myself, even though it didn't feel exactly like I was peeing, and I knew my bladder was empty. My mind had not registered what she had said about squirting. 'Oh god, yes, don't stop, don't ah, ah-' Laura put her free hand over my mouth to stop my screams from disturbing anyone, even though there were no cabins really close by. My tongue darted out to touch her palm, it tasted strange, and I now know that its strange taste was due to the slight bit of semen that was still on it.

In the afterglow of my orgasm I confessed to Laura that I had masturbated Kevin, she just hugged me and said there was nothing wrong with that. Laura confessed something to me, lying there naked, her skin against mine.

'I faked with Bobby. I managed to get stimulated enough to make myself squirt, but even that...you are so much better, Kat, so much better in so many ways. Also, I jacked off one of my cousins when I was your age. It wasn't unintentional like you, though, I wanted to see him ejaculate, so I cornered him when we had his house to ourselves and jerked him off. He came absolutely everywhere, and my reaction wasn't the most gracious: I just started laughing. I let him touch me...he was not all that good. Not as bad as you'd expect, but nothing to write home about.' she said, snuggling into me. We slept like that, naked and covered in fluids, for most of the night, before getting up to clean ourselves in the nearby showers. We had a fun time there, too: Laura snuck into my shower and directed my showerhead towards my clitoris while she held back my clitoral hood with two fingers and let the water run over me. My orgasm was so strong that it almost made me black out.

The next morning, so, around three hours later, I went to shower by myself, leaving Laura to sleep in her naked beauty, crossed legs revealing just the smallest tuft of pubic hair. I put a blanket over her and she snuggled into it, murmuring contentedly as I grabbed my shower bag and headed for the showers. The showers were actually pretty close to the cabin, so I did not have to walk very far. It was early in the morning, and I knew there would be nobody around, so I did what had become a second nature and, the moment I felt the hot water of the shower hit me, began to work my clitoris and vulva with a loofa that I brought up, ostensibly to clean mud off of those hard to reach areas, it also turned out to make one hell of a sex toy. As I pleasantly frigged myself in the post-dawn semi-darkness of the shower stall, I was oblivious to the world around me. My mind only registered the presence of another when the florescent lights that lined the ceiling hummed to life.

The stall next to me had an occupant, and I prayed I had not been too loud. The water turned on, and then I heard a peculiar humming noise in the air followed by soft, coos of pleasure, like someone trying to keep an orgasm to themselves. The humming stopped abruptly, and it did not sound like the girl had finished. She swore above the sound of the water, muttering 'Now what am I going to do...I really needed it this morning of all mornings.' I did the courteous thing and walked over to the wall that connected her stall with mine, loofa in hand.

'Here,' I said, handing her the loofa over the wall. 'try using this. It feels fantastic.' I felt her wet hand touch mine and the loofa was in her hands.

'Thanks.' she said. 'I'm Noel, by the way. Cabin 16.'

I introduced myself. We were amused to find that our cabins were next to one another.

'Come here often?' Noel asked as she worked the loofa around herself.

'No, usually I come in my cabin, but I did come in here last night. But I just learned how to masturbate last week.' I replied.

'Oh, wow, and you are already using toys? Cool. I learned years ago, but couldn't orgasm until this year. Wow, it's amazing, isn't it. My cousin sent me this vibrator as a present, and it really makes me come, squirting and everything, but the batteries just died and I don't want to go back to the cabin to get more. This is the only place I can masturbate, because my cabinmate is a big prude and freaks out every time I change in the room. God knows what her reaction would be if she saw me fucking myself with this thing. Thankfully she sleeps in late and that gives me time to come here...and, well...come.' Noel said, seeming out of breath after the explanation.'

'I get you. My cabinmate showed me how to masturbate, so I think she is cool with it. It's just that I woke up early and was really, really horny. Like soaking through my panties horny.' I said.

'I...uh...could you show me how to use this? I'm so used to just using the toy that I can't seem to...figure it out.' Noel asked sheepishly.

'Sure.' I replied, turning off my shower and wrapping a towel around me before heading to her stall. I had seen her around camp, and now was able to put a name to a face that I really wanted to see experience lots of pleasure. She was my height, but with pale, pale skin that made me ache slightly with lust, and a beautiful bright orange mohawk of pubic hair. Her quite amble breasts dripped with water and her skin seemed to sparkle. I wondered how I girl so small could have breasts so large, but decided against wondering and simply joined her in her shower. I took the loofa from her, wetted it in the stream of hot water, and made sure she was watching. I guided the sopping sponge to my clitoris and gently rubbed up and down the length of my vulva, feeling every point where the sponge touched. I was quite aroused to know that Noel was watching me as I pleasured myself. My orgasm ripped through me, making me slightly unsure of my feet for a few seconds as I rode the waves of pleasure. She took the loofa from my pleasure-slackened hand and began to work on herself in the manner I had just shown her. Her pale skin flushed with pleasure as she neared orgasm. Her eyes were focused on me the whole time, so I made a show of fingering myself and reaching orgasm. I felt something well up inside me, and thinking it to be another ejaculation like I had experienced the night before, I simply let my body go with it. It took a second for me to realize that the fluid was actually coming out of my urethra. Great. I thought. and now here I am peeing in front of a girl I want to be friends with. She didn't seem to notice, though, wrapped up as she was in her own pleasure. Noel screamed softly as she came, bracing herself with one hand against the shower wall. The pale skin of her neck, face, and chest flushed with pleasure.

'Oh, thank you for the help, Katja.' she said, reaching up to turn off the shower. 'I've never been very good with my fingers. And I might have to get a loofa of my own in case the batteries on this die again.' she gestured to the vibrator. She handed me the loofa and then said, 'wait a minute.' So I waited and watched as she positioned herself over the drain and let a stream of almost perfectly clear urine shoot out from her urethra. 'I always have to pee after I come. And this saves a trip to the bathroom.' Noel explained. 'The first time I actually reached orgasm, no lie, I pissed all over my bed. I just got so relaxed that I let all the muscles just go limp, and the next thing I knew, I was washing that set of sheets to get the large stains out. I'm not really embarrassed by that story, because, wow, that was an amazing orgasm.' There was nothing but the sound of her urine running down the drain in a steady stream. I found myself strangely aroused as I watched her pee, my hand sliding unconsciously to my clitoris, massaging myself. She stood up and smiled at me. 'Do you want to try? It feels just great if you touch your clitty as you go. Not as good as squirting...but still really fun.' she said. I could feel a bit of urine left in my bladder, and as it seemed the proper thing to do, I squatted over the drain and let loose. As I rubbed myself and peed, I suddenly felt that I was falling backwards, losing my balance. I squeezed my PC muscle tight to stop the flow of urine as my bottom made contact with the damp floor of the shower. Noel offered me a hand up and then stood behind me, pressing herself close. I felt her neatly trimmed bush press up against my butt, her labia making contact with my cheeks. She reached her fingers around to touch my clit. 'Okay, now just focus on peeing. I'll rub your clit for you.' she said. I listened to the pleasant tinkling sound my pee made as it hit the drain. Despite her earlier remarks, she was quite skilled with her fingers, and I came in no time at all, glorying in her touch. When I finished peeing, I whirled around to her, and in the heat of passion, kissed her, tasting the warmth of her tongue and mouth. She did not resist my kiss, nor did she resist my fingers as they slid up to work on her breasts and clitoris. I wanted to make her come, so I pressed her up against the wall and began to work my fingers in her. Her arms wrapped around me and held me close to her dripping warmth.

I have been in a strong relationship for the last three years with Noel. We lost touch for awhile after camp, but ended up going to college together. While at college we started dating...and are where we are today.



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